Puzzle Page Crossword Answers and Explanations for April 4, 2024

We have the clues for today's Puzzle Page crossword, so try solving them and if you find it difficult, get the answers and explanations in this article.

by V Gomala

Updated Apr 04, 2024

Puzzle Page Crossword Answers and Explanations for April 4, 2024

Puzzle Page

Puzzle Page Game is a famous game worldwide. Every day, they give out Daily Puzzles and you have to solve them. Sometimes, you might need some help solving these crosswords, and that’s why we are here. If you're looking for the answer to Puzzle Page’s clues, you can find it below.

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When you fill in answers, make sure they fit with the letters you already have. This can help you confirm if your guesses are correct. Take your time and try to solve the clues. Don’t rush. So, shall we start? Check the clues below.

Today's Puzzle Page Clues

Try solving these clues:

  • Pea
  • Brooch fixing
  • Underpass
  • Super football championship
  • An official list
  • Backless slipper/shoe
  • Opposite of first
  • Throw with energy
  • Forever
  • Eroded, deteriorated
  • Multiplies by two
  • Give food
  • Distressed sounds
  • Make ashen
  • Music and dance
  • Aura
  • Raised platform
  • Substantiate, confirm
  • Sounded the hour
  • Drive, momentum (inf)

If you cannot find the answer, scroll down for solution and explanation.

Puzzle Page Answer and Explanation for April 4, 2024


Answer: PULSE

A pulse is the seed from a legume plant and Pea is a pulse. So, the answer is Pulse. Pea is also called a vegetable.

Brooch fixing

Answer: CLASP

A brooch is a fancy decoration that you pin onto your clothes using a little pin that swings open and shut.

A clasp is a metal that helps you connect two or more things together, like closing a necklace or holding a purse shut.


Answer: SUBWAY

An underpass is like a tunnel for cars or people to go through, going beneath a road or railway.

A subway is a passage underneath a street, usually for pedestrians to walk through. So, both the clue and the answer are related.

Super football championship

Answer: BOWL

The Super football championship is called a Super Bowl which is the annual league championship game of the NFL.

An official list

Answer: ROLL

Roll has many meanings. It is also a list of names or related items. Sometimes, an official list is called a roll.

Backless slipper/shoe

Answer: MULE

A mule is a type of shoe that doesn't have a back part or any constraint around the heel of the foot. So, the answer is Mule.

Opposite of first

Answer: LAST

We all know the opposite of first, which is Last. This is a straightforward answer.

Throw with energy

Answer: HURL

Hurl usually means throwing with great force. So, the answer to the clue ‘throw with energy’ is Hurl.


Answer: ALWAYS

Forever means never ending which literally means always, so the answer to the clue ‘forever’ is ‘always.’

Eroded, deteriorated

Answer: WORE

Eroded means gradually wear away and deteriorated means becoming worse, so the answer is Worse.

Multiplies by two


Any number multiplied by 2 actually doubles the number so, the answer is Doubles

Give food

Answer: FEED

Feeding means providing food to someone, similarly giving food means feeding and so the answer is Feed.

Distressed sounds

Answer: SOBS

Sobs means cry noisily which makes a loud sound. So, the answer for the clue distressed sounds is Sobs.

Make ashen

Answer: BLANCH

Blanch means growing pale from shock or  fear, and ashen means very pale with shock. That’s why the answer is Blanch.

Music and dance

Answer: SHOW

A show is an entertainment where music, dance, acting and almost all sorts of art takes place.


Answer: VIBE

An aura is like an invisible atmosphere or vibe that surrounds a person, place, or thing. So, the answer is vibe.

Raised platform


A rostrum is like a raised stage where someone stands to talk to a crowd, get an award, play music, or lead an orchestra. It's a special spot that puts them higher up so everyone can see and hear them better.

Substantiate, confirm

Answer: PROVE

Substantiate is to show something to be true or confirm which means proving. So, the answer is Prove.

Sounded the hour

Answer: TOLLED

Tolled is to create the sound you hear when metal vibrates, allowing the church bells to ring joyfully.

Drive, momentum

Answer: STEAM

Driving momentum is when you are driving, both you and your vehicle have gained momentum, which depends on the weight of your vehicle and how fast you're going.

Steam is the mist that forms when water boils.

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