Most Famous Youtubers in Mexico with Millions of Subscribers

Know our list of Most famous Youtubers in Mexico, whose videos have captured the hearts of millions and these Top Famous Mexican Youtubers are known for their uniqueness.  

by Maivizhi A | Updated Jun 09, 2023

Most Famous Youtubers in Mexico with Millions of Subscribers

Most Famous Youtubers in Mexico

Mexico has emerged as a hub for vibrant and influential content creators on YouTube, with a multitude of talented individuals captivating audiences with their unique styles and engaging videos. These Mexican YouTubers have managed to capture the attention of millions, gaining immense popularity both within their country and across the globe.



Subscribers (You Tube)


Kimberly Loaiza

40.9 M


Luisito Comunica

40.5 M


Los Polinesios

25.7 M



24.8 M


Juan de Dios de Pantoja

23.4 M


Fede Vigevani

22 M



29.3 M



19.4 M



17.5 M



16.7 M

From comedic sketches to beauty tutorials, and from vlogs to gaming channels, Mexican YouTubers have created diverse content that resonates with a wide range of viewers. They have harnessed the power of this video-sharing platform to entertain, educate, and inspire their audiences. With their creativity, charisma, and dedication, these YouTubers have built strong online communities and amassed millions of subscribers, turning their channels into thriving digital enterprises.

These influential Mexican YouTubers have not only made a significant impact on the digital landscape but have also influenced popular culture. They have become role models for aspiring content creators, inspiring a new generation of Mexican YouTubers to follow their dreams and make their mark on the platform. Their success stories serve as a testament to the power of online media and the boundless opportunities it offers.

Top 10 Youtubers Mexico

In this article, we will explore some of the most famous Mexican YouTubers, delving into their content, their rise to fame, and the impact they have had on the YouTube community in Mexico and beyond. Join us as we delve into the world of these captivating creators who have conquered YouTube, one video at a time.

1. Kimberly Loaiza (40.9 M)

Kimberly Loaiza is a popular Mexican YouTuber, singer, and social media influencer. Born on December 12, 1997, in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, she gained massive fame through her YouTube channel, where she shares vlogs, challenges, and lifestyle content. Kimberly has a bubbly and energetic personality that resonates with her audience, making her one of the most beloved YouTubers in Mexico.

With over 40 million subscribers on YouTube, Kimberly has established herself as one of the top female content creators in the country. Her channel features a variety of content, including makeup tutorials, music videos, and personal vlogs. She often collaborates with other popular YouTubers, further expanding her reach and influence.

In addition to her YouTube success, Kimberly Loaiza is also a talented singer. She has released several singles, such as "No Seas Celoso" and "Me Perdiste," which have garnered millions of views on YouTube and streaming platforms. Her music career has further elevated her status as a prominent figure in the Mexican entertainment industry.

Kimberly's popularity extends beyond YouTube, as she has a massive following on other social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok. Her engaging and relatable content, combined with her infectious energy, have endeared her to a wide audience, making her a true internet sensation in Mexico.

2. Luisito Comunica (40.5 M)

Luisito Comunica, whose real name is Luis Arturo Villar Sudek, is a renowned Mexican YouTuber, presenter, and travel enthusiast. Born on March 20, 1991, in Puebla, Mexico, he has gained immense popularity for his travel vlogs and engaging storytelling style.

Luisito's YouTube channel revolves around his adventures and experiences while visiting different countries around the world. With over 40 million subscribers, he has become one of the most influential travel content creators in the Spanish-speaking YouTube community. His videos showcase not only the beauty of various destinations but also provide insights into different cultures, traditions, and local cuisines.

Apart from travel content, Luisito also shares vlogs about his daily life, challenges, and collaborations with other YouTubers. His charismatic personality, humor, and genuine passion for exploration have captivated a wide audience, making him a beloved figure in the online sphere.

Luisito Comunica's success on YouTube has led to various accolades and opportunities. He has been invited to speak at conferences, has published a book about his travel experiences, and has even appeared in television shows and commercials. Through his content, Luisito inspires his viewers to step out of their comfort zones, explore the world, and embrace different cultures.

3. Los Polinesios (25.7 M)

Los Polinesios is a popular Mexican YouTube channel created by a trio of siblings: Karen, Rafa, and Lesslie. With their infectious energy and entertaining content, they have amassed a huge following on YouTube.

The channel primarily focuses on challenges, vlogs, skits, and family-friendly content. Los Polinesios gained popularity through their hilarious and relatable videos that often feature pranks, experiments, and funny situations. Their dynamic chemistry as siblings adds to the appeal of their channel, making them relatable to a wide range of viewers.

Los Polinesios' success on YouTube has allowed them to expand their reach beyond the platform. They have released music albums, written books, and embarked on successful concert tours in Mexico and other countries. Their songs, such as "Festival" and "Juntos Somos Más Fuertes," have become hits among their dedicated fanbase.

The siblings' positive and cheerful personalities have made them role models for many young viewers. They promote values like family unity, friendship, and kindness in their content. Los Polinesios have undoubtedly left a significant impact on the Mexican YouTube scene, and their success continues to grow with each new video they create.

4. Yuya (24.8 M)

Yuya, whose real name is Mariand Castrejon Castañeda, is a popular Mexican YouTuber known for her beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content. Born on March 13, 1993, in Cuernavaca, Mexico, Yuya gained immense popularity on YouTube with her charismatic personality and relatable videos. She started her channel, "Yuya," in 2009 and quickly became one of the most influential YouTubers in the Spanish-speaking world.

Yuya's content mainly focuses on makeup tutorials, fashion hauls, DIY projects, and lifestyle tips. Her engaging and easy-to-follow videos have attracted a massive following, with millions of subscribers eagerly awaiting her uploads. Yuya's positive energy, genuine approach, and down-to-earth nature have made her a role model for many young viewers.

Apart from her successful YouTube career, Yuya has expanded her brand through various ventures. She has authored books, launched her own cosmetics line called "Bailando Juntos," and collaborated with renowned beauty brands. Yuya's influence extends beyond the digital world, as she has also participated in television programs and has been recognized with numerous awards for her contributions to the beauty and fashion industry.

With her empowering messages and creative content, Yuya continues to inspire and connect with her audience, solidifying her position as one of Mexico's most influential YouTubers.

5. Juan de Dios de Pantoja (23.4 M)

Juan de Dios de Pantoja, commonly known as JD Pantoja, is a prominent Mexican YouTuber, singer, and social media personality. Born on November 16, 1997, in Mazatlán, Mexico, JD gained popularity through his engaging vlogs, challenges, and music videos. He rose to fame alongside his ex-partner, Kimberly Loaiza, and the couple became known as "Jukilop" on social media.

JD Pantoja's YouTube channel features a diverse range of content, including pranks, travel vlogs, and music releases. He has collaborated with various popular YouTubers and musicians, expanding his reach and fanbase. JD's charisma and humor have resonated with his audience, and his channel has amassed millions of subscribers.

In addition to his YouTube success, JD Pantoja has pursued a music career. He has released several singles and music videos, showcasing his talent as a singer. His songs have garnered millions of views on YouTube and have been well-received by his fans. JD's music often combines elements of reggaeton, trap, and Latin pop, reflecting his vibrant personality.

Despite facing personal challenges and controversies, JD Pantoja remains a prominent figure in the Mexican YouTube community. With his entertaining content and musical endeavors, he continues to captivate his audience and maintain a strong online presence.

6. Fede Vigevani (22 M)

Fede Vigevani, also known as Federico Vigevani, is an up-and-coming Mexican YouTuber and content creator. Born on January 20, 1995, in Mexico City, Fede has gained recognition for his comedic sketches, vlogs, and challenge videos. His unique sense of humor and relatable content have endeared him to his growing fanbase.

Fede's YouTube channel showcases a variety of entertaining content, often featuring his friends and fellow YouTubers. His videos encompass humorous skits, pranks, reaction videos, and personal vlogs, providing his viewers with an enjoyable and lighthearted experience. Fede's energy and comedic timing make his videos engaging and fun to watch.

Beyond his YouTube channel, Fede Vigevani actively interacts with his followers on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. He often shares glimpses of his daily life and behind-the-scenes moments, allowing his fans to connect with him on a more personal level. Fede's down-to-earth nature and approachability have contributed to his growing popularity.

As Fede continues to expand his online presence and experiment with different content styles, he remains a promising figure in the Mexican YouTube community. With his entertaining videos and relatable personality, he is poised to achieve even greater success in the future.

7. Yolo (29.3 M)

Yolo, whose real name is Yolanda Saldívar, is a popular Mexican YouTuber known for her entertaining and humorous content. With a vibrant personality and a knack for storytelling, Yolo has amassed a large following on her channel. She covers a wide range of topics including lifestyle, challenges, pranks, and vlogs. Yolo's videos often feature her engaging in hilarious situations or sharing her personal experiences, making her relatable to her viewers.

One of the reasons Yolo stands out is her ability to connect with her audience through her authenticity and down-to-earth nature. She is not afraid to be herself and often shares candid moments from her life, which resonates with her viewers. Yolo's energetic and enthusiastic approach to content creation keeps her audience entertained and coming back for more.

Beyond YouTube, Yolo is also active on social media platforms, where she interacts with her fans and shares snippets of her daily life. She has become a role model for many aspiring content creators in Mexico and continues to inspire others with her positive attitude and dedication to her craft. Yolo's channel is a must-watch for those seeking laughter, entertainment, and a genuine connection with a Mexican YouTube personality.

8. Jukilop (19.4 M)

Jukilop is a popular Mexican YouTube channel created by Juan de Dios Pantoja and Kimberly Loaiza, a couple known for their entertaining and engaging content. Their channel combines vlogs, challenges, pranks, and music videos, showcasing their dynamic personalities and creative ideas.

Juan and Kimberly have a strong presence on social media platforms, especially Instagram, where they have a massive following. Their content often revolves around their relationship, family life, and everyday adventures, making them relatable to their audience. They also share behind-the-scenes glimpses into their personal and professional lives, which further strengthens their connection with their fans.

One of the factors that contributed to Jukilop's success is their ability to collaborate with other popular YouTubers and celebrities, creating content that appeals to a broader audience. Their music videos, in particular, have garnered millions of views and have helped them expand their reach beyond YouTube.

Despite their fame, Juan and Kimberly remain down-to-earth and continue to engage with their fans through meet-and-greet events and fan interactions. Jukilop's channel is a go-to destination for those looking for fun, light-hearted content from a dynamic Mexican YouTube couple.

9. MissaSinfonia (17.5 M)

MissaSinfonia, also known as Melissa Infante, is a talented Mexican YouTuber who has gained popularity for her music covers and original songs. With a soulful voice and a passion for music, Melissa captivates her audience with her powerful performances and heartfelt lyrics.

On her channel, MissaSinfonia shares acoustic covers of popular songs as well as her own compositions. She often incorporates her unique style and arrangements into the songs she covers, adding a fresh and personal touch. Melissa's dedication to her craft is evident in the quality of her music, which has helped her build a loyal fan base.

In addition to her musical content, MissaSinfonia also vlogs about her daily life, sharing snippets of her journey as a musician and offering insights into her creative process. Her genuine and humble demeanor resonates with her viewers, making her relatable and inspiring to aspiring musicians.

Beyond YouTube, Melissa actively engages with her fans on social media, providing updates on her latest projects and performances. She has also collaborated with other artists and musicians, further expanding her reach in the music industry. MissaSinfonia's channel is a treasure trove for music enthusiasts who appreciate soulful vocals and heartfelt compositions.

10. DeToxoMoroxo (16.7 M)

DeToxoMoroxo is a Mexican YouTube channel created by Ricardo Ortiz, who is known for his informative and entertaining videos that cover a wide range of topics. With a humorous and engaging approach, Ricardo explores various aspects of Mexican culture, history, and everyday life, presenting them in an entertaining and educational manner.

On his channel, DeToxoMoroxo tackles subjects such as Mexican slang, traditions, myths, and even urban legends. Ricardo's content is well-researched and presented with a comedic twist, making it both informative and enjoyable to watch. He has a knack for storytelling and uses humor to engage his audience while imparting knowledge.

DeToxoMoroxo's videos often feature Ricardo's energetic and charismatic personality, creating an immersive experience for viewers. Whether he's debunking myths or sharing fascinating facts about Mexico, Ricardo's delivery and presentation style keep his audience entertained and coming back for more.

Ricardo's dedication to his channel and his commitment to delivering quality content have earned him a large and loyal fan base. DeToxoMoroxo's channel is a go-to source for those interested in learning about Mexican culture and history in an engaging and entertaining way.

Top Mexican Youtubers

The Mexican YouTube community has witnessed the rise of numerous talented and influential content creators who have captured the hearts of millions of viewers. From Kimberly Loaiza's energetic vlogs to Luisito Comunica's captivating travel adventures, and from the hilarious skits of Los Polinesios to Yuya's relatable beauty tutorials, these YouTubers have carved their own unique niches and amassed enormous followings.

These Mexican YouTubers have not only entertained their audiences but also inspired and influenced popular culture. They have created diverse content that resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds, fostering a sense of connection and community. Their success stories serve as a testament to the power of YouTube as a platform for creativity, entrepreneurship, and self-expression.

Beyond their YouTube channels, these content creators have expanded their influence through various endeavors. Many of them have ventured into music, publishing books, launching cosmetics lines, and even appearing on television shows. Their impact extends beyond the digital sphere, as they serve as role models for aspiring content creators in Mexico and around the world.

The success of these YouTubers has demonstrated the limitless opportunities that online media provides. They have harnessed the power of their personalities, creativity, and dedication to build thriving digital enterprises, reaching millions of viewers and leaving a lasting impact on the YouTube community.

As the Mexican YouTube landscape continues to evolve, it is certain that new talents will emerge, captivating audiences and contributing to the ever-growing online culture. The influence of these famous Mexican YouTubers will endure, inspiring a new generation of content creators to follow their dreams and make their mark on the platform, continuing the vibrant legacy that has been established

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Most Famous Youtubers in Mexico - FAQs

1. How did these YouTubers gain such a massive following?

These YouTubers gained a massive following through their unique content, engaging personalities, and consistent dedication to their channels.

2. Are these YouTubers only popular in Mexico?  

While these YouTubers have a significant following in Mexico, they have also gained popularity globally. Their diverse content and relatable personalities have resonated with audiences from different countries, making them international sensations.

3. Do these YouTubers collaborate with each other?

Yes, many of these YouTubers collaborate with each other. Collaborations allow them to combine their creative talents, expand their reach, and create unique and entertaining content for their audiences.

4. What impact have these YouTubers had on popular culture?

These YouTubers have had a significant impact on popular culture. They have become role models for aspiring content creators and have influenced the way people consume digital media. 

5. How do these YouTubers monetize their channels?  

These YouTubers monetize their channels through various means, including advertisements, brand partnerships, merchandise sales, and sponsored content.

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