Mirror Quick Puzzle for Crossword Puzzle Answer: 1st April 2024

Let us help you solve the Crossword Puzzle of the Mirror quickly and get the solution from it so that you get a idea for solving puzzles of any form.

by Shalini K

Updated Apr 02, 2024

Mirror Quick Puzzle for Crossword Puzzle Answer: 1st April 2024

The Mirror newspaper is the one which is used to publish Mirror Quick Crossword Puzzle, for people who love solving crossword puzzles. In crossword-type puzzles, we get to work with words, and letters so that we would get the final solution to it. Be calm and have a free mind when solving the crossword puzzle, so that you can think of the solution you need and what all words would be related to it with more understanding.

Snake (5)

Answer: COBRA

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A "cobra" is a type of snake known for its distinctive hood and venomous bite. It belongs to the family Elapidae and is native to various regions around the world.

Graph (5)

Answer: CHART

A "chart" is a graphical representation or diagram used to present information or data visually. Charts can include various types such as line charts, bar charts, pie charts, and more, and are commonly used in fields like business, science, and education

Elderly (3)

Answer: OLD

"Old" is an adjective used to describe individuals who have reached an advanced age or are no longer young. It refers to the later stages of life and is often associated with characteristics such as experience, wisdom, and maturity.

Incapable (6)

Answer: UNABLE

"Unable" is an adjective that describes a person or thing lacking the ability or capacity to do something. It indicates a state of being incapable or not able to perform a specific task or action.

Conflagration (4)

Answer: FIRE

A "fire" is a rapid and uncontrolled burning of combustible material that produces heat, light, and flames. Conflagration refers to a large and destructive fire that spreads rapidly and causes significant damage to property or the environment.

Kind (3)

Answer: ILK

"Ilk" is a noun that refers to a type, kind, or category of people or things sharing similar characteristics or qualities. It is often used in phrases like "of that ilk" to indicate similarity or association with a particular group or category.

Omen (7)


A "portent" is a sign or indication of a future event, often with ominous or significant implications. It can be interpreted as a warning or foreshadowing of something to come, either positive or negative.

Young hare (7)


A "leveret" is a term used to describe a young hare, specifically a baby hare or rabbit. It is typically used to refer to a hare that is still relatively young and not yet fully grown.

Solidify (3)

Answer: SET

To "set" means to become firm or solid, typically as a result of cooling, hardening, or coagulating. It can refer to the process of a liquid or gel transforming into a solid state, or to the act of making something firm or fixed

Alcoholic drink-4

Answer: WINE

"Wine" is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes or other fruits. It is typically consumed for its flavor and intoxicating effects and is enjoyed in various cultures and regions around the world.

Potion (6)

Answer: ELIXIR

An "elixir" is a magical or medicinal potion believed to have special powers or properties. It is often associated with alchemy and folklore, where it is thought to possess the ability to cure illness, grant immortality, or bring about other desired effects.

And not (3)

Answer: NOR

"Nor" is a conjunction used to introduce a negative alternative or to indicate the second or further of two or more alternatives. It is often used in conjunction with "neither" or "not" to express the idea of "and not" or "or not."

Former empire-5

Answer: ROMAN

The "Roman" Empire refers to the ancient empire centered around the city of Rome, which existed from approximately 27 BCE to 476 CE. At its peak, the Roman Empire was one of the largest and most powerful empires in history, encompassing vast territories across Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Ridicule (5)

Answer: TEASE

To "tease" someone means to mock or make fun of them in a playful or taunting manner. It involves teasing or provoking someone by making jokes, sarcastic remarks, or light-hearted insults, often with the intention of amusing oneself or others.

Vegetable (11)


"Cauliflower" is a vegetable that belongs to the Brassica oleracea species, which also includes broccoli, cabbage, and kale. It is characterized by a large, white, compact head of undeveloped flower buds, often used in cooking as a nutritious and versatile ingredient.

Thieve (3)

Answer: ROB

"Rob" is a verb that means to steal or take property unlawfully, typically through force, intimidation, or deception. It is commonly used to describe the action of taking someone else's belongings without their permission

Everyone (3)

Answer: ALL

"All" is a pronoun that refers to every person or thing in a particular group, category, or set. It signifies the entirety or completeness of a group, indicating that every individual or item is included.

Living (5)

Answer: ALIVE

"Alive" is an adjective used to describe organisms that have life, vitality, or the capacity for growth and reproduction. It denotes being in a state of existence or animation, as opposed to being dead or nonliving.

Number (6-5)


"Twenty three" is a numerical phrase representing the number 23, which is composed of the digits two and three. It follows the convention of writing numbers in word form, where the value of each digit is stated in order from left to right.

Public protest (4)

Answer: DEMO

"Demo" is a shortened form of the word "demonstration." In the context of the clue, a "demo" refers to a public protest or gathering where people express their opinions, grievances, or demands regarding a particular issue or cause.

Enquire (3)

Answer: ASK

"Ask" is a verb that means to seek information or clarification by posing a question or making an inquiry. In this context, "enquire" is a synonym for "ask," indicating the act of seeking information or making a request.

Equal (3)

Answer: PAR

"Par" is a term used to indicate equality or equivalence between two or more things. It suggests that two items are on the same level or standard, neither surpassing nor falling short of each other.

Traitor (3)

Answer: RAT

In this context, "rat" is a colloquial term used to refer to a traitor or someone who betrays others by revealing confidential information or acting against their interests. It implies disloyalty or deceitful behavior

Toxin (5)

Answer: VENOM

"Venom" is a poisonous substance secreted by certain animals, such as snakes, spiders, or scorpions, which they use to inject into prey or enemies through a bite or sting. In this context, "toxin" refers to any poisonous substance, but "venom" specifically denotes poison that is injected.

Paradise (4)

Answer: EDEN

"Eden" refers to the Garden of Eden, a biblical paradise described in the Book of Genesis as the dwelling place of Adam and Eve before their expulsion. It is often depicted as a place of perfection, beauty, and abundance.

Jazz instrument? (3)

Answer: SAX

"Sax" is a colloquial abbreviation for the saxophone, a musical instrument commonly associated with jazz music. The saxophone is a versatile woodwind instrument invented by Adolphe Sax in the 1840s, and it plays a prominent role in various music genres, including jazz, blues, and rock.

Auction item (3)

Answer: LOT

In the context of auctions, a "lot" refers to an individual item or group of items offered for sale as a single unit. It can include a variety of items such as artwork, collectibles, real estate, or household goods. Bidders may bid on lots individually or as part of a larger auction event.

Anger (3)

Answer: IRE

"Ire" is a noun that refers to intense anger or wrath. It signifies strong feelings of displeasure, resentment, or indignation towards a person, situation, or event. In this context, "ire" specifically denotes the emotion of anger.

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