Newsday Crossword Clue Update Answer for April 3, 2024

Challenge Yourself with the Newsday Crossword of April 3, 2024, to unravel the answers. Happy Playing to all Newsday Crossword enthusiasts!

by J Nandhini

Updated Apr 03, 2024

Newsday Crossword Clue Update Answer for April 3, 2024

Play the popular Newsday Crossword puzzle to enjoy your company with friends both educationally and entertainmently. Start filtering out the clues that concentrate you to fill the grid lines boxes. Analyzing the meaning of hints is an essential trick to play crossword. Do Newsday Crossword players get bored of trying answers? No hassles! Solvers can also check for the given answer on this page which helps you to complete your grid boxes.

British noble

Answer: BARON

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In British nobility, a "baron" is a member of the lowest rank of hereditary peerage. Barons historically held land granted directly from the monarch and were often part of the ruling class. They typically ranked below viscounts, earls, marquesses, and dukes

Boxing punches

Answer: JABS

"JABS" are quick, straight punches thrown with the lead hand in boxing. They are often used to gauge distance, disrupt an opponent's rhythm, or set up more powerful punches. Jabs are fundamental to boxing technique and are used both defensively and offensively.

Colonel Sanders’ chain

Answer: KFC

"KFC" stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken, a fast-food restaurant chain founded by Colonel Harland Sanders. Known for its fried chicken seasoned with a secret blend of herbs and spices, KFC has become one of the most recognizable global fast-food brands.


Answer: ALONE

"ALONE" means to do something by oneself, without assistance or companionship. When someone accomplishes a task or faces a challenge alone, they do so independently and without the help of others. This term emphasizes self-reliance and individual effort.

Nintendo video game brother

Answer: MARIO

In the world of Nintendo video games, Mario is a well-known character who frequently appears alongside his brother Luigi. Mario is the protagonist of numerous video games developed by Nintendo, including the iconic "Super Mario" series

“Colorful” ending for Cray-

Answer: OLA

When you add "OLA" to the end of "Cray-", you get "Crayola," which is a famous brand known for its colorful crayons. The "OLA" ending indicates the completion of the word "Cray" and signifies the association with Crayola crayons.

Single-person business owners


Sole traders" refers to individuals who own and operate their businesses alone, without partners or shareholders. They have full control over their enterprises and are solely responsible for their success or failure. This term emphasizes the solitary nature of ownership in such businesses.

(The writer’s mistake)

Answer: SIC

"SIC" is a Latin term used in writing to indicate that a quoted word or passage appears exactly as it does in the original source, including any errors or unconventional spellings. It is used to acknowledge mistakes or peculiarities in the quoted text without altering them.

Appear to be

Answer: SEEM

"SEEM" means to give the impression or appearance of being a certain way. It implies that something appears to be true or factual based on observation or perception, even if it may not necessarily be the case. This term highlights the subjective nature of perception and interpretation

Important occasion

Answer: EVENT

An "EVENT" refers to a significant or noteworthy happening or occasion. It could be a celebration, ceremony, milestone, or gathering that holds importance or significance for individuals or communities.

__ butter (cosmetic ingredient)

Answer: SHEA

"SHEA" refers to shea butter, which is a popular cosmetic ingredient derived from the nut of the African shea tree. Shea butter is known for its moisturizing and nourishing properties, making it a common component in various skincare and haircare products.

Sixth-sense letters

Answer: ESP

"ESP" stands for extrasensory perception, which is often referred to as the "sixth sense." It denotes the alleged ability to perceive information beyond the ordinary five senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch, such as telepathy, precognition, or clairvoyance

Film’s male protagonist


In many films, "THE HERO" is the central character who drives the narrative forward and typically undergoes a journey of growth, challenge, or redemption. The hero is often depicted as courageous, noble, and determined, facing obstacles and adversaries to achieve their goals

Tricky-to-pronounce phrase


A "TONGUE TWISTER" is a phrase or sentence that is difficult to articulate clearly and quickly, especially when spoken rapidly. Tongue twisters often contain repetitive sounds or similar-sounding syllables, making them challenging to pronounce without stumbling over the words.

Spanish gold

Answer: ORO

"ORO" is the Spanish word for "gold." In historical contexts, "Spanish gold" refers to gold obtained from regions once colonized by Spain, such as South and Central America. Spain's exploration and colonization efforts in these regions led to the acquisition of significant quantities of gold.

Oahu neighbor

Answer: MAUI

MAUI" is an island in the state of Hawaii and is one of the neighboring islands of Oahu. Oahu and Maui are both part of the Hawaiian archipelago and are popular tourist destinations known for their stunning landscapes, beaches, and cultural attractions

Aromatic closet wood

Answer: CEDAR

"CEDAR" refers to a type of wood known for its aromatic scent and natural resistance to decay and insect damage. Cedarwood is commonly used in closets, chests, and furniture to repel moths and other pests while imparting a pleasant fragrance to the enclosed space.

“So long!”

Answer: TATA

"TATA" is an informal way of saying goodbye or farewell. It's often used colloquially to bid someone adieu or to express departure.

Kid’s stuffed bear

Answer: TEDDY

A "TEDDY" refers to a stuffed bear toy, often designed to resemble a bear cub. The name originates from President Theodore Roosevelt, whose nickname was "Teddy." It became associated with a particular type of stuffed bear after an incident where Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear cub during a hunting trip.

Country in the Andes

Answer: PERU

"PERU" is a country located in South America, known for its rich cultural heritage, including the Inca civilization, and its diverse geography, which includes the Andes Mountains

Skiing surface

Answer: SLOPE

A "SLOPE" refers to a surface or area of ground that inclines or declines at an angle. In the context of skiing, a slope is the terrain down which skiers descend, and it can vary in steepness and difficulty.

Mined rocks

Answer: ORES

"ORES" are naturally occurring rocks or minerals from which valuable substances, such as metals or gems, can be extracted through mining and refining processes. Ores are the primary source of many important materials used in industry and manufacturing.

Teapot topper

Answer: LID

The "LID" is the cover or top part of a teapot. It's designed to fit snugly over the opening of the teapot to keep the contents inside warm and to prevent spills or splashes while pouring.

Lincoln Center’s Manhattan neighborhood


The "UPPER WEST SIDE" is a neighborhood located on the west side of Manhattan in New York City. It is home to Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, which includes several prestigious cultural institutions such as the Metropolitan Opera House, the New York Philharmonic, and the Juilliard School.

Lean back in a living room chair


"RECLINE" means to tilt or move the backrest of a chair or seat backward, allowing the occupant to assume a more relaxed or laid-back position. Reclining chairs are often found in living rooms and lounges for comfort and relaxation.

To date

Answer: YET

"YET" can indicate up to the present time or so far. It implies that something has not happened or been done up to a particular point in time, suggesting that there is still time or opportunity for it to occur in the future.

Have sore muscles

Answer: ACHE

When your muscles are sore, you experience a dull, continuous pain or discomfort. The word "ache" is commonly used to describe this sensation.

Timex competitor

Answer: CASIO

Timex and Casio are both well-known brands that manufacture wristwatches. In this context, "Timex competitor" refers to another brand in the wristwatch market, which is Casio


Answer: ABLE

When someone is skilled, they possess the ability and proficiency to perform tasks effectively. The word "able" is synonymous with being capable or proficient at something.

French king

Answer: ROI

In French, the word "roi" translates to "king." Therefore, "French king" refers to the monarch of France, which is traditionally known as the "roi."

Fine fabric drapery


"Fine fabric drapery" refers to curtains made of delicate lace material often used for decorative purposes. The term "LACECURTAIN" combines the idea of lace fabric with curtains, commonly known as lace curtains, used to adorn windows in homes.

Rural hotel

Answer: INN

A rural hotel often refers to an inn, which is typically located in countryside areas or small towns. Inns provide lodging, food, and sometimes entertainment to travelers, making them a popular accommodation option in rural settings.

Lauder of lipstick

Answer: ESTEE

This refers to Estee Lauder, a well-known cosmetics company famous for its lipstick products. The clue "Lauder of lipstick" hints at the founder of the company, Estee Lauder, who built a cosmetics empire known for its high-quality lipsticks and other beauty products.

Made public

Answer: OUTED

To "make public" means to reveal or disclose something to the general public. In the context of the answer "OUTED," it specifically refers to revealing someone's previously hidden or confidential information, such as their sexual orientation or identity, to the public or a wider audience.

Yuletide beverage

Answer: NOG

A "Yuletide beverage" refers to a drink traditionally enjoyed during the Christmas season. "Nog" specifically refers to eggnog, a creamy and rich holiday drink made with milk, eggs, sugar, and often spiked with alcohol like rum or brandy.

Novelist Gerritsen

Answer: TESS

This clue refers to the novelist Tess Gerritsen. Tess Gerritsen is a renowned author known for her thriller novels, including the popular "Rizzoli & Isles" series featuring detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles

Unwanted garden plants

Answer: WEEDS

Unwanted garden plants" are typically referred to as weeds. Weeds are plants that grow where they are not wanted, often competing with cultivated plants for resources such as sunlight, water, and nutrients, and are usually considered nuisances in gardens or lawns.

Male singing voice

Answer: BASS

In vocal music, the "male singing voice" is categorized into different ranges, with "bass" being one of them. Bass refers to the lowest vocal range typically sung by male singers. It is characterized by its deep and resonant quality.

Burn-soothing plant

Answer: ALOE

Aloe is a plant known for its medicinal properties, particularly for soothing burns and skin irritations. The gel inside the leaves of the aloe plant contains compounds that have cooling and healing effects on the skin, making it a popular remedy for sunburns and minor burns.

Duty assigned

Answer: ROLE

In the context of the clue "Duty assigned," a "role" refers to a particular function or part played by a person in a given situation, task, or organization. Assigning a role means designating responsibilities or tasks to individuals within a group or setting.

About 1,000,000 bytes, for short

Answer: ONEMEG

In computer science and information technology, "ONEMEG" is a shorthand notation for approximately one million bytes. It represents the storage capacity or size of digital data, commonly used when referring to memory or storage space in computing systems.

After-tax amount

Answer: NET

The "NET" amount refers to the final sum remaining after deductions or expenses have been subtracted, particularly in financial contexts. It represents the total income or value received after taxes, fees, or other deductions have been accounted for.

Green mineral

Answer: JADE

"JADE" is a green mineral often used in jewelry and ornamental carvings. It is valued for its beautiful green color and smooth texture and has been prized for centuries in various cultures for its aesthetic and symbolic significance.

“Isn’t that true about me?”

Answer: ARENTI

The phrase "AREN'T I?" is a colloquial way of seeking confirmation or validation of a statement about oneself. It's often used rhetorically to express certainty or assertiveness while seeking agreement or affirmation from others. The answer "ARENTI" represents a contraction of "AREN'T I?" in the form of a question.

New parents’ celebrations

Answer: BIRTHS

"New parents' celebrations" refers to the joyous occasions marking the arrival of newborn babies into the world. The answer "BIRTHS" denotes the act of giving birth or the instances when babies are born, which are indeed cause for celebration for new parents and their families.

Maritime distress signal

Answer: SOS

"SOS" is a well-known distress signal used in maritime communication to indicate a critical situation or a call for help. It consists of three short signals, three long signals, and three short signals again, traditionally represented as "· · · — — — · · ·" in Morse code. The acronym "SOS" does not stand for any specific words but is chosen for its simplicity and ease of transmission.

Seller of matzo ball soup


This refers to a deli that specializes in kosher food, including traditional Jewish dishes like matzo ball soup. Matzo ball soup is a popular dish in Jewish cuisine, particularly during Passover, and a kosher deli would be a likely place to find this savory soup along with other kosher foods.


Answer: FLIER

An "aviator" is a person who operates an aircraft, commonly known as a pilot. The term "FLIER" is often used interchangeably with "pilot" or "aviator" to describe someone who flies airplanes or helicopters.

Creme de __ (chocolate liqueur)

Answer: CACAO

"Creme de CACAO" is a type of chocolate liqueur made from cacao beans. It is a sweet and flavorful alcoholic beverage often used in cocktails and desserts to add a rich chocolate flavor. The term "Creme de CACAO" specifically denotes a liqueur made from cacao beans.

Dallas NBAer

Answer: MAV

"MAV" refers to the Dallas Mavericks, a professional basketball team based in Dallas, Texas, that competes in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The team is commonly referred to as the "Mavs" for short, and the clue "Dallas NBAer" is a shorthand way of indicating the team.


Answer: REPEAT

"Iterate" means to perform or say something again, and the word that fits this definition is "REPEAT." When you iterate, you do something over, which aligns with the concept of repeating an action or statement

Ram or lamb

Answer: SHEEP

Both "ram" and "lamb" are terms associated with members of the ovine species, commonly known as sheep. A "ram" specifically refers to a male sheep, while a "lamb" refers to a young sheep, especially one that is still nursing. Thus, "SHEEP" is the word that encompasses both of these terms.

Tally up

Answer: SUM

"Tally up" means to calculate or total, often by adding numbers together. The word that fits this description is "SUM." When you tally up numbers, you find their sum, which represents the total or aggregate of those numbers.

List shortener

Answer: ETC

List shortener" refers to the abbreviation "ETC," which stands for "et cetera" in Latin. It is used to indicate that there are additional items or elements in a list that are not explicitly stated. "Et cetera" translates to "and other things" or "and so forth," implying that there are more items in a category beyond those listed

Stroller riders

Answer: TOTS

"Stroller riders" refers to young children who are typically small enough to be transported in strollers. The word that fits this description is "TOTS," which is a colloquial term used to refer to young children, especially toddlers or preschool-aged kids.

Spoken aloud

Answer: ORAL

"Spoken aloud" refers to verbal communication, which is often done orally. The word "ORAL" relates to spoken language or verbal expression, as opposed to written or non-verbal forms of communication.

“Hands off” art gallery sign


This refers to a sign commonly seen in art galleries or museums that instructs visitors not to touch the artwork. The phrase "NOTOUCHING" is a straightforward command indicating that physical contact with the displayed art pieces is prohibited.

Election Day day: Abbr.

Answer: TUE

"Election Day" is the day on which elections are held, typically to choose public officials or decide on important political matters. The abbreviation "TUE" stands for Tuesday, which is commonly the day of the week when elections in the United States are held

Black __ spider

Answer: WIDOW

Black WIDOW" refers to a specific species of spider known for its black coloration and the female's tendency to consume the male after mating. The black widow spider is venomous and is notorious for its potent neurotoxic venom.

Seldom getting rain

Answer: ARID

"Seldom getting rain" describes a climate or environment characterized by a lack of precipitation, which is often referred to as arid. The word "ARID" is used to describe dry and desert-like conditions with little rainfall.


Answer: RUDE

"Impolite" describes behavior or actions that are disrespectful, discourteous, or offensive. The word "RUDE" directly reflects this lack of politeness or consideration for others.

Orchard fruit

Answer: APPLE

Orchard fruit" refers to fruits commonly grown in orchards, with the most iconic example being the "APPLE." Apples are a widely cultivated fruit known for their crisp texture and sweet or tart flavors.

Rap star Dr. __

Answer: DRE

"Rap star Dr. DRE" refers to Dr. Dre, a legendary hip-hop artist, producer, and entrepreneur. Dr. Dre is renowned for his contributions to the rap and music industry, both as a solo artist and as a member of the influential group N.W.A.

Response to “Who me?”

Answer: YESYOU

This is a playful response to the question "Who me?" that implies affirmation or agreement. "YESYOU" suggests that the person being addressed is indeed the one being referred to, often used humorously or sarcastically.

“Shaky” prefix for center

Answer: EPI

The prefix "EPI-" means "upon" or "over" in Greek. In the context of the clue "Shaky prefix for center," "EPI-" could be interpreted as indicating a position above or upon the center. This fits with the term "EPICENTER," where "epi" denotes the location directly above the center of an earthquake or a central event.

Fr. holy woman

Answer: STE

In French, "Fr." stands for "French," and "holy woman" is represented by the abbreviation "STE," which stands for "Sainte" in French. It's commonly used before the names of female saints, much like "St." for male saints, to denote their holiness or saintliness.

Pack into a crate

Answer: ENCASE

"Pack into a crate" suggests enclosing or placing something securely within a crate. The word "ENCASE" means to enclose or envelop something completely, often for protection or containment, as in packing items securely inside a crate for transport or storage.

Gives feedback

Answer: REACTS

When someone "REACTS," they respond to a stimulus or situation. This response can be in the form of verbal or non-verbal feedback, indicating how they feel or what action they might take in response to the stimulus.

Sculpture on a pedestal

Answer: STATUE

A "STATUE" is a three-dimensional representation of a person, animal, or object, typically sculpted from stone, metal, or other materials. It is often placed on a pedestal or base for display, elevating it above ground level and allowing for better visibility and appreciation

__ to go (eager)

Answer: RARIN

In this context, "__ to go" suggests being eager or excited about something. The word "RARIN" is a colloquial variation of "raring," which means being enthusiastic, eager, or ready to go or do something. It indicates a strong desire or anticipation for a particular activity or event.

Money-saving, in brand names

Answer: ECONO

"Money-saving" suggests something related to economical or thrifty spending. In brand names, "ECONO" is often used as a prefix to indicate affordability or economic value, such as in "EconoLodge" or "EconoMart," where it denotes businesses that offer budget-friendly options.

Looks at

Answer: SEES

"Looks at" describes the action of directing one's gaze towards something or someone to observe or perceive it visually. The word "SEES" is the present tense of the verb "to see," indicating the act of visually perceiving or taking in information through sight

Skating surface

Answer: ICE

A "skating surface" refers to a smooth, solid surface suitable for ice skating. The word "ICE" specifically denotes frozen water, which forms a solid surface ideal for activities like figure skating, ice hockey, or recreational skating.

Hold back, as breath

Answer: BATE

"Hold back, as breath" suggests restraining or controlling the breath, often in response to a strong emotion or anticipation. The word "BATE" means to moderate or diminish, as in holding one's breath in suspense, excitement, or fear.

Wasn’t truthful

Answer: LIED

"Wasn't truthful" refers to the action of not telling the truth or deliberately providing false information. The word "LIED" is the past tense of the verb "to lie," which means to make a false statement with the intent to deceive.

Finish lines

Answer: ENDS

"Finish lines" refers to the points marking the conclusion or completion of something, such as a race or a task. The word "ENDS" denotes the terminal points or boundaries of something, indicating where it stops or concludes.


Answer: LET

"Allow" means to give permission or consent for something to happen or be done. The word "LET" is synonymous with allowing or permitting; it implies giving someone the freedom or authorization to proceed with a certain action or activity.

Propel a dinghy

Answer: ROW

Propel a dinghy" refers to the action of moving a small boat, particularly a dinghy, through the water using oars. The word "ROW" describes the specific method of propelling a boat by pulling on oars, causing the vessel to move forward or backward in the water.

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