Solve the Answer for the Thomas Joseph Crossword for Today April 4, 2024

Are you looking for interesting mind activity to improve your brain? Here you can start playing Thomas Joseph Crossword, and make your brain more smarter.

by Thamizhalagi B

Updated Apr 04, 2024

Solve the Answer for the Thomas Joseph Crossword for Today April 4, 2024

Thomas Joseph Crossword

Thomas Joseph crossword puzzles are a fun game. They can help you feel happy and make you relaxed. In this puzzle, you have to find the letter using clues. Some puzzles are hard than others, so you need to find the right answer. You can play with friends, and it is a good way to keep your brain active. Give it a try and learn many words as you can find.

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Adam's grandson    


Adam's grandson, referred to in the biblical context, leads us to the answer "ENOS." Enos was the son of Seth, according to the Bible, and therefore the grandson of Adam, making it a fitting solution for the crossword clue.

Basilica part    


A basilica is typically divided into various sections, with the "NAVE" being a prominent part. It's the central aisle or hall in a church where congregants gather for worship, making it a recognizable term for anyone familiar with church architecture.

Blown away    


To be "blown away" implies being deeply impressed or astonished, which aligns with the answer "AWED." It's a common phrase used to express overwhelming admiration or reverence for something extraordinary.

Cashew family tree    


The "cashew family tree" clue points to "SUMAC." While sumac isn't directly related to the cashew nut itself, it belongs to the same botanical family, Anacardiaceae. This familial connection makes it an apt answer for the crossword.



"Completely" suggests totality or fullness, fittingly represented by the word "ALL." It denotes the entirety of something without exception, making it a succinct solution for the clue.

Convertible alternative    


Convertible alternative In a crossword puzzle, "convertible alternative" suggests an option for a car roof. The answer is "HARDTOP," which refers to a type of car roof that is solid and does not fold down.

Cut off    


Cut off When you encounter "cut off" in a crossword, it typically refers to something being severed or ended abruptly. In this context, the answer is "LOP," which means to cut off a part of something, often in a crude or abrupt manner.

Deli fixture    


Deli fixture In the realm of a deli, a "fixture" could indicate something stationary or regularly present. The answer is "SCALE," which is a device used to measure the weight of items, commonly found in delis for portioning out food items like meats and cheeses.

Draw out    


Draw out "Draw out" implies extracting or eliciting something, typically information or a reaction. The answer here is "ELICIT," which means to bring out or evoke a response, such as drawing out a confession or a hidden emotion.

Eggs, to Caesar    


Eggs, to Caesar This clue suggests finding a term relevant to Julius Caesar, who is famously associated with ancient Rome. "Eggs" in Latin is "OVA," so the answer to this crossword question is "OVA," referring to eggs in the context of Caesar's era.

Elephant of stories    


Elephant of stories This question refers to a beloved literary character known for his adventures in the jungle. The answer is "BABAR," who is a fictional elephant featured in a series of children's books.

Emmy and Tony    


Emmy and Tony These are prestigious awards given in the entertainment industry. "AWARDS" is the answer, as both the Emmy Awards and the Tony Awards recognize excellence in television and theatre, respectively.

Explorer Leif    


Explorer Leif This question asks for the name of a historical figure renowned for his exploration. The answer is "ERICSON," referring to Leif Ericson, the Norse explorer believed to have led the first European expedition to North America.



Extra This term typically denotes something additional or surplus. The answer is "SPARE," indicating something kept in reserve or available as a backup.

False friend    


False friend This phrase refers to someone who pretends to be a friend but isn't trustworthy. The answer is "USER," indicating someone who may manipulate or deceive others for personal gain.

Fare carrier  


Fare carrier This question relates to a mode of transportation often used to travel from one place to another. The answer is "TAXI," which is a vehicle for hire that carries passengers to their destinations in exchange for a fare.

Film statuette    


Film statuette The prestigious award given to outstanding achievements in the film industry, often referred to as the "Academy Award" or simply "OSCAR." It symbolizes excellence and recognition within the cinematic world.

Fixes, as a sock    


Fixes, as a sock - This clue hints at the process of repairing a sock, typically by using a needle and thread to mend small holes or tears. The term commonly associated with this action is "darning," which involves weaving the threads over the damaged area to restore the sock's integrity. So, the answer to this crossword question is "DARNS."

Get up    


Get up The act of RISE from a sitting, lying, or prone position to a standing one. It signifies the beginning of a new day or activity, often accompanied by a sense of readiness and determination.

Graceful bird    


Graceful bird The SWAN is known for its elegance and beauty as it glides gracefully across water bodies. It's a symbol of purity, grace, and tranquility, often depicted in various forms of art and literature.

Island memento    


Island memento A LEI, a traditional Hawaiian garland made of flowers, leaves, or other materials, often given as a symbol of affection, celebration, or welcome. It serves as a colorful and fragrant souvenir, representing the vibrant culture of the islands.

Keg contents    


"Keg contents" directs us straight to "BEER." A keg is typically associated with containing beer, making this answer straightforward for anyone familiar with bar or party culture. It's a common sight at gatherings and events where beverages are served.

Keyboard part    


When it comes to a "keyboard part," the answer "SPACEBAR" fits the bill. The spacebar is a prominent key on most keyboards, used to insert spaces between words or characters while typing. Its size and central position make it easily recognizable to crossword solvers.

Lamb's family    


"Lamb's family" leads us to the answer "SHEEP." Sheep are commonly referred to as a family in agriculture and animal husbandry contexts. They're known for their wool and meat, making them an integral part of many farming communities around the world.

Lamb's mom    


For "Lamb's mom," the answer is "EWE." In the context of sheep, an ewe is a female sheep, particularly one that has given birth. This term is widely used in farming and livestock management to distinguish female sheep from males and lambs.

LAX guess    


A "LAX guess" in the context of travel often revolves around the estimated time of arrival, abbreviated as "ETA." It's a common abbreviation used in transportation and logistics to denote the expected time a plane, train, or other vehicle will arrive at its destination.

Like some pools    


When describing "like some pools," the answer "INDOOR" fits perfectly. Indoor pools are pools that are located inside buildings, as opposed to outdoor pools which are exposed to the elements. This term is commonly used in discussions about swimming facilities and recreational centers.

Metal sources    


"Metal sources" typically refer to "ORES." Ores are naturally occurring minerals or rocks from which metals can be extracted through mining and processing. They serve as the primary source of various metals, making them crucial elements in industrial and economic activities related to metal production.

Perfume unit    


A "perfume unit" is often measured in "DRAMs." A dram is a unit of weight in the apothecaries' system, commonly used in the past for measuring small quantities of liquids such as perfume. While less common in modern usage, it remains a relevant term in discussions about historical measurements and traditional apothecary practices.

Place to buy a bite    


When searching for a "place to buy a bite," the answer "SNACKBAR" fits the bill. A snack bar is a small establishment where light meals and snacks are served, often found in places like movie theaters, amusement parks, or sports venues. It's a convenient spot to grab a quick bite on the go.

Pop star    


A "pop star" is often referred to as an "IDOL." This term typically denotes a popular and influential figure in the world of popular music, especially among younger generations. Pop idols often have a dedicated fan following and play a significant role in shaping contemporary music culture.

Print units    


"Print units" are typically measured in "EMS." An em is a unit of measurement in typography used to represent the size of fonts and spacing in printing. It's a fundamental unit in typesetting and graphic design, crucial for determining the layout and appearance of printed materials.

Printer's dot    


Printer's dot: In printing, a "printer's dot" typically refers to a small, circular mark used for various purposes. The answer here is "BULLET," which could represent a dot used in printing to denote items in a list or as a typographical symbol.

Pronto, in memos    


Pronto, in memos: When you see "pronto" in the context of memos or urgent messages, it's often an acronym indicating the need for swift action. The answer is "ASAP," which stands for "as soon as possible," frequently used in business communications to convey urgency or timeliness.



Racket: In the context of a crossword , "racket" often refers to a loud, disruptive noise or a scheme designed to exploit or deceive. The answer here is "NOISE," representing any unwanted or disturbing sound that might disrupt peace or concentration.

Radio's Glass    


Radio's Glass: This clue seems to refer to a figure in the realm of radio broadcasting. The answer is "IRA," which could represent Ira Glass, a prominent radio personality known for hosting the public radio show "This American Life."

Really large    


Really large: When a crossword puzzle describes something as "really large," it's indicating something of significant size or magnitude. The answer here is "MEGA," which is often used as a prefix to denote something of exceptional or colossal proportions, as in "megastar" or "megacity."

Reformer Bloomer    


Reformer Bloomer: This clue seems to indicate a historical figure known for advocating reform and associated with the name "Bloomer." The answer is "AMELIA," referring to Amelia Bloomer, a women's rights activist known for popularizing the "bloomers," a type of trousers worn under a skirt and associated with early feminist movements.

Skating jump    


Skating jump: In the context of figure skating, a "skating jump" refers to a maneuver where the skater leaves the ice and performs a mid-air rotation before landing. The answer here is "AXEL," which is a type of figure skating jump named after Norwegian figure skater Axel Paulsen.

Soccer legend    


Soccer legend This clue directs us to a prominent figure in the world of football. The answer is "PELE," who is widely regarded as one of the greatest soccer players of all time, having achieved numerous accolades and records throughout his career.

Stadium event    


Stadium event Here, we're looking for an activity that commonly takes place in a sports arena. The answer is "GAME," as stadiums often host various sporting events such as football, baseball, or soccer games, attracting crowds of spectators.

Star followers    


Star followers This question suggests individuals who trail luminaries or notable figures. The answer is "MAGI," referencing the wise men or astrologers from the biblical narrative who followed a star to find the newborn Jesus in Christian tradition.

Sticky situation    


Sticky situation This phrase denotes a difficult or complicated predicament. The answer is "MORASS," which describes a challenging or perplexing situation metaphorically likened to being stuck in a swamp or marsh.

Store worker    


Store worker Here, we're seeking a term for an employee found in retail establishments. The answer is "CLERK," representing someone who assists customers, handles transactions, and maintains the orderly operation of a store.

Tart treat    


Tart treat This clue hints at a dessert characterized by a tangy flavor. The answer is "LEMON BAR," referring to a confectionary item made with a lemon-flavored filling atop a shortbread crust, often enjoyed for its sweet and sour taste.

Tooth holders    


Tooth holders This clue requires identifying something associated with the mouth and teeth. The answer is "GUMS," which are the soft tissues that surround and support the teeth within the mouth, playing a crucial role in oral health and function.

Touches on    


Touches on This phrase refers to the concept of two objects or areas coming into contact or meeting along a common boundary. The word "abuts" precisely captures this idea, signifying the adjacency or close proximity of two entities without overlapping. Therefore, the answer to this crossword question is "ABUTS."

TV accessory    


TV accessory In the context of television technology, a "soundbar" serves as an external audio device designed to enhance the audio quality of a TV's built-in speakers. It typically sits beneath or in front of the television, providing improved sound output for a more immersive viewing experience. Thus, the answer to this crossword question is "SOUNDBAR."



Undressed This term describes the state of being without clothing, stripped down to one's BARE skin. When someone is "bare," they lack any garments or coverings, revealing their natural form. So, the answer to this crossword question is "BARE."

Workout count    


Workout count - In the realm of fitness and exercise, "reps" refers to repetitions, indicating the number of times an exercise or movement is performed consecutively. Counting reps is essential for tracking progress and ensuring proper adherence to workout routines. Therefore, the answer to this crossword question is "REPS."

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