Puzzle Page Crossword Clue Answer For Today April 01, 2024

Are you feeling stressed trying to solve today's Puzzle Page crossword puzzle? Don't worry, here we have provided the correct answer for you.

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Updated Apr 01, 2024

Puzzle Page Crossword Clue Answer For Today April 01, 2024

Puzzle Page

Puzzle Page crosswords are popular puzzles that have been fascinating puzzle solvers for many decades. Solving crosswords can be fun and a useful way to pass the time. It is a great learning game for all ages. You can also confirm your answers or find the solutions for tough clues. In this article, you can find the answers to today’s Puzzle Page crossword clues.

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Magnitude, proportions

Answer: SIZE

This clue suggests something related to the extent or dimensions of an object or concept. Considering that "magnitude" and "proportions" both refer to the size or scale of something, the answer would be SIZE. In various contexts, "size" indicates the physical dimensions or the relative extent of something, making it an apt response to this clue.

Relating to sight

Answer: VISUAL

This clue indicates a word associated with the sense of vision or anything visually perceptible. "Relating to sight" essentially points to anything visual or pertaining to vision. Therefore, the answer is VISUAL, as it directly addresses the domain of sight and visual perception.

Take it easy

Answer: LAZE

This phrase suggests a relaxed or leisurely approach to something, implying a lack of urgency or stress. "Take it easy" encourages someone to calm down or not exert themselves too much. The answer to this clue is LAZE, which captures the notion of relaxation or leisurely activity

Reel out, open

Answer: UNFOLD

This clue hints at a process of extending or unfolding something, particularly in a linear or sequential manner. "Reel out" implies unwinding or extending, while "open" suggests making something accessible or available. The answer is UNFOLD, as it directly corresponds to the action of extending or revealing something.

Overcrowded housing

Answer: SLUM

This clue points to a living situation characterized by excessive occupancy or insufficient space, typically associated with poverty or urban congestion. "Overcrowded housing" specifically denotes living conditions where there are too many people residing in a limited area. The answer is SLUM, which refers to an impoverished and densely populated urban area marked by substandard housing conditions.

Makes slightly darker

Answer: DIMS

This clue indicates a process that results in reducing the brightness or lightness of something, albeit to a small degree. "Makes slightly darker" implies a subtle dimming or reduction in luminosity. The answer is DIMS, which describes the action of decreasing brightness or light intensity, often implying a slight darkening effect.


Answer: SURLY

This clue suggests a disposition characterized by irritability or a sour mood. "Bad-tempered" implies a tendency to be easily angered or annoyed. The answer, SURLY, perfectly fits this description as it denotes a demeanor marked by sullenness or rudeness

Steep, soak

Answer: INFUSE

This clue hints at a process involving immersion or saturation, typically in a liquid. "Steep" and "soak" both suggest the action of allowing something to absorb a liquid thoroughly. The answer to this clue is INFUSE, which encompasses the idea of steeping or soaking something in a liquid to extract its flavor or properties.

Fastens together

Answer: BINDS

This clue indicates an action involving the joining or securing of separate items or parts. "Fastens together" implies bringing together distinct elements to create a unified whole. The answer, BINDS, directly addresses this concept by describing the act of securing or uniting items through tying or fastening

Coax response

Answer: ELICIT

"Coax response" implies gently encouraging or persuading someone to provide a desired response. The answer to this clue is ELICIT, which signifies the act of drawing out or prompting a response, often through gentle persuasion or encouragement.


Answer: VEXES

This clue indicates causing irritation or provoking displeasure in someone. "Annoys" suggests the action of causing mild to moderate irritation or frustration. The answer is VEXES, which aligns perfectly with the idea of causing annoyance or vexation by irritating or frustrating someone.

Pulled to pieces

Answer: TORE

This clue suggests a process of tearing or ripping something apart, resulting in its fragmentation or disintegration. "Pulled to pieces" implies the action of forcefully separating something into smaller parts. The answer, TORE, directly corresponds to this action as it denotes the past tense of "tear," indicating the act of forcibly pulling apart or rending something into pieces

Pore over, scan in depth

Answer: PERUSE

This clue suggests a thorough examination or scrutiny of something, indicating a meticulous review or analysis. "Pore over" and "scan in depth" both imply the action of carefully reading or examining something in detail. The answer to this clue is PERUSE, which encompasses the idea of examining or studying something meticulously and attentively

Draw air into lungs

Answer: INHALE

This clue indicates the physiological process of inhaling, which involves the intake of air into the lungs for respiration. "Draw air into lungs" describes the action of breathing in or inspiring air. The answer is INHALE, as it precisely describes the act of drawing air into the lungs during the process of breathing

Many a moon

Answer: TIME

This clue suggests a phrase referring to a considerable passage of time, typically indicating a long duration or a significant period. "Many a moon" metaphorically represents an extended period, often associated with the lunar cycle. The answer to this clue is TIME, as it captures the notion of the passage of time, whether it be a long duration or a specific era.

Suddenly became angry

Answer: FLARED

This clue implies a rapid onset of anger or irritation, indicating an abrupt change in emotional state. "Suddenly became angry" suggests an immediate and intense reaction of anger. The answer is FLARED, which describes the sudden eruption or intensification of anger or irritation


Answer: WHAT

This clue indicates a response seeking clarification or repetition of something not clearly understood or heard. "Pardon?" is a polite way of asking someone to repeat or clarify what was said. The answer to this clue is WHAT, which directly signifies the question one asks when seeking clarification or repetition of something not heard or understood clearly.


Answer: HIKER

This clue suggests a person engaged in long-distance hiking or walking, often associated with outdoor exploration or adventure. "Trekker" denotes someone who embarks on challenging journeys or hikes for recreational or exploratory purposes. The answer is HIKER, which specifically refers to an individual who enjoys hiking or trekking through natural landscapes or trails.

Public esteem, name

Answer: REPUTE

This clue hints at a term encompassing the reputation or standing of an individual or entity within society. "Public esteem" and "name" both suggest factors contributing to someone's reputation or recognition in the community. The answer to this clue is REPUTE, which denotes the collective opinion or regard of others towards someone or something, often based on their actions or accomplishments.

Heavy spear (arch)

Answer: PIKE

This clue indicates a type of weapon characterized by its weight and design, typically associated with historical warfare or hunting. "Heavy spear" suggests a weapon used for thrusting or throwing, known for its substantial weight and effectiveness. The answer is PIKE, which refers to a long, pointed weapon used in combat or hunting, characterized by its heavy shaft and metal tip.

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