Solve the Irish Daily Mail Mailword Large Crossword Clue for April 3, 2024

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by Abisha

Updated Apr 03, 2024

Solve the Irish Daily Mail Mailword Large Crossword Clue for April 3, 2024

The Irish Daily Mail Mailword Large Crossword is different from others. Today, we have a clue for you to solve right here. If you're skilled at solving crosswords, give this one a try. Check this article for answers and explanations which we have provided to guide you. 

Look happy (5)


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 "Look happy" suggests a facial expression that conveys satisfaction or amusement. A "SMIRK" is a smile that suggests self-satisfaction, often implying a sense of superiority or amusement.

Coagulates (4)


"Coagulates" refers to the process of a liquid forming into a solid or semi-solid state. "SETS" fits this description as it means to become firm or solidify.

--- Wintour, fashion journalist (4)


"--- Wintour, fashion journalist" refers to Anna Wintour, a prominent figure in the fashion industry known for her role as the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine. "ANNA" fits this description as it is her first name.

Passenger vessel (5)


"Passenger vessel" refers to a boat or ship used to transport passengers across a body of water, often on a regular schedule. A "FERRY" fits this description as it is a type of vessel commonly used for this purpose.

U.S. lake (4)


"U.S. lake" refers to Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes of North America, located on the border between the United States and Canada. "ERIE" fits this description as it is the name of the lake.

Close up (4)


"Close up" can refer to a type of photograph that captures a subject from a close distance. "LIFE" fits this description as it is a type of magazine known for its photojournalism, often featuring close-up shots of people and events.

Adversary (10)


"Adversary" refers to someone who opposes or competes against another, especially in a contest or competition. "CONTESTANT" fits this description as it is someone who takes part in a contest or competition, often competing against others.

Injure (4)


"Injure" typically means to harm or damage someone physically. "HUMP" fits this description less directly; it could refer to a physical injury or discomfort, such as a hump or swelling caused by injury.

Technology enthusiast, e.g. (4)


"Technology enthusiast, e.g." suggests someone who is passionate about or highly knowledgeable about technology. "NERD" fits this description as it is a colloquial term often used to describe someone who is particularly interested in and knowledgeable about technology or other intellectual pursuits.

Inhibited (4,2)


"Inhibited" suggests restrained or held back emotions or actions. "PENT UP" fits this description as it means held in or restrained, often referring to emotions or energy that has not been released or expressed.

For (3)


"For" indicates a synonym or replacement. "TIT" fits this description as it is a small bird often used in phrases like "tit for tat," meaning an equivalent retaliation or action in return for something.

More coarse (7)


"More coarse" suggests something with a rough or gritty texture. "SALTIER" fits this description as it means having a higher concentration of salt, which can create a coarser texture in food.

Harsh (7)


"Harsh" can refer to something that is severe, cruel, or causing damage. "RAVAGED" fits this description as it means severely damaged or destroyed, often as a result of a violent or destructive force.

Rugged cliff (4)


"Rugged cliff" refers to a steep or rocky outcrop. "CRAG" fits this description as it is a steep or rugged cliff or rock face.

Hotel room (5)


"Hotel room" suggests a type of accommodation within a hotel. A "SUITE" fits this description as it is a larger, more luxurious room or set of rooms within a hotel, typically offering additional amenities or space compared to standard rooms.

Made (7)


Made" suggests creating or forming something. "EQUATED" fits this description as it means to consider or represent something as being equivalent to or the same as something else.

Dignitary (5)


"Dignitary" refers to a person who holds a high rank or position of honor, often in government or society. "CELEB" fits this description colloquially as it is a shortened form of "celebrity," which often refers to someone who is famous or well-known, though not necessarily for holding a position of honor.

Marine vessel (4)


"Marine vessel" refers to a boat or large watercraft used for navigation on the sea or other large bodies of water. "SHIP" fits this description as it is a generic term for such vessels.

Lowest cardinal number (3)


"Lowest cardinal number" refers to the smallest whole number or the number that represents a single unit. "ONE" fits this description as it is the lowest cardinal number and represents the concept of unity or singularity.

Document (4)


"Document" suggests a written or recorded record or piece of information. "DEAL" fits this description as it can refer to a formal agreement or contract, often documented in writing.

Distributed (5)


"Distributed" suggests spreading or allocating something among different recipients or locations. "SPENT" fits this description less directly; it could imply dispersing resources or energy over time, as in "spent force," though it's a less direct fit than the other answers.

Jackets (7)


"Jackets" can refer to protective coverings or casings for objects. "SHEATHS" fits this description as it means protective coverings or cases, often used for swords or knives.

--- Fudd, cartoon hunter (5)


"--- Fudd, cartoon hunter" refers to ELMER Fudd, a fictional cartoon character known for his appearances in Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoons.

Whirl (4)


"Whirl" suggests a rapid circular movement. "MOIL" fits this description as it means to churn or whirl, often in a confused or agitated manner.

Detailed photo (5,2)


"Detailed photo" refers to a photograph taken at close range to capture fine details. "CLOSE UP" fits this description as it is a type of photograph taken from a short distance to show a detailed view of the subject.

Balance, on deck (3,4)


"Balance, on deck" suggests the ability to maintain balance on a moving ship or boat. "SEA LEGS" fits this description as it refers to the ability to maintain stability and balance on board a ship or boat, especially in rough seas.

Zodiac animal (3)


"Zodiac animal" refers to one of the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac. "RAM" fits this description as it is one of the animals represented in the zodiac.

Garment easily donned (4,2)


"Garment easily donned" suggests clothing that can be quickly and easily put on. "SLIP ON" fits this description as it refers to garments like shoes or dresses that can be easily slipped onto the body without the need for fasteners or closures.

Operatic song (4)


"Operatic song" refers to a solo vocal piece in an opera, typically expressing the emotions or thoughts of a character. "ARIA" fits this description as it is a term used to describe such a vocal piece.

Previously cited (4)


"Previously cited" refers to a Latin term used in academic or legal writing to indicate that the same source has been cited previously. "IBID" fits this description as it is an abbreviation of the Latin word "ibidem," meaning "in the same place."

Sudden rainfall (10)


"Sudden rainfall" suggests a rapid and intense accumulation of water, often resulting in flooding. "FLASH FLOOD" fits this description as it refers to a sudden and severe flood caused by heavy rainfall over a short period of time.

--- Eyre, singer (4)


"--- Eyre" refers to the last name of a singer, and the answer "ELLA" fits this description. One notable singer with the last name Eyre is Ella Eyre, a British singer-songwriter known for her soulful voice and hits such as "Waiting All Night" and "Gravity."

Compass point (4)


"Compass point" refers to one of the cardinal directions on a compass. "LAST" fits this description as it is one of the four main points on a compass, indicating the direction opposite to north.

Pleasant smell (5)


"Pleasant smell" suggests a pleasing aroma or fragrance. "SCENT" fits this description as it means a distinctive smell, often used to describe pleasant odors or fragrances.

Judge (4)


"Judge" can refer to a person who presides over legal proceedings or evaluates something. "NAME" fits this description as it refers to the word used to identify someone or something, often based on an evaluation or judgment.

Biblical book (4)


"Biblical book" refers to one of the books in the Bible, the sacred text of Christianity. "MARK" fits this description as it is one of the books of the New Testament, attributed to the apostle Mark.

--- Paul, U.S. actor (5)


"--- Paul" refers to the last name of a U.S. actor, and the answer "AARON" fits this description. One notable actor with the last name Paul is Aaron Paul, known for his role as Jesse Pinkman in the television series "Breaking Bad."

Patois (5)


 "Patois" refers to a dialect or language variant spoken in a particular region or by a particular group of people. "WORDS" fits this description as it refers to the language or speech used by people, including dialects or regional variations.

Collier (5)


"Collier" refers to a person who works in a coal mine or is involved in coal mining. "MINER" fits this description as it is someone who extracts minerals, including coal, from the earth.

Prelude (5)


A "prelude" is an introductory or preliminary event or action. The word "START" fits this description perfectly as it means the beginning or commencement of something. So, in the context of a crossword puzzle, "START" is a fitting answer for "Prelude."

Goes first (5)


"Goes first" suggests taking the initial position or action in a sequence. The word "LEADS" fits this description perfectly as it means to be in front or to take the first step or action, "LEADS" is a fitting answer for "Goes first.

Unit of work (3)


The unit of work is often represented by the symbol "ERG," denoting a small amount of energy expended in performing a task. In physics, it signifies the amount of work done when a force of one dyne is applied to move an object one centimeter in the direction of the force.

Dynamo (9)


A "GENERATOR" is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction, where a conductor moving through a magnetic field generates an electric current.

Poetic name for Ireland (4)


Poetic name for Ireland "ERIN" is a poetic and often nostalgic term used to refer to Ireland. It carries a sense of reverence and affection, reflecting the country's rich cultural heritage and storied history. In literature and song, Ireland is often affectionately personified as Erin, evoking its beauty, resilience, and spirit.

Leans (5)


Leans"BOWES" is the answer, which indicates a verb meaning to incline or lean in a particular direction. This word describes the action of tipping or slanting towards one side, often implying a subtle or gentle inclination rather than a dramatic lean.

Arrangement (3,2)


Arrangemen The answer is "SET UP," suggesting the act of organizing or establishing something. This phrase implies the process of arranging or preparing things in a systematic manner, readying them for a particular purpose or outcome.

Type of tree (3)


Type of tree "GUM" is the answer, representing a category of trees known for producing gum resin. This word denotes a specific kind of tree, typically characterized by its gum-producing capabilities, such as various species of gum trees or eucalyptus trees.

Sea movements (4,5)


Sea movements The answer is "NEAP TIDES," which refers to a specific pattern of oceanic movements. Neap tides occur when the difference between high and low tides is minimal, typically happening around the first and third quarters of the lunar cycle. This term describes a particular phenomenon within the natural ebb and flow of the sea.

Related (8)


"TIED INTO" is the answer, suggesting a connection or association between different elements or concepts. This phrase indicates that two or more things are linked together or intertwined, implying a relationship or correlation between them.

Social worker (7)


Social worker The answer is "ALMONER," referring to a profession focused on providing support and assistance to individuals or communities in need. A social worker, often known as an almoner, plays a vital role in advocating for and addressing the welfare of vulnerable populations, offering guidance and resources to improve their quality of life.

Lohengrin, e.g. (5)


Lohengrin, e.g. "OPERA" is the answer, representing a type of musical performance characterized by dramatic storytelling through music and singing. Lohengrin is an example of an opera, specifically a romantic opera composed by Richard Wagner, known for its compelling narrative and powerful musical compositions.

City near Los Angeles (8)


City near Los Angeles The answer is "GLENDORA," indicating a municipality situated in close proximity to Los Angeles, California. Glendora is a city located in the San Gabriel Valley region, known for its suburban environment, scenic views, and vibrant community life.

Ornamented staffs (8)


Ornamented staffs "SCEPTRES" is the answer, describing ceremonial staffs often associated with royalty or authority. These ornamental staffs, known as sceptres, are symbolic objects representing power, sovereignty, and leadership, adorned with decorative elements and used in formal ceremonies and rituals.

Governor (5)


Governor The answer is "OWNER," which suggests a person who has authority or control over something. In the context of the clue, a governor typically oversees the operation or management of a specific entity, such as a state or organization, akin to an owner's role in guiding and directing affairs.

Hereditary units (5)


Hereditary units"GENES" is the answer, referring to the fundamental units of heredity passed down from parents to offspring. These genetic units contain instructions for various traits and characteristics, influencing an individual's development and inheritance, serving as the basis for biological inheritance and diversity.

Type of tea (9)


Type of tea The answer is "CHAMOMILE," indicating a specific variety of tea derived from the chamomile plant. Chamomile tea is renowned for its calming properties and delicate floral flavor, often consumed for its soothing effects and potential health benefits, such as promoting relaxation and aiding digestion.

Irritates (5)


Irritates"PAINS" is the answer, suggesting a sensation of discomfort or annoyance. This term denotes a state of irritation or distress, whether physical or emotional, reflecting a feeling of unease or discomfort that can range from mild discomfort to significant distress or agitation.

Region of the U.S. (4,5)


Region of the U.S. answer is "DEEP SOUTH," referring to the southeastern region of the United States known for its rich cultural heritage, warm climate, and distinctive cuisine. This term denotes a geographical area encompassing states like Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina, characterized by its history, traditions, and societal norms deeply rooted in Southern culture.

Suitable for retail (8)


Suitable for retai "SELLABLE" is the answer, indicating merchandise or products that are appropriate or desirable for sale in a retail setting. This term describes items that possess qualities or features that make them attractive to potential buyers, suggesting their marketability and potential for generating revenue through retail transactions.

Denounced (7)


Denounced The answer is "REBUKED," signifying a strong expression of disapproval or criticism towards someone or something. This term implies a vocal condemnation or reproach, often delivered in response to perceived wrongdoing or unacceptable behavior, reflecting a firm stance against actions deemed improper or objectionable.

Evil spirit (5)


Evil spirit "BOGIE" is the answer, representing a malevolent supernatural entity or demon often depicted in folklore and mythology. This term is used to describe a wicked or malicious spirit believed to bring harm or misfortune, typically associated with tales of hauntings or supernatural occurrences.

Painful affliction (5)


Painful affliction The answer is "CRAMP," denoting a sudden and involuntary muscle contraction causing localized pain and discomfort. This term describes a common physiological phenomenon characterized by spasms or tightening of muscles, often occurring during physical exertion or as a result of dehydration or electrolyte imbalances.

Indian rice dish (5)


Indian rice dish "PILAU" is the answer, representing a flavorful and aromatic rice dish popular in Indian cuisine. Pilau, also known as pilaf or pulao, is prepared by cooking rice with various spices, vegetables, and sometimes meat or seafood, resulting in a savory and fragrant one-pot meal enjoyed across different regions of India and beyond.

--- Bush, former U.S. First Lady (5)


--- Bush, former U.S. First Lady "LAURA," referring to Laura Bush, the wife of former U.S. President George W. Bush. As the First Lady of the United States from 2001 to 2009, Laura Bush was actively involved in various initiatives and campaigns promoting education, literacy, and women's rights, leaving a notable legacy during her time in the White House.

Blunder (5)


Blunder "SPOIL" is the answer, indicating a mistake or error in judgment leading to an unfavorable outcome. This term describes an action or decision that results in disappointment, damage, or failure, often due to negligence or oversight, highlighting the consequences of missteps or lapses in reasoning.

Gadget (5)


Gadget "CURIO," representing a small and often unusual device or object valued for its novelty or curiosity. This term describes a gadget or trinket that may have practical or decorative use, typically appealing to collectors or enthusiasts interested in unique and intriguing items, adding charm and interest to their surroundings.

The Devil (5)


The Devil "DEMON," representing a malevolent supernatural being often associated with evil and temptation in various religious and mythological traditions. Depicted as a powerful adversary to humans, demons are commonly portrayed as agents of chaos and malevolence, embodying darkness and wickedness in folklore and literature.

Stake (4)


Stake "LEND" is the answer, indicating the act of temporarily providing something, such as money or an item, to someone else with the expectation of its return. While the term "stake" often refers to a wooden or metal post driven into the ground, "lend" denotes the action of entrusting something to another party for a specified period, implying a temporary transfer of ownership or possession.

Hydroelectric facility (3)


Hydroelectric facility The answer is "DAM," representing a structure built across a river to control its flow and create a reservoir for generating hydroelectric power. Dams harness the energy of flowing water to produce electricity through turbines, serving as essential infrastructure for renewable energy production and water management in various regions around the world.

Ovine cry (3)


Ovine cry "BAA" is the answer, describing the distinctive bleating sound made by sheep or lambs. This term represents the vocalization of ovine animals, often heard in agricultural settings or pastoral landscapes, serving as a means of communication among members of a flock and signaling various emotions or needs, such as hunger or distress.

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