See here the Solution for Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small Crossword Puzzle - April 4th, 2024

With this article you all will understand what Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small crossword puzzle is and how to get the solution for it.

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Updated Apr 04, 2024

See here the Solution for Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small Crossword Puzzle - April 4th, 2024

The Irish Daily Mail is a newspaper that comes out every day in Ireland and is read all over the country. A crossword puzzle is a word game where you fill in a grid with words by solving clues. It's a fun challenge that tests your vocabulary and problem-solving skills.

Lowest pitch (4)

Answer: BASS

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In music, the lowest pitch is often associated with the deep, resonant sound of the bass. Its four letters make it a perfect fit for this crossword clue, leading to the answer BASS.

Javan tree (4)

Answer: UPAS

The Javan tree, known scientifically as Antiaris toxicaria, is commonly referred to as the Upas tree. Found in Indonesia, it's notorious for its toxic sap. Its four-letter name, UPAS, matches the requirement of the crossword clue.

Four-seater car (5)

Answer: COUPE

When it comes to four-seater cars, the term coupe often comes to mind. Typically sleek and sporty, coupes are known for their compact design and seating for four. With its five letters, COUPE perfectly fits the crossword puzzle.

Indian attire (4)

Answer: SARI

A quintessential Indian garment worn by women is the Sari. This elegant attire, draped beautifully, is symbolic of Indian culture and tradition. With its four letters, SARI is the fitting answer to this crossword clue.

Soldier (6)

Answer: MARINE

A common term for a soldier serving in the United States Armed Forces, especially the Marines, is Marine. Renowned for their bravery and discipline, Marines play a crucial role in defending their country. With six letters, MARINE meets the requirements of the crossword puzzle.

Trees (4)

Answer: BOOM

The term Trees often invokes thoughts of growth and nature. However, in this context, it's a hint for a sound, specifically the loud noise made by an explosion, represented by the word BOOM.

Good times (3)

Answer: UPS

Good times typically refers to moments of joy and happiness. But in this puzzle, it directs us to an abbreviation. UPS is commonly associated with package delivery services, reflecting efficiency and positive experiences.

In a keen way (6)

​​​​​​​Answer: AVIDLY

This clue suggests a manner of doing something with enthusiasm or intensity. The answer, AVIDLY, encapsulates the idea of being eager or passionate about an activity or pursuit, demonstrated through keen interest.

Snake (3)

​​​​​​​Answer: BOA

Snake brings to mind a reptile, but here it's a short clue leading to a three-letter answer. In this case, the answer is BOA, a type of snake known for its constriction method of hunting prey.

English county (4)

​​​​​​​Answer: KENT

The phrase English county points to a specific location. KENT is a county in England, known for its historical significance and picturesque countryside landscapes, fitting the four-letter requirement of the crossword.

Faint scent (5)

​​​​​​​Answer: SNIFF

When you detect a faint aroma in the air, you're likely to do this action to catch it. The answer is SNIFF, as it accurately describes the act of inhaling lightly to perceive a subtle fragrance or scent.

Dirties (5)

​​​​​​​Answer: SOLIS

When something becomes soiled or unclean, it undergoes this process. The answer is SOLIS, which signifies the action of making something dirty or stained, often used in the context of clothing or surfaces.

Flatbread (4)

​​​​​​​Answer: ROTI

In various cuisines around the world, this type of bread is a staple, often served alongside meals or used as a wrap. The answer is ROTI, representing a type of unleavened bread that is popular in South Asian cuisine.

Negative (3)

​​​​​​​Answer: NOT

When expressing opposition or denial, this word often precedes a statement or sentiment. The answer is NOT, a simple yet powerful term used to negate or express disagreement with something.

Contemptible person (6)

​​​​​​​Answer: TOERAG

This term refers to an individual who is widely regarded with disdain or disgust due to their actions or character. The answer is TOERAG, a colloquialism used primarily in British English to describe someone considered contemptible or despicable.

Expected (3)

​​​​​​​Answer: DUE

The term Expected implies anticipation or a forthcoming event. The answer, DUE, aligns perfectly with this context, indicating something awaited or scheduled to happen.

Paean (4)

​​​​​​​Answer: HYMN

The word Paean typically refers to a song of praise or triumph. Within the realm of crossword puzzles, it translates to HYMN, encapsulating the essence of celebration or reverence.

Discontent (6)

​​​​​​​Answer: DISMAY

Discontent denotes a state of dissatisfaction or unrest. The answer, DISMAY, aptly captures the feeling of disappointment or disillusionment often associated with discontentment.

Saga (4)

​​​​​​​Answer: LORE

A Saga typically signifies a long, adventurous story or tale. Within the crossword puzzle context, the answer LORE mirrors this concept, representing folklore or a narrative rich in tradition and myth.

Daughter of Tantalus (5)

​​​​​​​Answer: NIOBE​​​​​​​

In Greek mythology, Niobe is indeed the daughter of Tantalus, known for her tragic tale involving her children. Within the crossword puzzle framework, NIOBE serves as the appropriate answer, linking directly to this mythological reference.

Insect (4)

​​​​​​​Answer: MOTH

A small flying creature often drawn to light sources, the answer to this crossword clue is MOTH. Moths are nocturnal insects known for their attraction to light and their distinctive wing patterns.

Diplomacy (4)

​​​​​​​Answer: TACT

This term describes the art of managing international relations or tactfully handling delicate situations. The answer, TACT, embodies the essence of diplomacy, emphasizing the importance of sensitivity and skillful communication.

Miniature tree (6)

​​​​​​​Answer: BONSAI

Referring to a small, carefully cultivated tree, often kept indoors, this clue points to the answer BONSAI. Bonsai trees are a traditional Japanese art form, where meticulous care is taken to maintain their miniature stature and aesthetic appeal.

Seabird (3)

​​​​​​​Answer: AUK

A bird adapted for life at sea, typically with webbed feet and waterproof feathers, is the subject of this clue. The answer is AUK, a type of seabird found in northern oceans, known for its compact body and strong swimming ability.

Witness (5,3)

​​​​​​​Answer: SPEAKFOR

Describing someone who provides testimony or observes an event, this clue suggests the answer SPEAK FOR. It reflects the role of a witness in speaking on behalf of their observations or experiences in a legal or formal context.

Wait on (5)

​​​​​​​Answer: SERVE

The term wait on implies serving someone or attending to their needs. In a restaurant, for example, a waiter or waitress would wait on customers. Therefore, the answer is SERVE.

Familiar with (4,2)

​​​​​​​Answer: USEDTO

When you're accustomed to something or someone, you are used to it. The phrase familiar with suggests having knowledge or experience in relation to a particular subject or individual.

Covering (4)

​​​​​​​Answer: PALL

A pall can refer to a cloth covering, especially one used to drape over a coffin or a casket during a funeral or as a symbol of mourning. In a broader sense, it can also indicate any covering or shroud.

Military force (4)

​​​​​​​Answer: ARMY

An organized group of armed personnel trained for combat and defense is commonly known as an army. This term is often associated with land-based military operations and defense forces.

Bro's counterpart (3)

​​​​​​​Answer: SIS

The male equivalent of a sister is a sis. This informal term is often used to refer affectionately to one's female sibling or as a casual term of address for a close female friend.

Castrated fowl (5)

​​​​​​​Answer: CAPON

A capon is a rooster that has been castrated, typically to improve the quality of its meat. By rearranging the letters, we find the answer, which is a five-letter word, CAPON.

Applies friction (4)

​​​​​​​Answer: RUBS

When you apply friction to something, you RUB it. This action often involves moving your hand or another object back and forth over a surface, which fits the four-letter word RUBS.

Emblem (8)

​​​​​​​Answer: INSIGNIA

An emblem is a symbol, sign, or representation of something. The term INSIGNIA specifically refers to a distinguishing mark or symbol, often associated with an organization or a rank.

West European language (6)

​​​​​​​Answer: FRENCH

The West European language we're looking for here is FRENCH. This language is widely spoken not only in France but also in various parts of Europe and around the world.

Owing (2,4)

​​​​​​​Answer: INDEBT

When you owe someone money or something else, you are IN DEBT. This phrase, INDEBT, is commonly used to indicate that someone is obligated to repay a debt or fulfill an obligation.

Bloodsucker (5)

​​​​​​​Answer: LOUSE

A bloodsucker is a creature that feeds on blood, and in this case, the answer is LOUSE, which is a type of parasitic insect known for feeding on the blood of mammals and birds.

Let it stand (4)

​​​​​​​Answer: STET

This phrase typically appears in proofreading, indicating that a correction should be ignored and the text should remain unchanged. The answer, STET, is a proofreading mark meaning the same.

Tease (5)

​​​​​​​Answer: TAUNT

To tease someone is to mock or provoke them in a playful or taunting way. The answer TAUNT fits this description, as it signifies a deliberate attempt to provoke or tease someone.

Printing error (4)

​​​​​​​Answer: TYPO

A printing error refers to a mistake that occurs during the printing process, resulting in an incorrect or flawed document. TYPO is the answer here, referring to a typographical error or mistake in printed material.

Leave out (4)

​​​​​​​Answer: OMIT

When you leave something out, you omit it or exclude it from a list, statement, or action. The answer OMIT reflects this meaning, indicating the deliberate exclusion of something.

Cloth's edge (3)

​​​​​​​Answer: HEM

Cloth's edge hints at a common term used in sewing and tailoring, where the edge of fabric is folded over and stitched to prevent fraying. This term, typically three letters long, is known as HEM.

Fabled flyer (3)

​​​​​​​Answer: ROC

Fabled flyer alludes to a legendary creature often depicted in myths and folklore. With only three letters, ROC emerges as the answer, representing the mythical giant bird from Arabian and Persian tales.

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