P1Harmony JUMP Lyrics English Version

The highly anticipated P1Harmony JUMP lyrics English version is here! An electrifying and energetic song, "JUMP" by the South Korean boy band P1Harmony, is known for its dynamic lyrics.

by Aishwarya R | Updated Jun 10, 2023

P1Harmony JUMP Lyrics English Version

P1Harmony JUMP Song

Brace yourselves for a sensational musical journey as P1Harmony arrives with their electrifying anthem, "JUMP" (English Version)! With the release of this high-octane track on June 9, 2023, the world is about to experience a wave of exhilaration like never before. "JUMP" (English Version), penned by the talented collaboration of Patrick "J. Que" Smith, BENJMN, 이현승 (Lee Hyeon Seung), Han Seong Ho (한성호), TM (KOR), 수윤 (Sooyoon), Intak (P1Harmony), and Jongseob (P1Harmony), sets the stage ablaze with its pulsating energy and infectious beats.

As the opening notes ignite the air, anticipation fills the atmosphere. The powerful vocals of P1Harmony take center stage, their harmonies resonating with a burning desire to break free from the constraints of the ordinary. The lyrics weave a tale of liberation, urging everyone to leap beyond limitations and soar towards their dreams. With each verse, the verses unfold like a rollercoaster ride, propelling listeners into a whirlwind of pure euphoria. The verses paint vivid images of unity and resilience, reminding us that together, we can overcome any obstacle in our path.

The chorus erupts like a sonic explosion, commanding the audience to surrender to the music and let it carry them to new heights. The bridge serves as a crescendo, building anticipation and setting the stage for an explosive finale. P1Harmony's passionate delivery and flawless execution send shivers down the spine, their voices intertwining like threads of determination and unwavering spirit. The electrifying energy of the instrumental arrangement propels the track forward, inviting every soul to join in the boundless celebration of life.

As the final notes resonate through the air, a sense of triumph engulfs the listener. "JUMP" (English Version) leaves an indelible mark, igniting a fire within the hearts of all who dare to dream. It is a rallying cry to embrace fearlessness, chase ambitions, and dance to the rhythm of one's own beat. P1Harmony has arrived, and with "JUMP" (English Version), they have catapulted themselves into the realm of musical brilliance. Get ready to surrender to the pulsating energy, to embrace the extraordinary, and to let your spirits soar. This is the anthem of a generation ready to conquer the world.

P1Harmony JUMP Lyrics English Version

[Intro: All, Intak]
All day, all night
Stand up and gimme that highlight
One way, my way
I'm going fast on the highway

[Verse 1: Keeho, Jongseob]
Dance with me (Dance)
Dive in this moment we make it a party
Pour up and turn up the vibe, yeah, we got it
Ting-a-ling, I'm an MVP
Got an upgrade to VIP
When I make my move, eyes on me
Eyes on me

[Pre-Chorus: Theo, Keeho, Jiung]
Pump up the tempo
Turn up some more
Who cares about the troubles?
Better drop it all
Your life is simple (Simple)
Come on and try (Come on and try)
You gotta keep it up or stop it
Game over, over
One, two, three, four

[Chorus: Jiung, Theo, Soul]
(Jump) Da-ra-ri-da-ra
Move just the way I go
(Dumb) Da-ra-ri-da-ra
Just put your hands up
(Jump) Da-ra-ri-da-ra
Follow my groove and go
Dumb, dumb, dumb
Jump, jump, jump

[Verse 2: Jongseob, Jiung]
Ju-ju-ju-jump boy, see, I'm going
Now, higher ground touchin' down-down to the sky
Feelin' blocked up all around-round
Wa-wait, wa-wait, I'm a jump boy
High-five with the satellite
It feels more than okay
Don't you stand in there when we go
Let's get crazy, it's okay

[Pre-Chorus: Intak, Theo, Keeho]
Okay, okay
Oh, it's boomin' so double up, right
No stop and I'm movin' up
Everest ski, ski downslide, they put me down
Rebound like a trampoline, you know that I ain't never die
Your life is simple (Simple)
Come on and try (Come on and try)
You gotta keep it up or stop it
Game over, over
One, two, three, four

[Chorus: Keeho, Jongseob, Soul]
(Jump) Da-ra-ri-da-ra
Move just the way I go
(Dumb) Da-ra-ri-da-ra
Just put your hands up
(Jump) Da-ra-ri-da-ra
Follow my groove and go
Dumb, dumb, dumb
Jump, jump, jump

[Bridge: Theo, Intak, Jongseob, Jiung & Keeho]
Lose your mind now
We need no drama
Enjoy the ride now
We ain't never coming down
If you ain't a player, you're a buzzkill
Don't you cross the line, put you on a grill
You ain't never gon' get it, get it, run away, beat it, beat it
Turn it up, get naughty, burn it, burn it, now that I'm ready
One, two, three, four

[Chorus: Jiung, Intak, Soul, Keeho]
(Jump) Da-ra-ri-da-ra
Move just the way I go (The way I go dumb)
(Dumb) Da-ra-ri-da-ra
Just put your hands up
(Jump) Da-ra-ri-da-ra
Follow my groove and go (Oh, go)
Dumb, dumb, dumb
Jump, jump, jump (Jump, jump, jump)

[Outro: All, Jiung]
Jump (Jump)
Jump (Jump)

Rejoice Your Life with P1Harmony JUMP Song

"JUMP" by P1Harmony is an exhilarating anthem that encourages listeners to let go of their inhibitions, embrace the moment, and jump into a world of freedom and joy. The song conveys a powerful message about breaking free from the constraints of everyday life and finding liberation through music and self-expression. In the verses, the members of P1Harmony invite everyone to join them in a celebration. They encourage others to dance and dive into the moment, creating an atmosphere of pure energy and excitement.

The lyrics highlight the importance of pouring out positive vibes and embracing the feeling of being alive. The pre-chorus encourages listeners to pump up the tempo, disregarding any troubles or worries that might hold them back. It emphasizes the simplicity of life when one embraces the moment and tries to keep up the rhythm. The members urge everyone to let go of any inhibitions and fully immerse themselves in the experience.

The chorus acts as a call to action, urging everyone to follow the groove and jump alongside P1Harmony. It emphasizes the repetitive nature of the jump, signifying a continuous movement forward and an unwavering commitment to enjoying the moment. The members encourage listeners to put their hands up and embrace the energy of the music. In the second verse, P1Harmony describes the exhilarating feeling of jumping higher and higher, transcending the limits of the world around them.

They emphasize the importance of not standing still but rather joining in the excitement and craziness of the moment. The lyrics convey a sense of freedom and fearlessness, as they highlight the exhilaration of reaching new heights and defying gravity. The bridge emphasizes the idea of losing oneself in the music and the need to avoid unnecessary drama. It encourages listeners to enjoy the ride and not let anything bring them down. The lyrics also playfully suggest that those who are not willing to participate and enjoy the moment may dampen the overall experience.

The members assert their determination to continue pushing forward, leaving behind any negativity and embracing the freedom that comes with self-expression. "JUMP" delivers a powerful message of liberation, self-expression, and the importance of embracing the moment. It encourages listeners to let go of their inhibitions, join in the celebration, and jump into a world of boundless energy and excitement.

P1Harmony JUMP Song Details

Song Title

"JUMP" (English Version)





Track Number


Release Date

June 9, 2023


Pop, Hip-Hop, Dance


Patrick "J. Que" Smith, BENJMN, 이현승 (Lee Hyeon Seung), Han Seong Ho (한성호), TM (KOR), 수윤 (Sooyoon), Intak (P1Harmony), Jongseob (P1Harmony)

About P1Harmony

In the vibrant world of music, there exists a force that ignites the hearts of millions—P1Harmony. This South Korean boy band, known as the epitome of passion and talent, was carefully crafted and nurtured under the wings of FNC Entertainment. Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul, and Jongseob are the extraordinary individuals who together form this extraordinary entity, an unstoppable force known as P1H.

Like a mesmerizing symphony that crescendos to perfection, P1Harmony emerged onto the scene, enveloped in an aura of sheer brilliance. Their introduction was no ordinary affair, as they unveiled their magnetic presence through the captivating film, "P1H: The Beginning of a New World," on that fateful day of August 27, 2020. It was a spectacle that left spectators in awe, whispering their names in reverence.

But it was on October 28, a date forever etched in the annals of music history, that P1Harmony officially graced the world with their boundless talent. Their debut EP, "Disharmony: Stand Out," became the clarion call that echoed through the hearts of fans worldwide. From that moment on, there was no doubt—P1Harmony had arrived, setting the stage ablaze with their passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to their craft.

Each member of P1Harmony possesses an unyielding flame burning deep within their souls—a flame that fuels their performances and leaves audiences spellbound. Keeho, with his mesmerizing vocals, effortlessly transports listeners to a realm where emotions soar. Theo, a master of the rhythm, weaves his magic, enchanting all with his melodious beats. Jiung, the embodiment of charisma, commands the stage with his magnetic presence, captivating hearts with each glance.

Intak, the embodiment of passion, pours his heart into every lyric, creating an indelible connection with fans. Soul, with his smooth voice, adds a layer of velvety charm, leaving a trail of enchantment wherever he goes. Jongseob, a pillar of strength, embraces every note, infusing it with his unwavering determination. Together, these extraordinary individuals form a harmonious unity that transcends the boundaries of language and culture. Their passionate performances ignite a fire within, captivating listeners and transporting them to a world where dreams become reality.

With each beat, each lyric, and each electrifying moment on stage, P1Harmony redefines what it means to be an artist. Their journey is one of relentless dedication, late nights spent perfecting their craft, and unwavering commitment to their fans. P1Harmony's passion knows no bounds, their love for music radiating from every pore. They stand as a testament to the transformative power of dreams and the courage to chase them relentlessly.

In a world that often tries to drown out the flame of passion, P1Harmony remains an unwavering force, a guiding light for those in search of their own dreams. With their magnetic personalities, undeniable talent, and unbreakable bond, they inspire legions of fans to believe in the power of their own aspirations. P1Harmony is not merely a boy band; they are the embodiment of passion, talent, and relentless pursuit of greatness.

Their music reverberates through the souls of millions, a testament to the extraordinary power of harmony. They have captured hearts, set the world ablaze, and left an indelible mark on the tapestry of music. P1Harmony—the name that resonates with passion, that sets hearts aflame, and that will continue to shape the future of music for generations to come.


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P1Harmony JUMP Lyrics English Version - FAQs

1. What is the meaning behind P1Harmony's song "JUMP"?  

The song "JUMP" by P1Harmony is a high-energy anthem that encourages listeners to let go of inhibitions, embrace the moment, and jump into a world of freedom and joy. It symbolizes breaking free from limitations and fully immersing oneself in the exhilaration of life.


2. Who wrote the lyrics for "JUMP" by P1Harmony?

The lyrics for "JUMP" (English Version) were written by a talented team including Patrick "J. Que" Smith, BENJMN, 이현승 (Lee Hyeon Seung), Han Seong Ho (한성호), TM (KOR), 수윤 (Sooyoon), Intak (P1Harmony), and Jongseob (P1Harmony).

3. What is the overall sound and genre of "JUMP"?

"JUMP" by P1Harmony is an energetic and vibrant song that blends elements of pop, hip-hop, and dance genres. It features pulsating beats, powerful vocals, and a catchy chorus that will make you want to move and jump along.

4. When was "JUMP" released and as part of which album?

"JUMP" (English Version) was released on June 9, 2023, and it is part of P1Harmony's album "HARMONY: ALL IN."


5. How does "JUMP" contribute to P1Harmony's discography and musical style?  

"JUMP" showcases P1Harmony's versatility and their ability to deliver high-energy performances. With its infectious energy, the song adds a dynamic and vibrant element to P1Harmony's discography, highlighting their unique musical style and solidifying their position as a group known for their captivating performances and passionate delivery.

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