Skyrim Alternate Start Not Working, How to Fix Skyrim Alternate Start Not Working?

To fix Skyrim Alternate Start not working, start with a vanilla game, then add mods gradually, checking for leftover mod files and ensuring proper permissions. If issues persist, consider a clean reinstall.

by M Nishali

Updated Feb 10, 2024

Skyrim Alternate Start Not Working, How to Fix Skyrim Alternate Start Not Working?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

"The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" is a popular video game released in 2011, developed by Bethesda Game Studios. It's an action role-playing game where players take on the role of the Dragonborn, a hero destined to save the world from Alduin, a powerful dragon threatening to destroy everything.

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Set in the northern province of Tamriel called Skyrim, the game's story unfolds 200 years after the events of its predecessor, "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion." The player's character, the Dragonborn, embarks on a journey filled with quests and challenges to stop Alduin and fulfill their destiny. One of the game's notable features is its open-world environment, allowing players to explore the vast landscapes of Skyrim freely.

They can interact with various characters, join factions, and engage in combat with enemies like dragons and bandits. Players can also customize their character by improving skills and choosing different abilities. The game received widespread acclaim for its immersive world design, captivating storyline, and engaging gameplay mechanics.

Players can choose their path, deciding which quests to pursue and how to approach different situations. The visually stunning landscapes of Skyrim, along with its dynamic weather system and day-night cycle, contribute to the game's immersive experience. Despite its critical acclaim, "Skyrim" faced some criticism for issues like melee combat mechanics and technical glitches, especially at launch.

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However, continuous updates and patches addressed many of these concerns over time."Skyrim" has seen several re-releases and expansions, including downloadable content packs like Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn. A remastered version called "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition" was released in 2016, featuring improved graphics and bundled with all DLC expansions. 

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Skyrim Alternate Start Not Working

In Skyrim, some players are having trouble starting a new game with the "Alternate Start" mod. Instead of beginning the game as usual, they're stuck on the main menu screen with no options to proceed. This issue isn't causing the game to crash but rather keeping players from starting a new adventure.

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One player tried different solutions, like reinstalling the mod and changing its load order, but the problem persisted. Another player suggested troubleshooting steps, such as resetting Skyrim to its original state without any mods, checking for missing patches, and gradually adding mods back in to identify the issue. However, the player hasn't reported success with these steps yet.

Additionally, another player proposed checking for old DLL files and permissions issues as potential causes for the problem. The problem seems to stem from conflicts between mods or missing game patches. Modding Skyrim can be tricky, and sometimes mods don't work well together or cause unexpected issues.

The suggested solution involves removing all mods, starting the game from scratch, and then gradually reintroducing mods to pinpoint which one is causing the problem. The issue illustrates common challenges players face when customizing their Skyrim experience with mods. It underscores the importance of troubleshooting and careful mod management to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

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Causes of Skyrim Alternate Start Not Working  

Conflicting Mods:

  • Sometimes, mods in Skyrim don't get along well with each other. If you have many mods installed, they might not work together nicely, causing issues with the Alternate Start mod.
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Load Order Problems:

  • Mods need to be in a specific order called the load order. If the Alternate Start mod isn't at the bottom of the load order, it might not work as expected.

Missing Patches:

  • Skyrim often needs updates or patches to fix bugs. If you're missing these patches, it could cause problems with mods like Alternate Start.

Old Mod Files:

  • If you've uninstalled mods in the past but didn't remove all the files, they might still be causing problems, even if you're not actively using those mods anymore.

Permission Issues:

  • Sometimes, Skyrim might not have permission to access certain files or folders, which can lead to mods not working correctly.

Outdated DLL Files:

  • These are files that help mods function properly. If you have outdated DLL files, they might not work well with the game, causing issues with mods like Alternate Start.

Installation Errors:

  • If the mod wasn't installed correctly or if something went wrong during the installation process, it could prevent Alternate Start from working properly.
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Game Corruption:

  • In rare cases, the game itself might be corrupted, which can cause all sorts of problems, including issues with mods like Alternate Start.

How to Fix Skyrim Alternate Start Not Working?

Check Mod Compatibility:

  • Make sure the mods you're using are compatible with Alternate Start.

Verify Load Order:

  • Organize your mods' load order properly, with Alternate Start ideally near the bottom.

Update Patches:

  • Ensure all patches for Skyrim and installed mods are up-to-date to prevent conflicts.

Remove Old Mod Files:

  • Clean up any remaining files from uninstalled mods to avoid conflicts.

Adjust Permissions:

  • Grant necessary permissions to Skyrim to access files and folders, preventing permission-related issues.

Update DLL Files:

  • Check for and update any outdated DLL files associated with mods for compatibility.

Reinstall Alternate Start:

  • If installation errors are suspected, reinstall Alternate Start properly.

Troubleshoot Game:

  • If all else fails, consider resetting Skyrim to vanilla or performing a clean reinstall to address potential game corruption.

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Skyrim Alternate Start Not Working - FAQs

1. What is causing Skyrim Alternate Start not to work?  

The issue may arise from conflicting mods, load order problems, missing patches, old mod files, permission issues, outdated DLL files, installation errors, or game corruption.

2. How can I fix Skyrim Alternate Start not working?  

You can fix it by checking mod compatibility, verifying the load order, updating patches, removing old mod files, adjusting permissions, updating DLL files, reinstalling Alternate Start, or troubleshooting the game.

3. Why is mod compatibility important?  

Mod compatibility ensures that different mods can work together smoothly without causing conflicts or issues such as Skyrim Alternate Start not working.

4. What should I do if the load order is incorrect?  

If the load order is incorrect, organize your mods so that the "Alternate Start" mod is placed towards the bottom of the list to ensure it loads properly.

5.  Is game corruption a common cause of Skyrim mod issues?  

While not common, game corruption can sometimes lead to problems with mods like Skyrim Alternate Start not working. If all other troubleshooting steps fail, resetting the game or performing a clean reinstall may be necessary.

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