Solution for the Newsday Crossword Puzzle for 1st April 2024

We are here again to help you solve the solution for the Newsday Crossword Puzzle for April.

by Keerthika

Updated Apr 01, 2024

Solution for the Newsday Crossword Puzzle for 1st April 2024

Newsday Crossword

Generally, solving crosswords helps people be brighter and get on with their thinking skills to solve and get the solution for puzzles. The crossword puzzle difficulty level may vary from easy to hard as the level increases. Newsday Crossword are published daily in the newspaper, for the audience to have fun and improve their puzzle skills more.

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Lasting marks

Answer: SCARS

When someone experiences an injury or wound, it can leave lasting marks on their skin known as scars. These scars are visible reminders of past trauma or events.

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Soybean product in Japanese soups

Answer: TOFU

Tofu is a popular soybean product commonly used in Japanese cuisine, including soups. It is made by curdling fresh soy milk, pressing it into solid blocks, and then cooling it.

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Casino wagers

Answer: BETS

In the context of gambling at a casino, players place bets on various games or outcomes. These bets involve wagering money or valuables with the hope of winning a larger amount.

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Portion out

Answer: ALLOT

To allot means to distribute or apportion something, often in portions or shares. For example, if you have a limited amount of food to share among a group, you would allot a portion to each person to ensure fairness.

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Clothes-pressing appliance

Answer: IRON

An iron is a household appliance used for pressing clothes to remove wrinkles and creases. It typically has a flat metal surface that heats up to smooth out fabric.

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Send forth, as light

Answer: EMIT

Emit means to release or give off something, often referring to light, heat, sound, or gases. For example, a light bulb emits light when it is turned on.

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Florida swamp critter

Answer: GATOR

Gator is a colloquial term for an alligator, a large reptile commonly found in swamps and marshes, particularly in the state of Florida in the United States.

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Auto transmission setting

Answer: GEAR

In an automobile, the transmission setting refers to the gear selected for driving. Different gears are used for various driving conditions, such as park, reverse, neutral, drive, and others.

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Answer: ACME

Apex refers to the highest point, peak, or summit of something. ACME is often used metaphorically to signify the highest point of achievement or excellence. For example, "reaching the acme of success."

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Vacation dwelling on wheels


A motorhome is a type of recreational vehicle (RV) designed for temporary living quarters. It combines a vehicle chassis with living space amenities such as beds, kitchen facilities, and bathrooms, allowing people to travel and stay in various locations while still enjoying the comforts of home

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Trickle slowly

Answer: SEEP

Seep means to flow or leak slowly and steadily, often referring to liquids penetrating porous materials such as soil or rocks. For example, water may seep through cracks in a wall or slowly trickle out of a small opening.

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Package with model plane parts

Answer: KIT

A kit typically refers to a package containing all the necessary parts, components, or materials needed to assemble or construct something, such as a model plane. Model plane kits usually include pieces like plastic or wooden parts, decals, and instructions for assembly.

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__-dinner mint

Answer: AFTER

When used in the phrase "__-dinner mint," "after" suggests something that comes or is consumed following a meal, typically as a palate cleanser or for freshening breath. For example, an after-dinner mint is a small candy or mint often enjoyed after finishing a meal

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Package sent by mail

Answer: PARCEL

A parcel is a package or bundle of goods or items that is wrapped or packaged for transportation or delivery, usually through postal or courier services. It can contain various items, such as gifts, merchandise, documents, or personal belongings, and is typically sent from one location to another.

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Grain storage building

Answer: SILO

A silo is a tall cylindrical structure used for storing bulk materials, such as grain, coal, cement, or fertilizer. It provides protection from the elements and helps in preserving the quality of the stored grain.

Lyft’s ridesharing rival

Answer: UBER

Uber is a well-known transportation network company that operates a ridesharing service similar to Lyft. Both Uber and Lyft provide platforms for connecting passengers with drivers for on-demand transportation services using mobile apps.

Has some food

Answer: EATS

The word "eats" is a simple and informal term for food or a meal. When someone "has some eats," it means they are consuming or enjoying some food

Yoga’s cross-legged __ position

Answer: LOTUS

In yoga, the lotus position refers to a seated posture in which the legs are crossed with each foot placed on the opposite thigh. It is a common meditation pose and is believed to promote relaxation, stability, and mindfulness.

Cozy inn serving morning meals


A bed and breakfast (often abbreviated as B&B) is a type of lodging establishment where guests stay overnight and are provided with breakfast in the morning. It offers a cozy and intimate atmosphere, often in a residential setting, and typically serves homemade or freshly prepared breakfast meals to guests as part of their stay.

Instant-replay speed, for short

Answer: SLOMO

"SloMo" is a short form of "slow motion," referring to a video playback mode that reduces the speed of recorded action, allowing viewers to see details more clearly. It is often used in instant replays in sports broadcasting to analyze key moments or controversial plays.

Tells a fib

Answer: LIES

To "tell a fib" means to knowingly convey false information or to deceive someone by not telling the truth. "Lies" is the plural form of "lie," which denotes a false statement made with intent to deceive.

Pooch-biting bug

Answer: FLEA

A flea is a small, wingless insect known for its ability to bite and feed on the blood of mammals and birds, including dogs (referred to here as "pooch"). Fleas are common pests that can cause itching, irritation, and discomfort to their hosts.

Get ready, for short

Answer: PREP

"Prep" is a shortened form of "prepare," indicating the act of making arrangements or getting ready for something. It can refer to various activities such as planning, organizing, or assembling necessary items or information in advance

Any letter enclosure

Answer: INSERT

An "insert" is something that is added or enclosed within another object, typically for additional information, decoration, or functionality. In the context of the crossword question, "any letter enclosure" could refer to something inserted into an envelope, such as a letter or document.

Duo + one

Answer: THREE

"Duo" refers to a pair or two, and "one" implies an additional unit. When combined, "duo + one" equals three, which is the numerical value representing a group of three items or individuals.

“Without further __ . . .”

Answer: ADO

The phrase "without further ado" is commonly used in formal speech or writing to indicate that something will happen immediately or without any unnecessary delay. In this context, "ado" refers to fuss, bother, or unnecessary activity.

Sandal or sneaker

Answer: SHOE

Both sandals and sneakers are types of footwear that are worn on the feet for protection and comfort. The term "shoe" is a general term encompassing various types of footwear, including sandals, sneakers, boots, and more.

Dwelling that floats on water


A houseboat is a type of dwelling or accommodation that is designed to float on water. It typically features living quarters, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas, and may be used as a full-time residence or as a recreational retreat on lakes, rivers, or other bodies of water.

Playing cards below jacks

Answer: TENS

In a standard deck of playing cards, the cards below jacks in rank are the tens. These cards include the ten of hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades.

Early reading basics

Answer: ABCS

The "ABCs" refers to the fundamental building blocks of reading and writing, namely the alphabet. Learning the ABCs is often one of the first steps in early childhood education to develop literacy skills

Reinforced, as winter coats

Answer: LINED

Winter coats are often reinforced or strengthened by adding a lining to the interior. This lining serves multiple purposes, such as providing insulation, increasing warmth, and adding durability to the coat.

Office assistant

Answer: AIDE

An "aide" is a person who assists or supports another individual, often in an official or professional capacity. In an office setting, an aide may provide administrative support, clerical assistance, or help with various tasks as required

Bottom part of a boot

Answer: SOLE

The sole of a boot is the bottom part of the footwear that comes into direct contact with the ground when worn. It provides support, traction, and protection for the foot and is typically made of durable material such as rubber or leather.

Walk into a building

Answer: ENTER

When you "walk into a building," you physically move from outside to inside a structure. "Enter" is the action of going into a place or space, such as a building, room, or area

Badly behaved kid

Answer: BRAT

A "brat" is a colloquial term used to describe a child who behaves badly or is unruly and disobedient. It typically refers to a child who displays rude, spoiled, or obnoxious behavior.

Warmth from a furnace

Answer: HEAT

"Heat" refers to the transfer of thermal energy from a source, such as a furnace, that increases the temperature of its surroundings. In this context, the warmth provided by a furnace generates heat, which helps to heat up the indoor environment.

Onion coverings

Answer: SKINS

The outer layers of an onion, often dry and papery in texture, are referred to as "skins." These skins protect the inner layers of the onion and are typically removed before cooking or eating the onion.

Become droopy

Answer: SAG

When something "sags," it loses its firmness or support and starts to droop or hang downward due to gravity or lack of structural integrity. For example, clothes may sag if they are stretched or if the fabric loses its elasticity.

Chowder morsel

Answer: CLAM

In a chowder, which is a type of soup or stew, a "clam" is a common ingredient. Clams are shellfish with soft bodies, often found in coastal waters, and they are commonly used to add flavor and texture to seafood chowders.

Low-voiced female singer

Answer: ALTO

An "alto" is a type of singing voice characterized by a lower pitch range, typically below that of a soprano and above that of a tenor. In choral music, female singers with alto voices often sing harmonies and provide depth to the vocal texture

Underground part of a plant

Answer: ROOT

The "root" is the underground part of a plant that typically grows downward into the soil. Roots anchor the plant in the ground and absorb water and nutrients from the soil, providing support and nourishment for the plant

Golfer’s putt or drive

Answer: STROKE

In golf, a "stroke" refers to a single swing of the golf club made by the golfer to strike the ball. It can refer to various types of shots, including putts (short shots made on the putting green) and drives (long shots made from the tee box to start a hole).


Answer: TIGHT

Something that is "tight" fits closely or snugly around a particular area of the body. It may also refer to something that is constricted or restrictive in size or space.

Sandwich cookie

Answer: OREO

An "Oreo" is a popular brand of sandwich cookie consisting of two chocolate wafers with a sweet cream filling in between. It is known for its distinctive round shape and trademarked design.

Shaving lather

Answer: FOAM

"Foam" refers to a mass of small bubbles formed on the surface of a liquid, typically through agitation or aeration. In the context of shaving, foam is often created by mixing shaving cream or soap with water to produce a lather for lubricating the skin and facilitating shaving.


Answer: UNREAL

Something that is "unreal" exists only in the imagination or is not based on reality. It may refer to something fictional, imaginary, or not genuine.

Beauty and the __

Answer: BEAST

"Beauty and the Beast" is a classic fairy tale that has been adapted into various forms of literature, film, and theater. It tells the story of a young woman named Beauty who falls in love with a prince cursed to live as a beast until he learns to love and be loved in return

Banquet host

Answer: EMCEE

An "emcee" is a person who serves as the master of ceremonies at an event or gathering, such as a banquet or awards ceremony. The emcee is responsible for introducing speakers, performers, or guests and facilitating the flow of the event.

Official using a stopwatch

Answer: TIMER

An official using a stopwatch is often referred to as a "timer." This person is responsible for measuring and recording the time elapsed during an event or competition, such as a race or sporting activity.

A __ in the right direction

Answer: STEP

The phrase "a step in the right direction" is idiomatic and means progress or improvement, albeit small. In this context, "step" represents a positive action or decision that contributes to achieving a desired goal or outcome.

Made angry

Answer: RILED

To be "riled" means to be provoked or irritated, often resulting in anger or agitation. It implies being stirred up emotionally due to frustration, annoyance, or resentment.

__ songs (traditional sing-along music)

Answer: FOLK

"Folk" songs are traditional songs that are typically passed down orally from generation to generation within a particular cultural or regional group. They often reflect the customs, beliefs, and experiences of a community and are characterized by their simplicity and accessibility.

British taverns

Answer: PUBS

"Pubs" is a short form of "public houses," which are traditional British drinking establishments where alcoholic beverages, as well as sometimes food, are served in a social setting. Pubs are integral to British culture and serve as gathering places for socializing, dining, and enjoying drinks with friends and family.

Cain’s younger brother

Answer: ABEL

In the biblical story, Cain and Abel are the sons of Adam and Eve. Abel is the younger brother of Cain. Their story is famously known for the jealousy and rivalry between the two brothers, ultimately leading to Cain's murder of Abel.

Decorate a new way

Answer: REDO

To "redo" something means to do it again, typically with alterations or improvements. In the context of decorating, it refers to the act of redecorating or making changes to the existing decoration in a different manner.

Study hard for an exam

Answer: CRAM

To "cram" for an exam means to study intensively and hastily in a short period of time, usually right before the exam. This often involves memorizing a large amount of information in a short span to prepare for the test.

Piece of bacon

Answer: STRIP

A "strip" of bacon refers to a thin slice or piece of bacon, typically cut from a larger slab or block of cured pork belly. Bacon strips are a common ingredient in breakfast dishes, sandwiches, salads, and various other recipes.

“It’s obvious now!”

Answer: ISEE

The phrase "I see" is an expression used to indicate understanding or realization of something that was previously unclear or unknown. It signifies a moment of insight or comprehension, often when a solution or explanation becomes apparent.


Answer: ABLE

Being "able" refers to possessing the necessary skills, knowledge, or capability to perform a task effectively or proficiently. It indicates competence and readiness to accomplish various endeavors.

Show-__ (big boasters)

Answer: OFFS

"Show-offs" are individuals who boast or flaunt their abilities, achievements, or possessions in an ostentatious or conspicuous manner. They seek attention or admiration by displaying their talents or assets.

Narrative story

Answer: TALE

A "tale" is a narrative story or account, often fictional, that recounts events, characters, or experiences. Tales may range from folklore and fairy tales to fictional narratives in literature and storytelling.

Reader of a laptop manual

Answer: USER

A "user" is someone who operates or utilizes a particular device, system, or service. In this context, the "reader of a laptop manual" is the person who reads and refers to the manual to understand how to use the laptop effectively

Number in a record book

Answer: STAT

Stat" is an abbreviation for "statistics" or "statistic." In the context of a record book, a "stat" refers to a numerical data point or measurement recorded for tracking or comparison purposes, such as in sports records or academic achievements.

Informal refusal

Answer: NOPE

"Nope" is an informal and colloquial way of refusing or declining something. It is a succinct and casual way of expressing negation or disagreement, similar to "no" but with a slightly more informal tone.

“All kidding __ . . .”

Answer: ASIDE

The phrase "all kidding aside" is used to indicate that the speaker is about to make a serious or sincere statement, after previously engaging in joking or lighthearted conversation. It signifies a transition from humor to seriousness.

Discuss again and again

Answer: REHASH

To "rehash" means to discuss or present something again, especially in a tedious or unoriginal way. It implies going over the same details or arguments repeatedly, often without adding new insights or perspectives.

Duchesses and barons

Answer: NOBLES

Nobles" refers to individuals belonging to the highest social rank or class in society, typically characterized by titles of nobility such as duchess, baron, countess, or lord. Nobles often hold hereditary titles and may have special privileges or responsibilities within society.

That group’s

Answer: THEIR

"Their" is a possessive pronoun used to indicate belonging to a group of people or things previously mentioned or understood. For example, "That group's success was due to their hard work and dedication."

Carmaker of the Accord

Answer: HONDA

Honda is a well-known carmaker that produces various models, including the Accord. The Honda Accord is a popular midsize sedan known for its reliability, performance, and fuel efficiency.

Adjust, as an alarm clock

Answer: RESET

To "reset" an alarm clock means to adjust or reconfigure it to a new time or setting. This typically involves pressing buttons or turning knobs on the clock to change the alarm time or other functions

Valuable quality

Answer: ASSET

An "asset" is something of value or worth, often with the potential to contribute positively to a person or organization. In the context of personal qualities or characteristics, a valuable quality can be considered an asset, such as intelligence, creativity, or leadership skills.

Wild guess

Answer: STAB

A "stab" is an attempt or guess made without much thought or certainty, often based on intuition or a hunch rather than concrete evidence. In this context, a "wild guess" refers to a speculative or random guess made without sufficient information or reasoning.

Woodwind instrument

Answer: OBOE

The oboe is a musical instrument belonging to the woodwind family. It is characterized by its distinctive double reed and conical bore, producing a rich and penetrating sound. The oboe is commonly used in orchestras, chamber ensembles, and various musical genres.

School near Beverly Hills: Abbr.

Answer: UCLA

UCLA stands for the University of California, Los Angeles. It is a prominent public research university located near Beverly Hills, California. UCLA is renowned for its academic programs, research contributions, and cultural influence.

Pigsty cry

Answer: OINK

"Oink" is an onomatopoeic word representing the sound made by a pig. It is commonly associated with the grunting or snorting noise produced by pigs, especially when they are in a pigsty or other agricultural settings.

Prefix meaning “opposed to”

Answer: ANTI

The prefix "anti-" means "opposed to" or "against." It is commonly used in English to form words that denote opposition or hostility toward a particular thing, concept, or group. For example, "anti-war" means opposed to war, and "anti-inflammatory" means against inflammation.


Answer: TEEN

An adolescent is a young person who is transitioning from childhood to adulthood, typically characterized by physical, emotional, and social changes. The term "teen" refers to the stage of adolescence, specifically the period between the ages of 13 and 19, often known as the teenage years.

Physicians: Abbr.

Answer: DRS

"DRS" is an abbreviation for "doctors" or "physicians." In this context, "physicians: Abbr." indicates that the answer is a shortened form or abbreviation commonly used to refer to doctors or physicians. "DRS" is the abbreviated form of "doctors" or "doctors," typically seen in informal or abbreviated contexts, such as in medical records, signage, or casual communication.

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