Michael Eavis Net Worth in 2023 How Rich is He Now?

Michael Eavis Net Worth 2023 - The famous Dairy Farmer “Michael Eavis” has a net worth of $5 Million Dollars and he was born on 17 October 1935.

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Michael Eavis Net Worth in 2023 How Rich is He Now?

How much is Michael Eavis's Net Worth? 

So how much is Michael Eavis actually worth? According to our research, Michael Eavis's net worth is estimated to be $5 Million Dollars. Michael Eavis's net worth is largely the result of his success as a Dairy Farmer.


Michael Eavis

Net Worth( 2023)

$5 Million Dollars


Dairy Farmer

Date of Birth

17 October 1935


87 years old


Dorset, United Kingdom



Who is Michael Eavis?

Michael Eavis is a prominent figure in the music industry, best known as the founder of the world-renowned Glastonbury Festival. Born on October 17, 1935, in Pilton, Somerset, England, Eavis has made a significant impact on the cultural landscape, particularly through his contributions to the music festival scene.

Eavis grew up on the Worthy Farm, a dairy farm located near Pilton. Following in his father's footsteps, he initially focused on dairy farming as his primary occupation. However, his passion for music eventually led him to create the Glastonbury Festival in 1970. What started as a modest gathering with just 1,500 attendees has evolved into one of the largest and most iconic music festivals in the world, attracting hundreds of thousands of people each year.

Under Eavis's stewardship, Glastonbury Festival has become a celebrated platform for music artists from diverse genres, spanning rock, pop, folk, electronic, and more. The festival showcases not only established acts but also provides a platform for emerging talent, making it a significant launching pad for aspiring musicians.

Eavis's dedication to promoting environmental sustainability is another hallmark of his legacy. He introduced initiatives such as renewable energy sources, waste reduction, and recycling programs, setting a new standard for eco-consciousness in the festival industry. His commitment to philanthropy is also notable, with Glastonbury Festival supporting numerous charitable causes throughout its history.

Eavis's contributions to the music industry and cultural heritage have been widely recognized and celebrated. He has received numerous accolades, including an OBE (Order of the British Empire) in 2007 for his services to music. Michael Eavis's visionary leadership and unwavering commitment have left an indelible mark, making him an influential figure in the world of music festivals.

How old is Michael Eavis?

In 2023, Michael Eavis will celebrate his 88th birthday, a testament to his remarkable journey and enduring passion for music and festivals. Born on October 17, 1935, in the picturesque village of Pilton, Somerset, England, Eavis has become a revered figure in the industry and an inspiration for countless music enthusiasts worldwide.

With each passing year, Eavis continues to exude an infectious energy and enthusiasm that belies his age. His age-defying spirit and dedication to his craft serve as an inspiration for individuals of all generations. As he reaches this milestone in 2023, Eavis's legacy as the founder of the legendary Glastonbury Festival remains firmly intact, with the festival continuing to captivate audiences and push boundaries in the realm of live music experiences.

Michael Eavis Biography

Michael Eavis, an intriguing and captivating figure, has left an indelible mark on the music industry with his undeniable charisma and unwavering dedication to creating unforgettable experiences. Born on October 17, 1935, in the charming village of Pilton, Somerset, England, Eavis's journey from a dairy farmer to the founder of one of the world's most renowned music festivals is nothing short of fascinating.

The curiosity surrounding Eavis's early life on the Worthy Farm, where he grew up, inevitably arises. How did a dairy farmer develop a deep love and appreciation for music? The answer lies in his innate passion and an insatiable appetite for exploration. Eavis's innate curiosity led him down a path where he discovered that music had the power to unite people, transcend barriers, and create magical moments.

In 1970, Eavis's curiosity manifested into reality when he organized the first Glastonbury Festival. What began as a small-scale gathering with a humble attendance of 1,500 has since transformed into a colossal event that attracts hundreds of thousands of music lovers from around the globe. The festival's rich tapestry of sound, atmosphere, and creativity became a captivating canvas for Eavis's insatiable curiosity.

One cannot help but wonder about the driving force behind Eavis's continued success. His unwavering determination to push boundaries and explore new frontiers, both musically and environmentally, has been a driving force. Eavis's commitment to fostering emerging talent and providing a platform for artists from various genres showcases his genuine curiosity for the evolving sounds of our time.

Moreover, Eavis's relentless pursuit of environmental sustainability within the festival landscape piques one's curiosity. How did he manage to introduce renewable energy sources, initiate waste reduction, and implement recycling programs? These endeavors exemplify his insatiable curiosity for finding innovative ways to create harmony between music, nature, and humanity.

As the story of Michael Eavis continues to unfold, one thing remains certain: his curiosity, ingenuity, and unwavering dedication to music will keep captivating audiences for years to come. With each chapter of his life, Eavis invites us to embrace our own curiosity, explore uncharted territories, and uncover the extraordinary within ourselves.

Real Name

Athelstan Joseph Michael Eavis CBE

Nick Name

Michael Eavis

Date of birth

17 October 1935


87 years old

Birth Place

Dorset, United Kingdom




Dairy Farmer




Wells Cathedral School - Independent School in Somerset

Kids/Children Name

Emily Eavis, Patrick Eavis

Michael Eavis Social Media Accounts


Not available


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What is Michael Eavis Nationality?

Michael Eavis, the renowned founder of the Glastonbury Festival, is a British national. Born on October 17, 1935, in Pilton, Somerset, England, Eavis's nationality is inherently tied to his country of birth. As an Englishman, Eavis has played a pivotal role in shaping the cultural landscape of the United Kingdom.

While Eavis's contributions to the music industry have garnered global recognition, his roots and connection to the local community in Somerset remain strong. His nationality has influenced his approach to organizing the Glastonbury Festival, infusing it with a distinctly British flavor and embracing diverse musical genres from within the country and beyond.

Michael Eavis Career

Michael Eavis's career has been an extraordinary journey, marked by his visionary leadership, boundless passion for music, and unwavering commitment to creating unparalleled experiences for music lovers. His illustrious career revolves around the founding and nurturing of the iconic Glastonbury Festival, transforming it from a small gathering to a global phenomenon.

Eavis's career trajectory took a significant turn in 1970 when he organized the inaugural Glastonbury Festival on his family's farm in Pilton, Somerset. What started as a modest event with a mere 1,500 attendees has since evolved into one of the largest and most influential music festivals in the world. Eavis's entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with his innate love for music, drove him to create a platform where artists from various genres could captivate and inspire audiences.

Throughout his career, Eavis has tirelessly championed emerging talent, providing a stage for up-and-coming artists to showcase their skills alongside established acts. This commitment to nurturing the next generation of musicians has cemented his reputation as a stalwart supporter of the music industry.

Eavis's career has not been limited to organizing festivals alone. He has also been an advocate for environmental sustainability within the festival landscape. He introduced renewable energy sources, implemented waste reduction measures, and promoted recycling programs, setting new standards for eco-consciousness in the music festival industry.

Beyond his work with the Glastonbury Festival, Eavis has received numerous accolades and honors for his contributions to music and culture. In 2007, he was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) for his services to music.

Michael Eavis's career exemplifies the transformative power of a single individual's vision and determination. His unwavering commitment to music, dedication to emerging talent, and pioneering environmental initiatives have left an indelible mark on the music industry, solidifying his status as a true visionary and a driving force behind the evolution of music festivals.

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Michael Eavis Net Worth - FAQ

1. Who is Michael Eavis?      

Michael Eavis is known as a Dairy Farmer. Michael Eavis was born on 17 October 1935 and presently Michael Eavis is 87 years old.

2. What is Michael Eavis Net Worth?  

As of 2023, Michael Eavis's net worth is $5 Million Dollars. Michael Eavis is a Dairy Farmer who was born on 17 October 1935.

3. How old is Michael Eavis?

Michael Eavis was born on 17 October 1935. Michael Eavis is 87 years old.

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