Newsday Crossword Clue Update Answer for April 4, 2024

Are you ready to solve today's Newsday crossword clue for April 4, 2024? Common let's try solving this crossword clue and find the correct answer to win the puzzle

by J Nandhini

Updated Apr 04, 2024

Newsday Crossword Clue Update Answer for April 4, 2024

Hello to all Newsday crossword players! We are back with another set of clues to find the answer. Enjoy your day usefully by playing this crossword clue which helps you in the educational learning of new words along with the fun of playing puzzles. Start playing the puzzle, if you find any difficulty in cracking the correct answer. No worries! We are here to help you by providing the answer below.

Singing group

Answer: CHOIR

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A singing group often involves a collection of individuals who come together to harmonize and perform vocal music, typically under the direction of a conductor. This term commonly refers to a group of singers assembled to perform choral music, hymns, or other vocal arrangements.

Comics canine

Answer: ODIE

In the realm of comics, there exists a famous canine character known for its antics and adventures. This character often appears alongside a well-known feline character, engaging in humorous escapades and providing comic relief.

Certain sale condition

Answer: ASIS

This term denotes a condition under which an item is offered for sale without any alterations or improvements. It indicates that the item is being sold exactly as it is, without any warranties or guarantees regarding its condition

Sharp weapon

Answer: LANCE

A sharp weapon typically refers to an object designed and used for cutting or piercing. Such weapons are often associated with warfare, combat, or self-defense and can vary in form, including swords, daggers, or spears.

Short-tailed feline

Answer: LYNX

This clue refers to a type of wild cat characterized by its short tail and tufted ears. These felines are known for their elusive nature and are skilled hunters, often found in various habitats around the world.

Diversionary tactic

Answer: RUSE

A diversionary tactic is a strategy employed to draw attention away from a particular objective or to deceive opponents. It involves creating a distraction or alternative focus to divert attention from the main issue or plan.

Arthur Conan Doyle novel


Arthur Conan Doyle was a renowned British author best known for his detective fiction featuring the character Sherlock Holmes. This particular novel by Conan Doyle introduces Sherlock Holmes and his companion Dr. John Watson, marking the beginning of their iconic partnership.

Identity query

Answer: WHO

An identity query is a question posed to ascertain the identity of a person or thing. It seeks information about who or what something is, often used in investigations, introductions, or casual inquiries.


Answer: HAVE

The word "comprise" means to consist of or be made up of. When something comprises certain elements, it means those elements make up the entirety of that thing. For example, if a team comprises five members, it means those five members are all part of the team.

Rides with motors

Answer: EBIKES

"Rides with motors" refers to vehicles that are powered by motors or engines, typically used for transportation. These vehicles utilize motorized propulsion to move from one place to another, providing an alternative to traditional bicycles or human-powered means of transportation.


Answer: TAKE

To "capture" something means to seize, catch, or take control of it, often implying the act of acquiring or detaining something or someone. This term can be used in various contexts, such as capturing an image on camera, capturing a moment in time, or capturing a fugitive.

Spill everything

Answer: BLAB

The phrase "spill everything" is an idiomatic expression meaning to reveal or disclose all information, often used figuratively in conversations or interrogations. It implies a complete disclosure without holding back any details.

Charles Dickens novella


Charles Dickens, a renowned English novelist, wrote numerous works of fiction, including several novellas. One of his most famous novellas, often associated with the holiday season, tells the story of a miser named Ebenezer Scrooge and his transformative journey after encountering the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come.

Name on a Frankmobile

Answer: MAYER

The term "Frankmobile" suggests a vehicle associated with someone named Frank. In this context, the answer refers to a well-known musician and singer-songwriter named John Mayer, often nicknamed "Frank" by his fans

City near Santa Barbara

Answer: OJAI

This clue directs attention to a city located in proximity to Santa Barbara, a coastal city in California. The city near Santa Barbara, known for its serene atmosphere and artistic community, is nestled in a picturesque valley surrounded by mountains.

Big brute

Answer: APE

The phrase "big brute" typically refers to a large, powerful, and often intimidating individual or creature. It suggests a lack of refinement or subtlety, emphasizing physical strength and size.

Nickname like Sandy

Answer: ALEX

The clue suggests a nickname that is similar in style to "Sandy." This nickname is often short for a longer given name, such as Alexander. "Sandy" could be a shortened form of "Alexander," leading to a similar nickname.

Nursery rhyme eater

Answer: SPRAT

This clue refers to a character from a nursery rhyme known for consuming a particular type of food. The character in question famously "could eat no fat," which is a line from the nursery rhyme attributed to Mother Goose.

Google cofounder Sergey

Answer: BRIN

This clue provides the name of one of the co-founders of Google, a multinational technology company. The individual mentioned played a significant role in the creation and development of Google's search engine and other services.

French diarist

Answer: NIN

This clue points to a French writer known for their diaries or journals. The individual in question gained fame for their introspective writings, which provide insights into their personal life, experiences, and reflections on society.

In fine shape

Answer: HALE

The phrase "in fine shape" means to be in excellent or good physical condition. It suggests robust health and fitness, indicating that someone is well and thriving.

Viennese analyst

Answer: FREUD

This clue refers to a prominent figure in the field of psychology who hailed from Vienna, Austria. Known for his groundbreaking theories on the human mind and behavior, this individual developed psychoanalysis as a therapeutic approach

Ernest Hemingway novel


Ernest Hemingway was a celebrated American author known for his concise and impactful writing style. This particular novel by Hemingway depicts the experiences of an American ambulance driver serving in the Italian army during World War I, exploring themes of love, war, and loss.

Celestial bear

Answer: URSA

In astronomy, a "celestial bear" refers to a constellation visible in the northern sky. This constellation is named after a bear in Greek mythology and contains several prominent stars, including those commonly known as the Big Dipper or the Plough.

Pull down

Answer: EARN

The phrase "pull down" can have various meanings depending on the context. In this context, it suggests earning money or income, typically through work or employment.

Failed to

Answer: DIDNOT

The phrase "failed to" indicates a lack of success or accomplishment in performing a particular action or meeting an expectation. It implies that the intended action or outcome did not occur as desired or expected.

Rebel against

Answer: BUCK

To "rebel against" means to resist or oppose authority, norms, or conventions. It suggests an act of defiance or dissent against established rules, systems, or ideologies.

Big name in cloud computing

Answer: IBM

This clue refers to a major player in the field of cloud computing, which involves the delivery of computing services over the internet. The company mentioned is well-known for its cloud computing platforms and services utilized by businesses and organizations worldwide

EM Forster novel


E.M. Forster was a notable English author known for his insightful novels exploring themes of class, society, and human relationships. This particular novel by Forster examines the complexities of colonialism and cultural clashes in British-ruled India during the early 20th century.

Picasso contemporary

Answer: DALI

This clue refers to an artist who was a contemporary of Pablo Picasso, the renowned Spanish painter and sculptor. Known for his surrealist artworks and eccentric personality, this artist was active during the same period as Picasso and shared artistic circles with him.

Round cracker

Answer: RITZ

The term "round cracker" describes a type of snack food that is circular in shape and often served as a base for toppings or enjoyed on its own. These crackers are commonly associated with elegance and are named after a famous hotel brand.

Artificial turf material

Answer: NYLON

This clue points to a synthetic material commonly used in the construction of artificial turf or synthetic grass. This material is durable, resilient, and designed to mimic the appearance and texture of natural grass.

Arabian Sea port

Answer: ADEN

The clue indicates a port city situated along the Arabian Sea, a body of water located between the Arabian Peninsula and the Indian subcontinent. This port has historical significance as a strategic maritime hub and a center of trade and commerce.

Enclosure convenience

Answer: SASE

An "enclosure convenience" refers to a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE), which is often included in correspondence as a means for the recipient to easily reply. It's a convenient way for the sender to ensure that their response will be received promptly, as the recipient can simply place their reply in the provided envelope, which already has the sender's address and postage affixed.


Answer: GUESS

To "speculate" means to form a theory or conjecture about a subject without firm evidence. It involves making educated guesses or hypotheses based on available information or observations.

End of some hammers

Answer: CLAW

The "end of some hammers" refers to the claw, which is a part of certain types of hammers used for pulling nails or prying objects apart. The claw end is designed with a curved shape and often has a V-shaped notch for gripping nails or other objects.

Discuss, with “out”

Answer: HASH

To "discuss, with 'out'" refers to hashing out a topic or issue, which means to thoroughly discuss or deliberate upon it in order to reach a resolution or understanding. It implies engaging in a detailed and comprehensive conversation or debate to clarify viewpoints and address concerns.

Informed about

Answer: ONTO

"Informed about" suggests being knowledgeable or aware of something. To be "onto" something means to be aware of it, often implying understanding or suspicion regarding a particular situation or topic.

RN assignment

Answer: ICU

In the context of nursing, "RN" stands for Registered Nurse. An "RN assignment" typically refers to a specific area or unit within a healthcare facility where a registered nurse is assigned to work. One common area where registered nurses are assigned is the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Jefferson had it


This clue refers to a characteristic associated with Thomas Jefferson, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson was known for having a distinctive physical trait: red hair.

Peak of Jerusalem

Answer: OLIVET

The "peak of Jerusalem" refers to a prominent hill located to the east of the Old City of Jerusalem. This hill, known as the Mount of Olives or Olivet, has religious significance in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam and offers panoramic views of Jerusalem.

Measure of force

Answer: DYNE

A "measure of force" refers to a unit used in physics to quantify force. In the metric system, the dyne is a unit of force equal to the force required to accelerate a mass of one gram at a rate of one centimeter per second squared.

Helpful connections

Answer: INS

"Helpful connections" typically refers to individuals or networks that provide assistance, support, or useful information to others. These connections can facilitate access to resources, opportunities, or solutions to problems.

Does superbly in


Does superbly in" suggests performing exceptionally well or achieving great success in a particular activity or endeavor. To "excel" means to surpass or outperform others in a specific area or task.

Spanish cheer

Answer: ARRIBA

This clue refers to a Spanish expression used to cheer or encourage someone. The word "arriba" is commonly used in Spanish to convey excitement, enthusiasm, or support.

Be mopey

Answer: SULK

To "be mopey" means to display a sullen or gloomy demeanor, often characterized by being quiet, withdrawn, and unhappy. When someone is sulking, they are typically feeling upset or disappointed about something and may retreat into a state of despondency or self-pity.


Answer: ISEE

"Gotcha" is an informal expression used to indicate understanding or comprehension, often in response to a statement or explanation. It signifies acknowledgment or agreement, indicating that the speaker has grasped the message or point being conveyed.

Decides upon

Answer: SETS

"Decides upon" refers to the act of making a decision or reaching a conclusion about something. When someone "sets" something, they establish or determine a course of action, plan, or outcome.

Won’t shut up

Answer: YAKS

The phrase "won’t shut up" describes someone who talks incessantly or without restraint, often monopolizing conversation and showing little regard for others' desire to speak or listen. When someone "yaks," they engage in excessive or continuous chatter.

Beaded counters

Answer: ABACI

"Beaded counters" refers to a traditional counting device consisting of a frame with rods on which beads are slid to perform arithmetic calculations. These devices, commonly known as abacuses, have been used for centuries in various cultures around the world.

Jurassic period predator

Answer: TREX

During the Jurassic period, there existed a fearsome predator known for its massive size, sharp teeth, and powerful jaws. This predator, often depicted in popular culture and scientific reconstructions, is the Tyrannosaurus rex (T-Rex), one of the most iconic dinosaurs of all time.

Tijuana’s region

Answer: BAJA

This clue refers to the region surrounding the city of Tijuana, which is located in Mexico near the United States border. Tijuana is situated in the northern part of the Mexican state of Baja California, known for its vibrant culture, bustling streets, and proximity to the Pacific Ocean.

Whirlpool sister brand

Answer: AMANA

Whirlpool Corporation is a multinational manufacturer of home appliances. One of the subsidiary brands under Whirlpool Corporation is Amana Corporation, which produces a range of household appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers.

Where Mt. Shasta is

Answer: CALIF

This clue refers to the location of Mount Shasta, which is a prominent volcanic peak located in the state of California, United States. Mount Shasta is part of the Cascade Range and is situated in the northern part of California, near the Oregon border.

Doglike scavenger

Answer: HYENA

A "doglike scavenger" refers to an animal known for its scavenging behavior and physical resemblance to a dog. Hyenas are carnivorous mammals that belong to the family Hyaenidae and are known for their distinctive appearance and scavenging habits.

Gourmet mushroom

Answer: MOREL

A "gourmet mushroom" is a type of mushroom that is prized for its culinary qualities and is often used in gourmet cuisine. Morel mushrooms are highly sought after for their unique flavor and texture, making them popular among chefs and food enthusiasts.

More atypical

Answer: RARER

"More atypical" indicates something that is even less common or usual than something else. When something is "rarer," it means it occurs less frequently or is less typical than other things of its kind.

YSL fragrance

Answer: OPIUM

This clue refers to a fragrance produced by the fashion and fragrance house Yves Saint Laurent (YSL). "Opium" is a well-known fragrance line introduced by YSL, known for its exotic and spicy scent.


Answer: LENDS

To "impart" means to give or provide something, often knowledge, information, or a particular quality. When someone "lends" something, they temporarily provide it to someone else with the expectation of it being returned.



"Reeled" suggests a state of disorientation or dizziness, often as a result of shock or surprise. When someone "saw stars," it typically means they experienced a moment of dizziness or disorientation, often accompanied by visual disturbances such as seeing bright lights or stars.

Call for help

Answer: PLEA

To "call for help" means to request assistance or support in a time of need or emergency. A "plea" is a sincere and urgent request or appeal for help, often made in a desperate or dire situation.

Brown rice, in part

Answer: BRAN

This clue suggests a component or derivative of brown rice. "Bran" refers to the outer layer of grains, including rice, wheat, or oats, which is removed during the refining process to produce white rice or flour.

Long lunches

Answer: HEROS

"Long lunches" typically refers to hearty sandwiches that are substantial enough to satisfy hunger for an extended period. In this context, "heros" are a type of sandwich, also known as submarine sandwiches or hoagies, that are filled with various meats, cheeses, vegetables, and condiments.

Dividing into branches


"Dividing into branches" suggests the action of splitting or branching off into multiple directions or divisions. When something is "forking," it indicates the act of dividing or diverging into separate paths, similar to the way a fork in a road branches into different directions.


Answer: RUNSIN

In the context of running or jogging, "runs in" refers to the action of experiencing pain or discomfort in a particular area of the body, such as the legs or feet. This discomfort may occur due to overexertion, injury, or muscle fatigue.

Painter of Washington Crossing the Delaware

Answer: LEUTZE

This clue refers to the artist who painted the famous historical scene depicting George Washington and his troops crossing the Delaware River during the American Revolutionary War. Emanuel Leutze was the German-American painter who created this iconic artwork.

Fiesta fare

Answer: TACO

"Fiesta fare" refers to food typically served at festive gatherings or celebrations, particularly in Mexican culture. Tacos are a popular Mexican dish consisting of a tortilla filled with various ingredients such as seasoned meat, vegetables, cheese, and salsa.

Bit of baby talk

Answer: DADA

Bit of baby talk" refers to simple, repetitive sounds often made by infants when learning to communicate. "Dada" is a common example of baby talk, often used by infants to refer to their father or to express affection.

Apple tablet

Answer: IPAD

An "Apple tablet" refers to a type of tablet computer produced by the technology company Apple Inc. The iPad is a popular line of tablets developed by Apple, known for their sleek design, intuitive user interface, and wide range of functionalities.

Broad lowland

Answer: DALE

A "broad lowland" refers to a flat or gently sloping area of land situated at a lower elevation compared to surrounding terrain. A dale is a geographical feature characterized by wide, open valleys or lowlands, often traversed by rivers or streams.

Amounts at risk

Answer: BETS

"Amounts at risk" suggests sums of money or valuables wagered in games of chance or speculative ventures. "Bets" are monetary stakes placed on the outcome of events, such as sports competitions, card games, or other forms of gambling

Sit at a light

Answer: IDLE

"Sit at a light" suggests being stationary or inactive while waiting for a traffic signal to change. When a vehicle is "idle," it remains running but stationary, typically at a traffic light or when waiting in line.

Profiles, for short

Answer: BIOS

"Profiles" refers to brief biographical sketches or descriptions of individuals or entities. In the context of computing, "BIOS" stands for Basic Input/Output System, which is a set of computer instructions stored on a chip on the motherboard. The BIOS initializes and controls the hardware components of a computer during the boot process.

Le __, France

Answer: MANS

This clue indicates a location in France. "Le Mans" is a city located in northwestern France, known for its rich history, particularly in motorsports, as it hosts the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans automobile race.

Angelina supermodel role

Answer: GIA

"Gia" refers to the title role played by Angelina Jolie in the 1998 biographical television film "Gia." The film depicts the life of Gia Carangi, a famous American fashion model of the late 1970s and early 1980s, who tragically died at a young age.

Lower Manhattan campus

Answer: NYU

"NYU" stands for New York University, which has a campus located in Lower Manhattan, New York City. NYU is a prestigious private research university known for its academic excellence and diverse student body.

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