Sheryl Underwood Weight Loss: How Did Sheryl Underwood Lose Weight?

Sheryl Underwood weight loss is exposed here, we will delve into the methods behind her weight loss, uncovering the steps Sheryl Underwood took to achieve her remarkable results.

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Updated Jun 07, 2023

Sheryl Underwood Weight Loss: How Did Sheryl Underwood Lose Weight?

Sheryl Underwood Weight Loss

Sheryl's choice of attire accentuated her shrinking waistline, slender physique, and radiant skin tone, clearly displaying the visible results of her weight loss journey. This transformation was evident not only in a single snapshot but also in a video clip from today's show, which was shared on the program's Stories.

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Over a year and a half ago, Sheryl embarked on her weight loss journey, driven by the need to address several health concerns. At the time, she was diagnosed with diabetes, pre-diabetes, hypertension, and other related conditions, while carrying a weight of approximately 230 to 250 pounds.

In a 2022 interview with People magazine, Sheryl expressed her determination to proactively confront these health challenges. To kickstart her efforts, she introduced Metamucil into her routine, which aided in cleansing her gastrointestinal system and promoting better digestive health.

In her pursuit of weight loss, Sheryl explored various options, including surgical interventions. Seeking professional advice, she consulted with multiple doctors and specialists to gather different perspectives on the matter. Unfortunately, her weight loss progress did not meet the requirements set by her insurance company for coverage of the procedure.

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During a colonoscopy appointment, Sheryl's doctor recommended a weekly injection called Wegovy, which she subsequently incorporated into her routine. Wegovy is known to help suppress appetite and facilitate the initiation of a weight loss program.

In conjunction with the Wegovy injections, Sheryl made several positive lifestyle adjustments. She dedicated herself to the care of her disabled sister, prioritized adequate sleep, increased her water intake, engaged in regular exercise, practiced portion control, and adopted a healthier dietary regimen.

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As a result of her commitment and the combined efforts, Sheryl successfully shed nearly 100 pounds and reduced her dress size by four. The profound impact of her weight loss journey not only manifested in the transformation of her physical appearance but also in the significant improvement in her overall health and well-being.

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Who is Sheryl Underwood?

Sheryl Patrice Underwood, born on October 28, 1963, is an intriguing figure in the world of comedy, acting, and television hosting. She made her mark in the comedy scene when she became the first female finalist in the 1989 Miller Lite Comedy Search, catapulting her into the spotlight. Currently, Underwood holds the distinction of being the longest-running co-host on the CBS Daytime talk show, The Talk, a position she assumed in September 2011. Her contributions have earned her a Daytime Emmy Award, along with seven nominations.

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Underwood's journey began in Little Rock, Arkansas, but she later relocated to Atwater, California, where she attended high school. Her personal life took an unexpected turn when her sister, Frankie, was diagnosed with polio. As a result, Underwood now serves as Frankie's dedicated caregiver, showcasing her commitment and love for her sibling.

In a surprising revelation, Underwood disclosed that she was born as a twin, but tragically, her twin did not survive. Delving further into her personal history, she shared a startling tale of how her mother deceived her, falsely claiming that her father was responsible for her sister's demise.

This revelation had a profound impact on Underwood, leading her to carry her sister's birth certificate as a constant reminder of her lost twin. In a bizarre twist, Underwood even disclosed that her mother had stabbed her father, who miraculously survived the attack. This incident occurred when Underwood had developed a close bond with her father, a connection her mother sought to prevent due to the earlier deception about her father's alleged crime.

Underwood's story is filled with intriguing and unexpected events, showcasing the complexities of her personal life. It serves as a reminder that everyone's journey is unique, often marked by extraordinary circumstances that shape who we are.

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How Did Sheryl Underwood Lose Weight?

Sheryl Underwood recently embarked on a notable health transformation, revealing that she successfully shed over 90 pounds in the past year. As the 13th season of her show approached, she spoke with ET and mentioned that she, along with her colleagues, had collectively prioritized their health and fitness.

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Observing her friends and coworkers focus on their well-being, Underwood felt inspired to join them and embark on her own personal journey of self-improvement. However, before commencing her weight loss efforts, the TV host addressed recurring health issues that had been affecting her. Underwood initially tackled her digestive health before embarking on a comprehensive fitness journey.

In addition to weight loss, she needed to manage conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and other health concerns commonly faced by women. Underwood expressed great satisfaction with her transformation and eagerly anticipated exercising with her co-hosts on The Talk. She had plans to hit the gym alongside Jerry O'Connell and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, as well as engaging in jumping rope sessions with Kloots.

During an interview with People, Sheryl Underwood provided further insight into her weight loss treatment. She shared that she decided to commence her journey when her weight ranged between 230 and 250 pounds, prompted by her doctor's recommendation after receiving lab work indicating pre-diabetes and hypertension. Initially considering bariatric surgery, she instead opted to try Wegovy injections, which gained FDA approval in June 2021 and aid in appetite suppression.

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In addition to the injections, Underwood implemented portion control and made various other changes to her daily habits. She revealed that if she had pursued the surgical procedure, she would have had to undergo psychiatric evaluations and consultations with a dietician. Working closely with a dietician, she achieved weight loss that, while not significant enough to qualify for insurance coverage, still made a meaningful impact on her overall health.

Underwood embraced lifestyle modifications such as ensuring sufficient sleep, increasing her water intake, and making healthier food choices. She incorporated more green, leafy vegetables and fruits like blueberries and strawberries into her diet while incorporating fiber supplements to increase fiber intake.

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Despite her demanding schedule, the actress found ways to include simple exercises in her routine. She acknowledged the challenges but emphasized that she still enjoys a high-quality life and indulges in treats like cake and rosé, albeit in smaller portions. Underwood emphasized the importance of staying hydrated, even when enjoying a glass of rosé.

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At 59 years old, she now recognizes when her face appears puffy, understanding that it's not merely a concern of on-camera appearance but a reflection of her overall health and fitness. Underwood described the experience of losing weight as a great feeling and affirmed her commitment to continuing her journey towards better health

“I'm glad that everybody gets to see the transformation and there's more to come.”

“Unfortunately, I'm in a career where you drive to work, you sit down and get your hair and makeup on. Sometimes I just get up and walk around, or I try to talk on the phone and walk around, or I'll do something while sitting in bed — I may do a little exercise, little stretching and things.”

How Many Kg's Sheryl Underwood had Losed?

During the filming of promos for the highly anticipated 13th season of The Talk, Sheryl Underwood exuded an infectious smile, and there's a good reason behind her radiant joy. The upcoming season promises exciting changes, including a fresh theme song and a vibrant carnival aesthetic. However, it's not just the show's transformation that has Underwood beaming with pride.

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The long-standing co-host, now in her twelfth season, has undergone a remarkable personal transformation, shedding an impressive 90 pounds over the past year and a half. Her newfound look is a testament to her dedication and commitment to her health and well-being.

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Sheryl Underwood Weight Loss-FAQs

1. How much weight did Sheryl Underwood lose?

Sheryl Underwood lost over 90 pounds in the last year and a half.

2. What prompted Sheryl Underwood to embark on her weight loss journey?

Sheryl Underwood's decision to focus on her health and fitness was inspired by watching her friends and colleagues prioritize their own well-being.

3. Did Sheryl Underwood face any health issues before starting her weight loss journey?

Yes, Sheryl Underwood addressed her digestive health concerns and managed conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and other health issues.

4. Did Sheryl Underwood follow any other strategies for weight loss?

Along with the injections, Sheryl Underwood practiced portion control, made dietary changes, and incorporated healthier habits into her lifestyle, such as increased water intake and regular exercise.

5. How does Sheryl Underwood plan to continue her journey?

Sheryl Underwood has decided to continue her commitment to maintaining her weight loss and overall health.

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