Solution for The Independent's Mini Crossword Clue April 3, 2024

The clue from this crossword is not very easy to solve, if you want to know the answer, just scroll down.

by J Nandhini

Updated Apr 03, 2024

Solution for The Independent's Mini Crossword Clue April 3, 2024

Hey there, puzzle lovers! We have here another crossword puzzle for you to solve. You can solve it with the help of your friend or take help from any app . Try solving it in different ways. If you get stuck, don't worry! We will give you the answer. Now, let's solve today's crossword clue.

"To ___ his own"(4)

Answer: EACH

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The phrase "To each his own" means that everyone has their own preferences or opinions, and what may be suitable or enjoyable for one person may not be the same for another. In this context, "EACH" completes the phrase and signifies individuality or personal choice

Hair knot(6)

Answer: TANGLE

A "hair knot" refers to a twisted or entangled mass of hair, often difficult to untangle. "TANGLE" accurately describes this situation, where hair becomes knotted or snarled, requiring careful handling to separate and smooth out.

Out of the elements(7)


Being "out of the elements" means being sheltered from outdoor weather conditions such as rain, wind, or extreme temperatures. "INDOORS" represents the opposite of outdoors, referring to being inside a building or structure where one is protected from the elements

Captain's journal(3)

Answer: LOG

A "captain's journal" is often referred to as a "log," particularly in the context of maritime or naval terminology. It's a record of events, observations, and navigational data kept by the captain or crew of a ship during a voyage.

Get the picture(3)

Answer: SEE

"Get the picture" is an idiom meaning to understand or comprehend something. "SEE" is the appropriate answer in this context, indicating the act of perceiving or comprehending the intended message or situation.

Used-car-lot transaction(5-2)


In a used-car-lot transaction, a common practice is trading in an old vehicle as part of the payment for a new one. "TRADE IN" accurately describes this process, where the value of the old vehicle is credited toward the purchase price of the new one. The hyphenated format "5-2" indicates the length of the answer and its division into separate words

Dollar total(6)

Answer: AMOUNT

"Dollar total" refers to the overall sum or quantity of money. "AMOUNT" is an appropriate answer as it signifies the total or aggregate value of something, in this case, dollars. It's a common term used to describe the total figure of a financial transaction or calculation

Castle part(4)

Answer: KEEP

In a castle, the "keep" is the central stronghold or main tower, typically the strongest and most fortified part of the castle. It serves as the primary residence for the lord or noble and often houses important rooms such as the great hall and chambers

Avengers: _______(7)

Answer: END GAME

"Avengers: End Game" is a specific reference to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movie titled "Avengers: Endgame." It is the fourth Avengers film and serves as the culmination of the Infinity Saga storyline, featuring the iconic superhero team.

Way back when(3)

Answer: AGO

"Way back when" refers to a time in the past, often a distant or historical period. "AGO" is a word used to indicate the amount of time that has passed since a previous event or point in time. It's commonly used to express how long ago something occurred.

Macro lens shot(5,2)

Answer: CLOSE UP

A "macro lens shot" refers to a photograph taken with a macro lens, which allows for close-up photography of small subjects, capturing fine details. "CLOSE UP" describes the type of shot where the subject is magnified and fills the frame, providing a detailed view of its features or texture.

Legalese adverb(6)

Answer: HEREIN

In legal language or legalese, "HEREIN" is an adverb commonly used to refer to something mentioned earlier in the same document or text. It typically indicates that the following statement or provision applies within the document itself, rather than externally. For example, "The terms and conditions herein shall govern the agreement."

Frustration resulting in suboptimal play(4)

Answer: TILT

In the context of gaming, particularly poker, "TILT" refers to a state of frustration or emotional upset that leads to suboptimal decision-making and performance. When a player is on tilt, they are more likely to make rash or aggressive moves driven by emotion rather than logic or strategy.

Polar jacket(6)

Answer: ANORAK

An "ANORAK" is a type of jacket or coat designed for cold weather conditions, often associated with polar regions. It typically features a hood, waterproof or windproof materials, and insulation to provide warmth in cold climates. The term "anorak" can also be used informally to describe someone who has a keen interest or enthusiasm for niche or obscure topics.

Email folder(4)

Answer: SENT

In the context of email organization, "SENT" typically refers to a folder where copies of emails sent by the user are stored. Emails that have been composed and sent by the user are automatically filed into the "SENT" folder for reference or record-keeping purposes.

Female antelope(3)

Answer: DOE

In zoology, particularly when referring to certain species of deer or antelope, a "DOE" is a term used to describe a female member of the species. It is the counterpart to the male, which is often referred to as a "buck" or "stag." So, "DOE" accurately represents a female antelope in this context.

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