Prey Mooncrash Walkthrough, Guide, Gameplay, Wiki

Embark on an exciting adventure with our Prey Mooncrash walkthrough that will guideyou through every step of the gameand enhance your gaming experience with our ultimate guide to Prey Mooncrash.

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Updated May 26, 2023

Prey Mooncrash Walkthrough, Guide, Gameplay, Wiki

Prey Mooncrash Wiki

Prey: Mooncrash is an add-on content pack for the 2017 video game Prey, developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It was released on June 19, 2018, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. In this expansion, players assume the role of Peter, a skilled hacker assigned to investigate the mysterious events unfolding at the Pytheas Moonbase.

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The moonbase has become infested with menacing Typhon creatures, and Peter must utilize his abilities and wit to survive and uncover the truth behind the chaos. One of the notable features of Mooncrash is its roguelike gameplay mechanics, offering a dynamic and ever-changing experience with each playthrough.

As players delve into the moonbase, they must scavenge for valuable resources, engage in intense combat against the Typhon, and adapt their strategies to the unpredictable challenges that arise. The expansion introduces five distinct playable characters, each equipped with their own special abilities and skill sets, adding variety and depth to the gameplay.

Prey Mooncrash Walkthrough

First Day on the Job

Upon awakening in his apartment, Morgan receives a call from his older brother, Alex. Alex instructs Morgan to don his suit and proceed to the helicopter, which will transport him to his new position at TranStar. Morgan is joining Alex on the Talos I space station.

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Break Out

Upon awakening in your apartment, you realize it's March 15th again, and something feels off. Your alarm greets you, but everything seems different. Despite any previous actions, it is advisable to thoroughly search the apartment once more, as all notes, inventory, and objectives have been reset. The notable change is the presence of numerous new emails on your computer, indicating that something is seriously amiss.

Put on your suit and leave the apartment, only to discover that Patricia Varma, the mechanic, is now dead and disfigured. Search her body to find a Wrench, which can serve as both a defensive tool and means to break objects.

An Office with a View

Keep in mind that the Talos 1 Lobby serves as a central hub connecting various side areas, some of which require specific tools or plot developments to access. These areas include:

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  • Neuromod Division: Located on the second floor, which you have recently visited.
  • Psychotronics: Situated on the first floor beneath the stairs leading from Neuromod Division.
  • Hardware Lab: Found on the top floor, opposite to Neuromod Division.
  • Shuttle Bay: Located on the first floor, past the Main Lift.
  • Arboretum: Positioned above the Lobby and can be accessed via the Main Lift.
  • Life Support: Situated below the Lobby and can be reached through the Main Lift.

Through a Glass Darkly

Take a moment to explore your surroundings and collect important items. Grab the Teleconferencing Keycard and the 3 Neuromods from your desk if you haven't already. Check the note on your terminal for the safe's location and open it to obtain the GLOO Cannon Ammo Fabrication Plan and the Weapon Upgrade Kit. Don't forget to visit Morgan's workshop, where you can use the Recycler to convert junk into useful components. Grab the Spare Parts, junk, Wrench Fabrication Plan, and Morgan Yu's Suite Keycard.

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January has specific tasks to help you, including getting you out of the Simulation Labs, ensuring you watched the video, and now, destroying Talos 1. To accomplish this, you need two Arming Keys: yours and your brother's. Your brother destroyed your key, but you hid a Fabrication Plan in Deep Storage. To reach Deep Storage, you must pass through Psychotronics since the Main Lift is still out of order.

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Gathering Echoes

January suggests investigating if anyone has had contact with Danielle, and conveniently, you discover the corpse of Zachary West near the Voice Lock. Zachary had an audio log titled "Hacking Into Deep Storage" and was attempting to use voice samples from Danielle's audiologs to gain access. January advises you to do the same. Don't forget to take the Crew Quarters Keycard from Zachary, as you'll need it to obtain more voice samples from there.

Restore From Backup

Before returning to the Arboretum, there is one more location to explore. Use the obtained keycodes to activate the Grav Shafts and retrieve Don Davis' belongings in the shaft before ascending. Be cautious of a potential Recycler Charge trap if you failed to prevent the Cook's escape. At the top, the door on the left is sealed due to a Technopath, so it's inaccessible. Instead, use the key from your office to enter your own Suite.

This Side Up

Upon waking up from a distressing dream, you can exit the data vault and find yourself on the Talos 1 Exterior. Sarah Elazar, a security personnel, will contact you and inform you that all airlocks are currently closed. However, she suggests exploring the Cargo Bay, located at the bottom of the station, as it may provide an alternate route. If the Cook, "Will," is still alive, he may taunt you before you return to the space station. Before departing, make sure to investigate the other data vault that Danielle used to escape. 

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Shipping and Receiving 

As you make your way past Austin, you'll encounter some of the few remaining survivors on the ship: Tamiko Hayashi, Darcy Maddox, and Kevin Haque. They are stationed in a room, observing a group of Phantoms in Cargo Bay B through an unpowered door. Take note of the locked Cargo Cages and Gus Magill's terminal, which requires level 2 access.

Hacking the terminal will provide you with new emails and allow you to open both cages. One cage contains ammunition, a Weapon Upgrade Kit, a Turret, and a GLOO Cannon. The other cage is obstructed by cargo containers, but you can move or recycle them to uncover a briefcase with Typhon Lures, a crate with a Q-Beam, and a Toolbox containing a Neuromod and Disruptor Stun Gun Fabrication Plan.


As you step into the deserted corridors of Life Support, you'll hear Sarah Elazar's voice over the PA system, attempting to reach Mikhaila Ilyushin who is located elsewhere. Mikhaila will contact you through her TranScribe to provide instructions on how to regain access to the rest of Talos 1. However, it won't be a simple task. Your first objective is to reach the Reactor Control Room.

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Keys to the Kingdom

Even after restoring the reactor, the situation remains dire. The room is in ruins, with collapsed walkways and stairwells. To make matters worse, two Technopaths will descend and unlock the Security Cage, using converted operators and turrets as their shield. If you previously destroyed the turrets, the Technopaths won't have access to them.

However, if you didn't, you'll need to strategically disable the turrets with EMP Charges or Typhon powers while focusing on the Technopaths using Q-Beams and Nullwave attacks. To swiftly escape this chaotic situation, head left to the damaged stairwell and repair the Grav Shaft to ascend to the top floor rapidly.

The Repo Man

Upon entering Alex's Office, you'll discover additional equipment he left for you, including a Typhon Lure, 3 more Neuromods, and an Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan. As you attempt to upload the data at his desk, you encounter an obstruction from an unknown source—Commander Walther Dahl, a mercenary hired by the TranStar Board of Directors. Dahl's objective is to bring the space station under control by any means necessary, which includes stopping you and Alex.

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A Mind Without Limits

The Apex Typhon emerges from space, colliding with the space station and causing the glass of the Arboretum to shatter. This impact triggers microgravity within the area and incapacitates Alex, who possesses both the Arming Key and the Prototype Nullwave Transmitter Plan.


The Apex Typhon emerges and collides with the space station, causing the Arboretum's glass to crack. This results in microgravity and renders Alex unconscious. Alex, who possesses the Arming Key and Prototype Nullwave Transmitter Plan, is affected by this event.

Prey Mooncrash Guide 

Explore and Gather Resources: As you navigate the moonbase, thoroughly explore each area to find valuable resources such as weapons, ammunition, health packs, and crafting materials. These resources are crucial for surviving Typhon threats.

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Utilize Character Abilities

Take advantage of the unique abilities of each playable character. Experiment with their skills to find the most effective strategies against different enemies and challenges. Whether it's Kinetic Blast, Mimic Matter, or Repair, understanding and utilizing your character's abilities can greatly enhance your chances of success.

Plan Your Approach

With the dynamic map layout, plan your route carefully and consider the changing enemy and hazard placements in each playthrough. Adapt your strategies accordingly and think tactically to overcome obstacles and avoid unnecessary confrontations.

Upgrade and Customize

Make use of the crafting system to upgrade your weapons and equipment. Collect spare parts and other materials to enhance your arsenal and increase your chances of survival. Tailor your loadout to suit your preferred playstyle and the challenges you anticipate facing.

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Experiment with Different Characters

Each character has unique strengths and abilities. Experiment with different characters to discover which one best suits your preferred playstyle and offers the most effective approach to different situations.

Learn from Each Run

Every playthrough is a learning experience. Take note of the layouts, enemy placements, and hazards encountered during each run to adapt your strategies and improve your subsequent attempts. Remember that each failure brings you closer to success as you gain knowledge and refine your approach.

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Manage Resources Wisely

Resources in Prey: Mooncrash are limited, so manage them wisely. Prioritize your use of weapons, ammo, and health packs to conserve resources for critical moments. Strategic resource management is key to surviving the challenges you'll face.

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Complete Objectives

Each character has their own story and objectives to accomplish. Work towards completing these objectives to progress the narrative and unlock new areas, abilities, and storylines. Following the character-specific objectives will provide guidance and structure to your gameplay experience.

Stay Alert and Stealthy

The Typhon creatures are formidable foes, so staying alert and using stealth can be advantageous. Sneak past enemies when possible, use distractions to your advantage, and take advantage of the environment to gain the upper hand in combat.

Embrace the Challenge

Prey: Mooncrash is designed to provide challenging gameplay. Embrace the difficulty and persevere through each run. With each attempt, you'll improve your skills, knowledge, and understanding of the game, leading to a more rewarding experience.

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Here are a few tips for playing Prey Mooncrash

  • Explore every nook and cranny of the moon base. You never know where you might find a useful item or upgrade.
  • Be careful not to get overwhelmed by the Typhon creatures. If you find yourself in a tough fight, run away and come back later when you are better prepared.
  • Use your environment to your advantage. You can use objects like tables and chairs to block Typhon attacks.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with different weapons and abilities. Find what works best for you and your playstyle.

Prey Mooncrash Gameplay

In Prey: Mooncrash, players must navigate a moonbase, engaging in survival and combat against the Typhon. The gameplay mechanics are similar to the normal Story Mode, but with a key twist: while the general map layout remains consistent, the placement of enemies, hazards, and loot changes with each playthrough, making each experience unique and challenging.

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If the player dies during their run, they will restart from the beginning, and the stage resets with the layouts changing once again. This adds an element of unpredictability and replayability to the game. Unlike the normal Story Mode, Prey: Mooncrash introduces five different playable characters, each with their own distinct set of skills and abilities.

These characters include Andrius Alekna, who possesses reduced health and normal Psi capacity and has abilities such as Kinetic Blast, Superthermal, Backlash, and Burrow. Riley Yu, on the other hand, has normal health, slightly reduced PSI capacity, and abilities like Mimic Matter, Phantom Genesis, and Mindjack. Vijay Bhatia boasts greatly increased health but significantly reduced PSI capacity, with abilities focused on firearms, toughness, and combat focus.

Claire Whitten possesses normal health, reduced PSI capacity, and abilities like Phantom Shift and Remote Manipulation. Finally, Joan Winslow has greatly increased health but reduced PSI capacity, with abilities in repair, summoning turrets, and machine control. Each character has its own starting loadout, abilities, and strengths, providing players with diverse gameplay options and strategies as they progress through the game.

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Prey Mooncrash Trailer

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Prey Mooncrash Walkthrough - FAQ

1. When was Prey: Mooncrash released?

Prey: Mooncrash was released on June 19, 2018, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

2. What is the objective of Prey: Mooncrash?

The objective is to investigate the moonbase, survive the Typhon creatures, and uncover the truth behind the chaos.

3. How does Prey: Mooncrash differ from the main game?

Prey: Mooncrash features roguelike gameplay, with changing enemy placements and layouts in each playthrough, offering a dynamic experience.

4. How many playable characters are there in Prey: Mooncrash?

There are five playable characters in Prey: Mooncrash, each with unique abilities and skills.

5. Can you upgrade your weapons and abilities in Prey: Mooncrash?

Yes, you can use SimPoints to purchase upgrades for weapons, abilities, and characters, enhancing your gameplay.

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