Peace Sign Emoji on Snapchat Explained, Emoticon-Inspired Snapchat Filters

Discover the friendly meanings behind the peace sign emoji on Snapchat! From expressing unity to sending good vibes, explore the positive gestures that promote harmony in group chats.

by Tamilarasi S | Updated Nov 18, 2023

Peace Sign Emoji on Snapchat Explained, Emoticon-Inspired Snapchat Filters


Snapchat is a cool app created by Snap Inc., founded by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown when they were students at Stanford University. The app is all about sharing pictures and messages, but the twist is that they disappear after a short time, like magic. Originally designed for sharing snaps between friends, Snapchat has evolved with features like "Stories," where people can post pictures and videos lasting 24 hours. There's also "Discover," where brands share short videos with ads.

Users can keep some pictures extra safe in a secret space called "my eyes only," and certain messages enjoy strong security through end-to-end encryption. Lots of people, especially those under 16, love using Snapchat every day. In July 2021, a whopping 293 million people used it daily, sending over four billion pictures and messages. While it's a fun way to connect, especially for young users, some parents worry about privacy.

Peace Sign Emoji on Snapchat Explained

On Snapchat, there's a cool emoji that looks like fingers crossed, but it's not just about luck. It's the Peace Sign Emoji , and it has some neat meanings.

  • Wishing Good Stuff: Imagine you want to wish someone good things. Instead of just saying it, you can use this emoji. It's like saying, "I hope everything goes well for you!"
  • Being Supportive: If you want to show someone you're cheering them on or you believe in them, send this emoji. It's like giving them a virtual high-five and saying, "You can do it!"
  • Hope and Togetherness: The crossed fingers also stand for hope and being together. When you want to say you're hopeful or you're standing with someone, this emoji does that job.
  • Team Agreement in Chats: If you're in a group chat and everyone agrees on something, using this emoji is like a team cheer. It means everyone is on the same page and united.

Snapchat says this emoji is all about being friendly and making the group chat a happy place. It's like spreading good vibes and making the chat a fun and positive space with just a little emoji

So, when you use or see the  emoji on Snapchat, remember, it's not just fingers crossed – it's a symbol of good vibes and being together! 

Emoticon-Inspired Snapchat Filters

On Snapchat, there are cool filters inspired by emojis, and one of them is the victory sign emoji. This emoji stands for peace, and Snapchat has turned it into some fun filters. Here's how you can try them out:

  • Finding the Filters: To check out these filters, go to the Explore option on Snapchat. All you need to do is type "peace" in the search bar, and you'll unlock a bunch of filters inspired by the victory sign emoji.
  • Peace Sign Hamster Filter: Ever wanted to see an adorable hamster with your eyes and face holding up the victory sign? Well, now you can with the Peace Sign Hamster filter. It's a cute way to express peace in your snaps.
  • Peace Sign Capture Filter: Strike a pose with the peace sign, and Snapchat transforms you into an anime-style image. It's like turning your peace sign into a cool and artistic cartoon version of yourself.
  • Flying Balloons Filter: Some Snapchat users have a special filter where balloons start floating all over the screen when they show the peace sign. It's a fun feature, but it's currently available only to a select group of users.

So, the next time you want to add a touch of peace and fun to your snaps, try out these victory sign emoji-inspired filters on Snapchat.

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How to Get on Snapchat?

If you want to use Snapchat, here's a quick and easy way to get started:

  • Update Your Snapchat App: Make sure you have the latest version of the Snapchat app installed on your mobile phone. You can download it from the app store if you don't have it yet.
  • Open Snapchat: Tap on the Snapchat icon on your phone to open the app.
  • Go to Your Profile: Once you're in the app, find and click on your profile. It's usually a picture of your Bitmoji or your chosen profile picture.
  • Find Snapchat+: Look for the Snapchat+ banner just below your profile information. It's a special section where you can access extra features.
  • Choose a Subscription: To get started with Snapchat+, you might need to choose a subscription plan. This could give you access to additional features or content.

Snapchat Overview



Original Creators 

  • Evan Spiegel
  • Bobby Murphy
  • Reggie Brown

Date Of Release

September 2011

Stable Release 

  • Android - April 29, 2022 
  • IOS - April 28, 2022 

Operating System

  • Android 4.4 Or Later
  • IOS 12 Or Later


  • 84 Mb (Android)
  • 249.6 Mb (IOS)

Available In

37 Languages


Snap Inc.


  • Photo Sharing
  • Instant Messaging
  • Video Chat
  • Multimedia


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Peace Sign Emoji on Snapchat Explained-FAQs

1. What is Snapchat?  

Snapchat is an app where you can share pictures and messages that disappear after a short time, making it a fun and fast way to communicate.

2. Who created Snapchat?  

Snapchat was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown when they were students at Stanford University.

3. What are Snapchat Stories?  

Stories on Snapchat allow users to post pictures and videos that stay visible for 24 hours, sharing moments with friends.

4. What does the peace sign emoji on Snapchat mean?  

It means peace and unity, like wishing someone good luck.

5. Why is the peace sign emoji considered a friendly and inclusive gesture on Snapchat?  

It helps create a friendly atmosphere and spread positive vibes in group chats.

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