Solution for Today’s Independent's Mini Crossword (April 1, 2024)

We have provided the answers for today’s clue which is challenging and a bit tricky to crack, so swipe down for solutions.

by Keerthika

Updated Apr 01, 2024

Solution for Today’s Independent's Mini Crossword (April 1, 2024)

Today's crossword clue is here and to understand the clue better, we have broken it down. So, check the clue well and find the correct answer. If you cannot find the answer, scroll down and get the answers below. Let’s start.

April honoree

Answer: FOOL

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  • This clue suggests someone or something typically associated with the month of April. However, given the context of a crossword puzzle and the answer length, it implies a play on words or a less obvious meaning
  • In many cultures, April 1st is celebrated as April Fools' Day, where people play pranks and tricks on each other. Thus, the "honoree" of April could be interpreted as a fool, making "FOOL" the appropriate answer.

Cocoon contents

Answer: MOTH

  • This clue directs attention to what is typically found inside a cocoon. It requires knowledge of the natural world and the life cycle of certain insects
  • A cocoon is commonly associated with the metamorphosis process of certain insects, particularly moths and butterflies. The contents of a cocoon would be the developing insect, which in this case is a "MOTH."

Tightens, as skates

Answer: LACES UP

  • This clue describes an action related to adjusting or securing a specific type of footwear, likely associated with a particular sport or activity.
  • When tightening skates, especially ice skates, one typically "LACES UP" by pulling the laces tight and tying them securely. This action prepares the skates for use.

Some solvents


  • This clue refers to a category of substances used for dissolving other substances. The term "solvent" indicates a liquid that can dissolve another substance to form a solution
  • Acetone is a type of solvent commonly used in various industrial and household applications. It is known for its ability to dissolve many different types of materials, making it a versatile solvent. Thus, "ACETONES" refers to multiple instances of this type of solvent.

Insurance worker

Answer: AGEN

  • This clue refers to a profession or job role typically associated with the insurance industry. The answer is likely a term describing someone who works in this field.
  • "AGEN" is a shortened form of "agent," which is a common term for someone who works in the insurance industry. Insurance agents are responsible for selling insurance policies and assisting clients with their insurance needs

Cruise stopover

Answer: ISLET

  • This clue hints at a location where a cruise ship might pause or dock during its voyage. It suggests a small landmass or destination suitable for a brief visit.
  • An "ISLET" refers to a small island, often uninhabited or with minimal human presence, which could serve as a stopover point for a cruise ship


Answer: BOSS

  • This clue refers to a figurehead or leader within a family or organization, typically associated with being male and holding significant authority or influence.
  • "BOSS" can refer to a patriarchal figure within a family or organization, someone who holds power, makes decisions, and is respected or feared by others

Murder on the _____ Express

Answer: ORIENT

  • This clue is a reference to a famous mystery novel by Agatha Christie, which also became a well-known movie adaptation. The missing word is part of the title and suggests a mode of transportation.
  • The missing word is "ORIENT," completing the title "Murder on the Orient Express." The Orient Express was a legendary train service known for its luxurious travel across Europe, setting the stage for the mystery in Christie's story

For all to see


  • This clue indicates something that is visible or apparent to everyone, without any hidden or obscured elements.
  • "EVIDENT" means clearly seen or understood, making it an appropriate answer for something that is visible or obvious to all.

Glasgow gal

Answer: LASSIE

  • This clue suggests a female resident or native of Glasgow, a city in Scotland. It hints at a colloquial term for a young woman from this location.
  • "LASSIE" is a term often used colloquially in Scotland and other English-speaking regions to refer to a young woman or girl, making it fitting for a female resident of Glasgow.

Send packing


  • This clue describes the action of dismissing or getting rid of someone or something, often abruptly or forcefully.
  • "DISCHARGE" means to dismiss or release someone from a position or obligation, making it synonymous with "send packing."

Cut the crop

Answer: REAP

  • This clue refers to the action of harvesting agricultural produce, typically done with a tool or machinery to gather crops.
  • "REAP" is a verb that specifically means to cut or gather a crop when it is ready for harvest, making it the appropriate term for the action described in the clue.
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