NYT Crossword: Clue and Answer for March 27, 2024

Today's New York Times crossword puzzle answers are available on our page. Solve clues with our assistance to fill in the grid.

by Sangeetha M

Updated Mar 27, 2024

NYT Crossword: Clue and Answer for March 27, 2024

NYT Crossword

The NYT Crossword is a popular puzzle that contains tiny clues that are to be solved, and the correct answers are written on a small grid. To solve the clue, use your knowledge and a dictionary to learn the meanings and synonyms. If you think it's hard for you, don't easily give up. Take your time and complete the crosswords. Still, having trouble finding the answers? Check out our page for solutions. We are here to help you, as we know that filling in the little boxes might be challenging at times.  

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Classic Camaro


the Chevrolet Camaro is an iconic vehicle known for its powerful performance and distinctive style. The International Race of Champions (IROC) was a series of racing events that took place between 1974 and 2006. The IROC series featured specially modified cars from various manufacturers, including Chevrolet, competing against each other on equal footing.

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One of the most famous cars used in the IROC series was the Chevrolet Camaro. These specially prepared Camaros, often referred to as "IROC Camaros," were highly sought after by racing enthusiasts and collectors alike due to their association with the prestigious racing series.

Unit equivalent to eight quarts


"Peck" is a unit of dry volume equivalent to eight quarts. It's commonly used in agricultural contexts, particularly for measuring quantities of fruits, vegetables, or grains."Unit equivalent to eight quarts," the "PECK" fits perfectly as it represents a specific unit of dry measurement equivalent to eight quarts. 

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"Closefitting" describes something that fits snugly or tightly against the body, with minimal or no excess material. "SKINTIGHT" is a word often used to describe clothing or garments that fit extremely closely to the skin, conforming tightly to the body's contours.

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*Wiggler in a child’s mouth


When a child's tooth becomes wiggly or not firmly attached in their mouth, it is commonly referred to as a "LOOSETOOTH." This term captures the idea that the tooth is not securely rooted in its socket and may easily move or wiggle when touched or manipulated. It's a natural part of the process of losing baby teeth and transitioning to permanent teeth in children.

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“It seems to me …,” to a texter


"In My Humble Opinion." It's often used at the beginning or end of a statement to indicate that the following opinion is the speaker's personal viewpoint and may not be universally accepted. When someone begins a statement with "It seems to me..." in a text message or online conversation, they are typically expressing their own perspective or interpretation of a situation. "IMHO" further emphasizes that what follows is their subjective opinion rather than an objective fact.

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___ de gallo


"PICO de gallo" is a type of fresh salsa or salad made from diced tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapeños or other chili peppers, lime juice, and salt. It's a popular condiment in Mexican cuisine and is often served alongside tacos, burritos, or as a topping for grilled meats or seafood. The term "pico de gallo" translates to "rooster's beak" in Spanish, possibly because the pieces of tomato and other ingredients resemble the shape of a rooster's beak. This name reflects the fresh and vibrant nature of the salsa, as well as its sharp flavors.

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Like someone in pointe shoes, perhaps


"Like someone in pointe shoes, perhaps" is given, the answer that fits perfectly is "ONTOE," as it captures the essence of the posture and movement associated with ballet dancers wearing pointe shoes.

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A bit green


"A bit green" suggests a state of feeling unwell or queasy, often associated with nausea. When someone feels "A bit green," they may be experiencing symptoms of nausea or being "NAUSEATED."

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With 36-Across, mnemonic device for turning 54-Across … or a hint to the answers to the starred clues


"RIGHT" from 36-Across and "mnemonic device for turning 54-Across," we can deduce that the mnemonic device is describing a turning motion, specifically using the phrase "RIGHTYTIGHTY."

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T that comes before a Y


The Greek letter "TAU" (Τ, τ) corresponds to the English letter "T." In the Greek alphabet, "TAU" precedes "UPSILON," which corresponds to the English letter "Y." So, when encountering the clue "T that comes before a Y" in a crossword puzzle, the answer that fits perfectly is "TAU," as it accurately reflects the letter that precedes "Y" in the Greek alphabet. This question relies on knowledge of the Greek alphabet and its corresponding letters in English.

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Pioneering I.S.P.


"Pioneering I.S.P." hints at an early internet service provider (I.S.P.) that played a significant role in the early days of the internet. The answer to this clue is "AOL."

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AOL, or America Online, was one of the first major internet service providers, offering dial-up internet access to millions of users in the 1990s and early 2000s. It provided not only internet connectivity but also a wide range of online services, including email, instant messaging, news, and entertainment content.



"ERSATZ" is a term used to describe something that serves as a substitute or imitation of the genuine article. It conveys the idea of being artificial or inferior in quality compared to the original. When something is described as "ERSATZ," it implies that it is not authentic but rather an imitation or replacement. This term can apply to various items, from products to emotions, that are not genuine but rather manufactured or simulated.

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"ENTRAP" is a verb that means to catch or ensnare someone or something in a trap or snare. It implies the act of deceiving or tricking someone into a situation from which escape is difficult. When someone "ENTRAPS" another, they set up a situation or mechanism to capture or confine them, often using cunning or deceitful means. This can be applied in various contexts, such as legal matters, relationships, or even in hunting or trapping animals

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Hot temper


"IRE" refers to a state of intense anger or fury, often characterized by a hot temper or strong emotional reaction. When someone is in "IRE," they are typically feeling extremely angry or irritated. This term is commonly used to describe someone's emotional state when they are provoked or frustrated, leading to an outburst of anger or rage. It signifies a fiery temperament or passionate response to a perceived injustice or wrongdoing.

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when encountering the clue "Hot temper" in a, the appropriate answer is "IRE," as it accurately reflects the state of intense anger or fury. This question relies on understanding synonyms and contextual meanings of words related to anger or emotional states.

Release following the GameCube


"Release following the GameCube" suggests identifying a gaming console that was released after the GameCube, a product by Nintendo. The Nintendo Wii was indeed released after the GameCube. It marked a significant evolution in gaming technology, introducing motion-controlled gameplay through its innovative Wii Remote controller. The Wii gained immense popularity due to its accessible and family-friendly gaming experience, appealing to a wide range of players.

Happy as a clam


"Happy as a clam" suggests finding a word that means extremely happy or joyful. "ELATED" is an adjective that describes a state of being extremely happy or jubilant. It conveys a sense of exhilaration or euphoria, often resulting from a sense of accomplishment, success, or good fortune.

*”Don’t go anywhere!”


"Don't go anywhere!" is often used in informal conversation to convey a sense of urgency or importance in staying put, much like how "HANGTIGHT" conveys a similar message of patience and readiness.

See 19-Across


"RIGHT" from 19-Across and the phrase "*'See 19-Across'," we can deduce that the solution involves utilizing the phrase LEFTYLOOSEY is a mnemonic device commonly used to remind people which direction to turn screws or bolts to loosen them. The phrase suggests that to loosen something, you should turn it to the left (counter-clockwise).

*Like some paper and tea


*'Like some paper and tea'" in a, the appropriate answer is "LOOSELEAF," as it accurately reflects the description of both paper and tea being loose and separate rather than bound or contained. This question relies on understanding the characteristics of paper and tea.

Prevented from being published


"Prevented from being published" suggests finding a word that means stopping or halting something from being printed or made available to the public. when a piece of writing, an article, or a manuscript is "KILLED," it means that it is prevented from being published, typically due to editorial decisions, lack of interest, or other reasons. This term is commonly used in journalism and publishing industries to describe the rejection or cancellation of content before it reaches the public.

Asian honorific


"Asian honorific" identifying a term used as a title or honorific in Asian cultures. "SRI" is a honorific title used in various Asian cultures, particularly in South and Southeast Asia. It is often used as a mark of respect or reverence when addressing someone, similar to how "Mr." or "Ms." might be used in English.

Honest ___


"Honest ___" with a name. The is "ABE," referring to Abraham Lincoln, often referred to as "Honest Abe." This moniker highlights Lincoln's reputation for honesty and integrity during his presidency, making "ABE" a fitting answer to the crossword clue.

Place for some “me time”


A day spa is an ideal place for "me time" because it offers a serene and tranquil environment where individuals can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and indulge in self-care rituals. Whether it's a relaxing massage, a rejuvenating facial, or simply lounging in a quiet space, a day spa provides the perfect setting for individuals to prioritize their own health and happiness. "Place for some 'me time'," the "DAYSPA" fits perfectly as it represents a location where individuals can go to enjoy relaxation and self-care treatments.

“Blue” river of waltz


"DANUBE," referring to the Danube River. The Danube is one of the most prominent rivers in Europe, flowing through multiple countries. It is often called the "Blue Danube" due to its bluish-green appearance in certain light conditions. Additionally, the Danube is famously referenced in the music of Johann Strauss II, particularly in his renowned waltz, "The Blue Danube," making "DANUBE" a fitting solution to the crossword clue.



"TIE" can refer to both a physical knot, such as one made with a piece of fabric or rope, and a type of neckwear worn with formal attire. When someone ties a knot, they create a secure fastening or connection between two ends of a material. This question relies on understanding the different meanings of the word "tie" and its association with knots in various contexts.

Stick used for breaking


A "CUE" typically refers to a stick used in various games, particularly in billiards or pool, for striking the cue ball. In the context of breaking, in games like 8-ball or 9-ball, the opening shot is often referred to as the "break shot," where the cue ball is struck with significant force to disperse the other balls on the table. The stick used to execute this shot is indeed the "CUE."

Toolbox tools


"screwdrivers" play a crucial role Screwdrivers are hand tools designed for turning screws to drive them into or remove them from surfaces such as wood, metal, or plastic. They typically consist of a handle and a shaft with a tip that fits into the head of a screw. By applying force and turning the screwdriver, one can either tighten or loosen screws as needed.

Screwdrivers come in various types and sizes, including flathead, Phillips, and Torx, each suited for different types of screws. They are essential for a wide range of tasks, from assembling furniture and appliances to performing maintenance on electronics and machinery.

Base jumper, e.g.


A "base jumper" is someone who participates in the extreme sport of BASE jumping. BASE jumping involves parachuting or wingsuit flying from a fixed structure or cliff, with "BASE" standing for Building, Antenna, Span (bridge), and Earth (cliff). A "daredevil" is a term often used to describe individuals who engage in risky or dangerous activities without hesitation or fear. They seek out thrilling experiences and are willing to take on challenges that others might consider too perilous.

Characteristic sound of Yoko Ono?


"Longo" doesn't seem to be directly associated with Yoko Ono or a characteristic sound. However, if we consider the correct term, the characteristic sound often associated with Yoko Ono is "ULULATION" or "WARBLE," as she's known for her avant-garde vocalizations and experimental performances.

Arab bigwig


An "emir" is a title of high-ranking nobility or leadership in Arab countries, particularly in the Middle East. The term "emir" is derived from Arabic and is used to refer to a ruler, prince, or commander. In Arab countries, an emir can hold various positions of authority, ranging from a regional governor to a tribal leader or a member of a royal family. Emirs often wield significant political, military, or administrative power within their respective regions or communities.

Fork part


Fork, which is a utensil used for eating, a "tine" refers to one of the pointed prongs at the end of the fork. These tines are typically sharp and are designed to pierce and hold food securely while eating. The number of tines on a fork can vary, with common configurations being three or four tines. Forks with more tines are often used for serving or carving larger pieces of food, while forks with fewer tines are typically used for dining. TINE" accurately describes the specific component of a fork that is being referred to.

*Rhyming partner of “Good night”


"Good night" is commonly used as a farewell greeting before going to bed or when parting ways for the evening. Another phrase often used in conjunction with "Good night" is "Sleep tight." "SLEEPTIGHT" is a compound word formed by combining "sleep" and "tight." In this context, "tight" doesn't necessarily refer to something being firmly secured or fastened, but rather it's used in its archaic sense meaning "soundly" or "well."

*Naval threats, according to an old saying


"Loose lips sink ships" is an old saying that originated during World War II as part of a propaganda campaign aimed at reminding people to be cautious about what they say, as careless talk could potentially reveal sensitive information to enemy forces. "Loose lips" refers to individuals who speak too freely or divulge confidential information, which could jeopardize military operations or the safety of ships and personnel. The saying serves as a reminder to maintain secrecy and discretion, particularly regarding matters related to national security.

Rosebud in “Citizen Kane,” e.g.


 "Citizen Kane," "Rosebud" refers to a sled that held significant sentimental value to the main character, Charles Foster Kane. The SLED was his childhood possession, and the word "Rosebud" was written on it. The film's plot revolves around the investigation into the meaning of "Rosebud" and its significance in understanding Kane's life and motivations. While "Rosebud" itself is not explicitly revealed until the end of the film, it symbolizes Kane's longing for his lost innocence and happiness from his childhood. The sled serves as a poignant reminder of his past and the life he left behind as he rose to wealth and power.

Some 4x4s


"4x4s" typically refers to four-wheel-drive vehicles, which are capable of driving all four wheels simultaneously, providing better traction and off-road capabilities compared to two-wheel-drive vehicles. "ATVs" stands for "All-Terrain Vehicles," which are small, motorized vehicles designed for off-road use. ATVs are equipped with four wheels and are commonly used for recreational purposes such as off-roading, trail riding, and outdoor exploration. They are also utilized for various tasks in agricultural, forestry, and utility applications.

___ Islands (home to Corfu)


"___ Islands (home to Corfu)" filling in the blank with the name of a group of islands that includes Corfu.The Ionian Islands are a group of islands located in the Ionian Sea, situated off the western coast of Greece. Corfu, or Kerkyra in Greek, is one of the most well-known and popular islands in the Ionian group. The Ionian Islands are renowned for their natural beauty, picturesque landscapes, and historical significance. They attract tourists from around the world with their stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and charming towns and villages.



"Hooch" is often used colloquially to refer to illicitly distilled alcohol, typically of low quality and often consumed under less-than-ideal circumstances. Another synonym for such low-quality alcohol is "rotgut." "Rotgut" is used to describe cheap, harsh-tasting liquor that may be of dubious origin or production methods. when the crossword question presents "Hooch" and seeks a related term, "ROTGUT" fits perfectly as it is a common descriptor for the type of alcohol often referred to as "hooch."

“But then again …,” to a texter


 "OTOH" is an acronym that stands for "On The Other Hand." It is commonly used to introduce a contrasting or alternative perspective to a previous statement or argument. When someone begins a message with "But then again...," they are often presenting a new viewpoint or considering an alternative angle to the topic at hand.

Baker of jazz


"Baker of jazz" refers to the renowned jazz trumpeter and vocalist, Chet Baker. Chet Baker was a prominent figure in the jazz scene, known for his distinctive trumpet playing style and smooth, lyrical singing voice. Chet Baker gained recognition for his contributions to the West Coast jazz movement and his collaborations with other jazz greats. He was particularly acclaimed for his melodic improvisations and emotional performances, which captivated audiences around the world.

Bean in refried beans


"Refried beans" are a popular dish made from cooked and mashed beans, typically seasoned with spices. While various types of beans can be used to make refried beans, one of the most common varieties is the "PINTO." beans are small, beige-colored legumes with speckled patterns. When cooked and mashed, pinto beans create a creamy and flavorful base for refried beans. 

Contents of some folders


"EMAIL" refers to electronic messages exchanged between users over the internet. These messages can contain various types of content, such as text, attachments, images, and links. Just as physical folders might contain documents or papers organized by category or subject, digital folders on a computer or email account can contain collections of emails organized similarly. 

Pound, as a drink


"Pound, as a drink" suggests consuming a beverage rapidly and in large quantities, often in a manner similar to chugging. To "CHUG" a drink means to drink it quickly, usually in one continuous gulp or series of gulps. This term is commonly associated with beer or other alcoholic beverages, where individuals may engage in drinking games or contests involving rapid consumption.

Devoid of pork and shellfish, say


 "Devoid of pork and shellfish, say" is a hint indicating a type of dietary restriction. The phrase "Devoid of pork and shellfish" suggests that the answer relates to dietary laws observed in certain religious or cultural traditions. Specifically, this clue points towards the dietary laws of Judaism, which prohibit the consumption of pork and shellfish among other restrictions. E is a term used to describe food that adheres to the dietary laws of Judaism, known as kashrut. 



"Neuters" is a term commonly used to describe the process of sterilizing animals, specifically referring to removing the reproductive organs. "SPAYS" is a verb that specifically describes the process of neutering female animals by removing their ovaries and uterus.

Footballer’s uniform


"Uniform" typically refers to the clothing worn by players during matches or training sessions. This clothing consists of a coordinated set of items, including a shirt, shorts, and sometimes socks, which collectively form the footballer's attire for the game. The term commonly used to describe this ensemble in the world of football is "KIT."

Without it, that’s neat


"Without it, that’s neat" that looking for something that, when removed, makes something else tidy or organized. The term "neat" often refers to something being orderly, clean, or well-arranged. When "ICE" is removed from the word "NEAT," it leaves behind the word "NET," which can also mean tidy or organized, fitting the context of the clue.

Act like a bobblehead


"Act like a bobblehead" that for a behavior that mimics the movement of a bobblehead toy. Bobblehead toys are characterized by their large heads that are attached to the body with a spring, allowing them to nod or bob back and forth.  When someone NOD, they move their head up and down in a repetitive motion, similar to how a bobblehead toy moves.

Rich cake


"Rich cake" that we're for a type of cake that is known for its luxurious, indulgent qualities. A torte is a type of rich, dense cake that often contains ground nuts or breadcrumbs in place of or in addition to flour, giving it a distinctive texture and flavor. Torte cakes are typically layered and filled with decadent ingredients like cream, fruit, or chocolate ganache, making them a popular choice for special occasions or dessert lovers seeking something indulgent.

Oh, to be in France!


 "Oh, to be in France!" that we're for a French word, likely a verb, that expresses the concept of "to be" in English. In French, "ETRE" means "to be." It is one of the most fundamental and commonly used verbs in the French language, used to express existence, identity, states of being, and more. 

Talk the ear off


"YAPAT," doesn't seem to fit the English language. the phrase "Talk the ear off" suggests a colloquial expression meaning to talk incessantly or to talk someone's ear off, implying that one is talking so much that they figuratively remove the other person's ear by overwhelming them with conversation. "YAP" can be used as a verb to describe the act of talking incessantly or noisily. It aligns with the notion of talking someone's ear off.

Like some league games


"Like some league games" that we're for a term that describes the location or nature of certain games within a league. In sports leagues, games can be categorized as home games or away games. "Away" refers to games that are played at the opposing team's venue or away from the team's home stadium or arena.

Recyclable material


"Recyclable material" that we're for a type of material that can be recycled. Many materials can be recycled, but in this context, the answer seems to be a specific type of metal commonly recycled. Tin is a metal that is widely used in various products, including packaging such as tin cans. Tin is indeed recyclable, and it's often collected as part of recycling programs to be melted down and reused in the production of new items. So, when the asks for "Recyclable material," "TIN" fits the bill as it is a material that can be recycled.

Veer quickly


"Veer quickly" that we're for a term that describes a sudden change in direction, particularly in a sharp, angular manner. "ZIG" is often used to describe a quick and abrupt change in direction, typically from one side to another in a sharp, angular movement. This term is commonly paired with "zag," forming the phrase "zigzag," which emphasizes rapid changes in direction.

Surf turf?


"Surf turf?" that we're for a term related to the ocean or surfing, potentially involving a feature that could be encountered in the water. In the context of surfing, a "reef" refers to a submerged ridge of rock, coral, or sand near the surface of the water. Reefs can create ideal conditions for surfing, as they often produce waves when the water breaks over them. Surfers seek out reefs for their wave-producing capabilities, making them a significant aspect of surf culture. 

ET who once appeared on “Entertainment Tonight”


"ET who once appeared on 'Entertainment Tonight'" is likely referring to a fictional character who appeared on the popular television show "Entertainment Tonight" (ET). In this case, the answer is "ALF."

“American ___”


"American ___" that we're for a term that completes the phrase "American ___," likely referring to a popular television show or a cultural phenomenon. "American Idol" is a famous television singing competition that first aired in the United States in 2002. Contestants compete for the title of the winner, who is often referred to as the "American Idol." The show has become a cultural phenomenon, launching the careers of many successful singers and entertainers.

Small fry


"Small fry" suggests that we're for a term that refers to something small or diminutive, often used colloquially to describe children or young individuals. "Tyke" is a term commonly used to refer to a small child or a young person, especially in informal language. It's often used affectionately or playfully to describe children, akin to calling them "little ones" or "small fry." 

Name found when reading between the lines?


"Name found when reading between the lines?" that we need to look for a name that can be derived by reading between the lines of something. In this context, "reading between the lines" typically means interpreting or understanding something that is not explicitly stated. When you read between the lines of the word "lines," you can find the name "ELI" hidden within it. This type of clue is known as a wordplay or a pun, where the answer is not directly stated but rather implied through the wording of the clue itself.

Lamarr of old film


"Lamarr of old film" hints at a famous actress from the past with the last name "Lamarr." In this context, "old film" likely refers to classic movies or films from earlier decades. This refers to the actress Hedy Lamarr, who was a prominent figure in Hollywood during the mid-20th century. Hedy Lamarr was not only known for her acting talents but also for her remarkable contributions to technology. 



"Reclined" that we're looking for a term that describes someone or something in a resting or relaxed position, particularly lying down. "LAIN" is the past participle form of the verb "to lie," meaning to be in or assume a horizontal or resting position. When someone has reclined or assumed a lying position in the past, you would say they have "lain" down.

Less green, maybe


 "Less green, maybe" that we're for a term that describes something that is not as fresh or new, possibly indicating age or maturity. When something is "less green," it can imply that it has been around for a longer period of time and has possibly aged or matured. "OLDER" directly correlates with this interpretation, as it refers to something or someone that has existed for a longer duration compared to something newer or younger. 

___ green


 "___ green" that we're for a term or phrase that completes the phrase "___ green." In this context, "green" likely refers to the color, and the blank before it indicates that we're looking for a specific type or qualifier of green. When combined with the blank, it forms the term "SEA green." Sea green is a shade of green that is often described as being reminiscent of the color of the ocean or sea.

Timothy Leary’s study


"Timothy Leary’s study" that we're for something associated with Timothy Leary, who was a well-known psychologist and advocate for the use of psychedelic drugs, particularly LSD.  LSD stands for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, which is a powerful hallucinogenic drug. Timothy Leary conducted extensive research on the effects of LSD and became one of the most prominent figures advocating for its use in psychological research and therapeutic settings during the 1960s.

New ___ (hat brand)


"New ___ (hat brand)" that we're for a term that completes the phrase "New ___" and also refers to a brand of hats."New Era" is a well-known brand of hats, particularly famous for its baseball caps. The brand is popular among sports fans, especially those who support baseball teams, as well as fashion enthusiasts

First four of a noted series


"First four of a noted series" that we're for the initial four elements or characters in a well-known sequence or series. In many contexts, particularly in the alphabet, "ABCD" represents the first four letters of the English alphabet. Additionally, "ABCD" is commonly used to represent a simple sequence or series of consecutive elements, making it easily recognizable as the first four in a noted series.

Soft caps


"Soft caps" indicates that we're for a type of headwear that is soft in nature. The term "caps" suggests that it's a kind of hat or head covering. Berets are indeed soft caps, typically made of wool or similar material, and they are often associated with various military units, particularly in France, as well as with certain artistic or cultural movements.

End of an act, maybe


"End of an act, maybe" that we're for a term related to the conclusion of a theatrical performance or segment within a play. end of an act is often marked by the conclusion of a scene, followed by an intermission or the beginning of a new act. "SCENEV" could represent the conclusion of a specific scene within a play, especially if the play has multiple acts and scenes, it's worth noting that "SCENEV" might not be a commonly used term in the context of theater, as scene numbers are typically represented with numerals rather than Roman numerals.

Rids (of)


"Rids (of)" suggests that we're looking for a term that means to eliminate or remove something, particularly through a thorough cleansing or purging process. To "PURGES" means to rid or cleanse something of unwanted or undesirable elements. It often involves removing impurities, toxins, or unwanted individuals or items. 

“Once a wolf, always a wolf” coiner


"“Once a wolf, always a wolf” coiner" that we're for the person who coined the phrase "Once a wolf, always a wolf." In this context, "coiner" refers to the individual who originated or popularized the expression. Aesop was a Greek fabulist and storyteller who is credited with creating a vast collection of fables, including the famous story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." This fable teaches the lesson that someone who lies repeatedly will not be believed, hence the phrase "Once a wolf, always a wolf."

Program operators


"Program operators" that we're for individuals or entities that operate or utilize programs. In the context of software or computer-related activities, "program operators" typically refers to those who use or interact with computer programs or software applications. Users are individuals or entities who operate or utilize programs, software, or computer systems to perform various tasks or functions. In the context of computer programs, users can include individuals, businesses, organizations, or any entity that interacts with or utilizes software applications.

It might be used while boxing


"It might be used while boxing" that we're for a word related to the sport of boxing. In this context, "boxing" refers to the activity of putting items into a box or container, rather than the sport itself. Twine is a strong thread or string composed of two or more strands twisted together, commonly used for binding, tying, or securing items together. In the context of boxing, twine might be used to tie up a package or secure items within a box.

Did zippo


"Did zippo" an absence of action or activity, which is synonymous with idling. "Idled" is the past tense form of the verb "idle," which means to spend time doing nothing or to be inactive as it captures the idea of not doing anything or being inactive. In a crossword puzzle, concise and cryptic clues like this are common, and "IDLED" serves as an appropriate solution.

“Don’t be ___” (former Google motto)


"Don’t be ___" (former Google motto) is hinting at a well-known phrase associated with Google's corporate ethos. The missing word is "EVIL." This refers to Google's former informal corporate motto, "Don't be evil," which was often cited as a guiding principle for the company's actions and decisions.

The motto "Don't be evil" encapsulates Google's commitment to ethical behavior and doing what's right, emphasizing the importance of integrity and moral responsibility in all aspects of their operations. It served as a reminder to employees and stakeholders to prioritize the well-being of users and society as a whole over short-term gains or questionable practices.

“Casablanca” role


 "Casablanca," Ilsa Lund, played by Ingrid Bergman, is one of the central characters. She is portrayed as the love interest of the main protagonist, Rick Blaine, played by Humphrey Bogart. Ilsa's character is complex and integral to the plot, as her past romantic involvement with Rick and her current relationship with her husband, Victor Laszlo, contribute to the film's intrigue and emotional depth.

V, in electronics


"V, in electronics" is asking for the abbreviation commonly used to represent a unit of electrical potential difference or electromotive force, which is the volt. In electronics, "V" stands for volt. A volt is the SI unit of electromotive force, representing the potential difference between two points that will impart one joule of energy per coulomb of charge moved through it. It's a fundamental unit used in electronics to measure voltage, which is essential for understanding electrical circuits and systems.

Where Joe was bidin’ time?: Abbr.


"Where Joe was bidin’ time?: Abbr." is asking for a location where "Joe" (presumably a person) was spending time, and it is abbreviated. "bidin’ time" suggests that Joe was waiting or passing time somewhere. The abbreviation "DEL" typically stands for "departure" in transportation contexts, such as airports or train stations.

Chum, in Champagne


 "Chum, in Champagne" a French term that means "friend" or "pal," often used in informal contexts. In French, "ami" translates to "friend" or "chum." Champagne is a region in France known for its sparkling wine, and since the clue mentions "in Champagne," it hints at a French word. "Chum" is a colloquial term for a friend, and in this context, it points towards the French equivalent, which is "AMI."

“Grip it and ___ it!” (golfer’s mantra)


"“Grip it and ___ it!” (golfer’s mantra)" that we're for a phrase commonly associated with golfing, particularly related to the action of swinging a golf club with force or power. In golf, the phrase "Grip it and ___ it!" is often used as a motivational mantra, encouraging golfers to grasp the club firmly and swing with strength and determination. The word that fits the blank in the phrase is "RIP." To "rip" something implies applying force or power, which aligns with the action of swinging a golf club forcefully.

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