Solutions to The Sun Mini Crossword April 4, 2024 Revealed!

Check today's crossword clue answer and also get the helpful tips for solving daily puzzles without any effort.

by Sivasankari

Updated Apr 04, 2024

Solutions to The Sun Mini Crossword April 4, 2024 Revealed!

Hey everyone! Here is another tough crossword clue for you to solve. Give today's crossword puzzle a try using the clues given here. And don't forget to find the answers and explanations in this article. We have the answers for this daily puzzle.

Hanukkah candle-holder


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A "Hanukkah candle-holder" is known as a "MENORAH." This traditional Jewish lampstand has seven branches, typically lit during the festival of Hanukkah to commemorate the miracle of the oil lasting for eight days. The menorah holds significant religious and cultural significance in Jewish tradition.

Overly sentimental

Answer: MAWKISH 

"Overly sentimental" is described by the term "MAWKISH." This word refers to something excessively emotional or sentimental to the point of being insincerely or excessively sentimental. It often conveys a sense of artificial or exaggerated emotion.

State capital of Arizona


The "State capital of Arizona" is "PHOENIX." As the largest city and capital of Arizona, Phoenix serves as a major political, cultural, and economic hub in the southwestern United States. Its warm climate and urban amenities attract residents and visitors alike.

Six-winged angel

Answer: SERAPH 

A "Six-winged angel" is referred to as a "SERAPH." In religious iconography, seraphim are depicted as celestial beings with six wings, often associated with divine worship and protection. They are typically represented as powerful and majestic figures in religious texts and artwork.


Answer: BOOKLET  

A "Tract" is accurately represented by the term "BOOKLET." Tracts are small booklets or pamphlets, usually containing religious or political writings meant for distribution or dissemination. They are often used for educational, promotional, or informational purposes.

Climb down a cliff face

Answer: ABSEIL 

To "climb down a cliff face" is known as "ABSEIL." This term describes the activity of descending a steep slope or vertical surface using a rope and specialized equipment. It's a common technique used in mountaineering, rock climbing, and rescue operations for controlled descents.

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