Puzzle Page Crossword Clue Answer For April 02, 2024 (Updated)

Need help with solving the hard clues of today’s Puzzle Page crossword? You have come to the right place, as you can find all the answers here.

by Dheshni

Updated Apr 02, 2024

Puzzle Page Crossword Clue Answer For April 02, 2024 (Updated)

Puzzle Page Crossword

The Puzzle Page crosswords are known for its clues, which typically involves hidden meanings and wordplay. It is a mental workout that can make your brain sharp. Playing crosswords can boost your confidence and provide happiness. It can also take your stress away and you will have a sense of accomplishment after completing the whole puzzle. 

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Find the answers for today’s crossword here:

Bound, tied (round waist) Letters

Answer: GIRDED

The action of binding or tying something around the waist typically refers to securing or encircling. The word that fits this description is "GIRDED."

Part of fence

Answer: PALE

When referring to a fence, different components come to mind such as posts, rails, and panels. However, the term "PALE" specifically denotes a vertical stake or piece of wood used in constructing a fence.

Small hard seed

Answer: CORN

This description points towards a type of seed that is typically small and hard. Among common seeds, "CORN" fits this description well.

Cut short

Answer: CLIP

To "cut short" something means to truncate or abbreviate it, reducing its length or duration. The word that aptly fits this description is "CLIP."

Vault over

Answer: LEAP

Describing the action of jumping over something in a swift, vault-like manner. The word that describes this action is "LEAP."

Constituent of blood

Answer: PLASMA

Plasma is the liquid component of blood, constituting about 55% of its total volume. It is primarily composed of water, electrolytes, and proteins, and serves various functions including transporting nutrients, hormones, and waste products throughout the body.


Answer: CARGO

Cargo refers to goods or products that are being transported, typically by ship, aircraft, truck, or train. It can include various items such as raw materials, finished products, or merchandise.


Answer: RAIDED

To raid means to forcefully enter a place with the intent of stealing, plundering, or causing damage. When something is raided, it implies that it has been subjected to a sudden and often violent attack for the purpose of taking valuables.

Make sound through nose

Answer: SNORT

Snort is a verb that describes the action of forcefully expelling air through the nose, often producing a loud, snuffling sound. It can be a natural reaction to certain stimuli or an expression of amusement, contempt, or annoyance.


Answer: VESSEL

A vessel is a general term used to describe any type of watercraft or ship that can carry people or goods across bodies of water. It encompasses a wide range of vehicles including boats, ships, and submarines, serving various purposes such as transportation, fishing, or military operations.

Remove oneself, go

Answer: LEAVE

The word "leave" fits the description as it means to depart or move away from a place, indicating the action of removing oneself from a particular location or situation.

Went on foot

Answer: WALKED

Walked" is the appropriate word here as it describes the action of moving from one place to another using one's feet, implying traveling on foot rather than using any other mode of transportation.

Flopping with exhaustion

Answer: LIMP

A "limp" refers to a manner of walking that is uneven, unsteady, or lacking in strength, often due to exhaustion or injury. It fits the description provided as it suggests movement characterized by weakness or fatigue.

Promote, advertise

Answer: TOUT

Tout" is the suitable word in this context as it means to promote or publicize something in an enthusiastic or persistent manner, typically to garner attention or generate interest in a product, service, or idea.

Liquid rubbed on

Answer: LOTION

A "lotion" is a liquid substance that is applied to the skin for medicinal, cosmetic, or cleansing purposes. It aligns with the description given as it is commonly rubbed onto the skin as part of a skincare or hygiene regimen.

Mislead, con

Answer: DUPE

Dupe" fits the description as it means to deceive or trick someone into believing something that is not true, often leading them to act in a way that is not in their best interest. It implies a form of manipulation or deceit.

Filched, pilfered

Answer: STOLEN

Stolen" is the appropriate word here as it describes the action of taking something without permission or unlawfully, typically in a secretive or stealthy manner. It aligns with the descriptions provided, indicating the act of theft.


Answer: SNOWY

Snowy" is the suitable word in this context as it describes weather conditions characterized by the presence of snow, often in large quantities or accompanied by strong winds. It implies a situation where snow is falling heavily, resembling a blizzard

Something slight, fleeting (smile) Letters

Answer: WISP

A "wisp" refers to something that is thin, delicate, or insubstantial, often fleeting or ephemeral in nature. In the context of a smile, a "wisp" could represent a slight, fleeting expression that is barely noticeable or quickly disappears

Relating to cattle

Answer: BOVINE

"Bovine" is the appropriate word here as it pertains to or relates to cattle, which are domesticated ruminant mammals belonging to the genus Bos. It encompasses various aspects related to cattle such as their physiology, behavior, or products derived from them.

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