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Redeeming Free Gems in Dragon City - Everything You Need to Know

Redeeming Free Gems in Dragon City lets you speed up tasks like hatching eggs or building habitats without waiting and gives you a faster gameplay experience.

by Madhumitha

Updated Mar 21, 2024

Redeeming Free Gems in Dragon City - Everything You Need to Know

About Dragon City

Dragon City is a game that was developed by Social Point. The same Social Point is the producer of the game. It first came out on Facebook in May 2012. Then, it was released on iOS and Android in 2013.

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The Microsoft Windows version was released on February 26, 2019. On February 2, 2020, the Facebook version of the game was uncovered. It is a social network game which is free to play.

In the game, you raise and breed dragons. You can play it by yourself and you can able to play online by combining it with friends.

Redeeming Free Gems: A Step-by-Step Guide

The easiest way to claim Gems is to buy Gem Packs from the shop.

You can also able to get Gems in Dragon City by:

  • Finishing the desired Goals.

  • By Using Jewelem's Guardian Tower

  • Completion of Tasks and Surveys on Dragon TV's Offerwall pay a way to get Gems.

  • You can also get it by Watching video ads on Dragon TV.

  • Joining live events and opening Chests gives the way to get Gems.

  • Winning battles in Leagues provides you with Gems. 

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Uses of Free Gems

  • You can use Gems to skip waiting times for breeding, hatching, or building, helping you proceed with the gameplay faster.

  • Gems can be used for purchasing exclusive dragons, decorations, or other items from special events or the in-game shop.

  • In some cases, you need Gems to participate in limited-time events, which may give you the rewards of rare dragons or other valuable prizes.

  • With Gems, you can unlock extra islands to elaborate your Dragon City, giving you more places to build habitats and grow your dragon collection.

  • Sometimes, Gems can be used for acquiring needs like food or gold, helping you upgrade your dragons or increase your habitat level.

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In Dragon City, you raise dragons and create a city on floating islands. Dragons create gold, which you use to buy and upgrade buildings. Farms grow food to grow dragons and make more gold. You can breed dragons to introduce new ones.

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You can fight with other players' dragons in League Battles to gain gems and food, finding you progress faster.

There are events where you can find special dragons. When you achieve Level 27, you can access the Ancient World to exchange gold for crystals to collect and develop Ancient Dragons.

Dragons have different elements like Terra, Flame, and Sea. They can learn moves from up to four elements. New elements like Beauty and Magic were added in the update.

There used to be five dragon rarities: Common, Rare, Very Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Heroic dragons were added further, next by Mythical dragons. Some Legendary dragons evolved as Mythical after an update.

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