Masterchef Season 3 Where are they Now? Where is The Cast Now?

If you are curious about MasterChef Season 3 where are they now, read this article where we have provided all details about the MasterChef Season 3 cast and winner.  
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by Alaguvelan M | Updated Mar 29, 2023

Masterchef Season 3 Where are they Now? Where is The Cast Now?
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Masterchef Season 3 

In June 2012, the third season of the US competitive reality TV show, MasterChef, premiered on Fox for two consecutive nights on June 4 and 5. The season drew to a close on September 10, 2012, with Christine Hà, the first blind contestant, emerging as the winner of the MasterChef title, and Josh Marks being declared the runner-up. Airing from June 04 to September 10, 2012, MasterChef US Season 3 was broadcasted on Fox Network and featured 18 contestants competing for a prize of $250,000, their own cookbook, and a MasterChef trophy. Judges Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot, and Joe Bastianich put the culinary abilities of amateur chefs from the US to the test through a variety of challenges and dishes. Those who failed to impress were eliminated from the competition. Overall, MasterChef US Season 3 was a thrilling season that showcased the immense talent and creativity of amateur chefs from across the United States. It solidified the show's position as a top-rated reality cooking competition series and left fans eagerly awaiting the next season.

MasterChef Season 3 where are they Now?

From June 04 to September 10, 2012, MasterChef US Season 3 was broadcasted on Fox Network, featuring a total of 18 contestants vying for the top prize of $250,000, their own cookbook, and a coveted MasterChef trophy. Scroll down to know MasterChef Season 3 cast and where are they now. 

Anna Rossi 

Anna Rossi was a contestant on MasterChef season 3 but was eliminated in episode 9 for undercooked tortellini. After the show, she became a food writer and blogger and had her recipes featured in various publications. She also appeared on Boston morning television as a cook, did cookery demonstrations, and worked as a spokesperson for brands like Olivio. Currently, she is a host on NBC Boston's daytime television show, The Hub.

Christine Ha

Christine Ha, a student from Houston, Texas, won MasterChef Season 3 and subsequently published a cookbook. She has worked as a private chef, brand ambassador, and food blogger. Christine also co-hosts the television show Four Senses, judges on MasterChef Vietnam and appeared on MasterChef US. She received the Helen Keller Personal Achievement Award in 2014. Christine opened two restaurants, The Blind Goat in 2019 and Xin Chao in 2020, the latter with Tony J. Nguyen.

Dave Mack

Dave Mack, from Davie, Florida, worked in caviar sales and was eliminated in episode 4 of MasterChef season 3 due to not cleaning mushrooms. Following the show, he continued to blog and briefly returned to sales before becoming an events chef, catering cookery events throughout America, and owning a private catering company called Savorhous. Currently, he also serves as the Director of Product Development at Tastebuds Foodservice.

David Martinez

After being eliminated from MasterChef Season 3 in episode 16 due to a steak cooking challenge, David Martinez, who worked as an Educational Administrator in Chicago, went on to establish a private dining company. He then returned to college to complete a doctorate in Educational finance at Arizona State University and is currently serving as an Assistant Professor.

Felix Fang

As a Hollywood, California-based Food Runner, Felix Fang failed to impress the judges with her unusual corn profiteroles and was eliminated from MasterChef Season 3 in episode 15. Subsequently, she hosted an online web series on Vice and worked as a private chef for events before pursuing a career as an actress, which she is currently engaged in.

Frank Mirando

Following his elimination in MasterChef Season 3 Episode 18, where he failed to impress the judges in a souffle challenge except for his cheese souffle, Frank Mirando, who worked as a Stockbroker in Holbrook, New York, resumed his career in Wealth Management. However, he continued to pursue his passion for cooking by participating in several charity cookery events and sharing his recipes and food pictures on social media.

Helene Leeds

Helene Leeds, a former model and Health Coach from Baldwin, Maryland, failed to impress the judges with her crab soup and was eliminated from MasterChef Season 3 in Episode 6. However, she resumed her previous careers as a Health Coach and a life coach after the show and also participated in numerous cookery demonstrations and events. 

Josh Marks

Josh Marks, an Army Contract Specialist from Jackson, Mississippi, participated in MasterChef Season 3 where he was eliminated in Episode 12, but returned in Episode 14 after winning a special episode, ultimately becoming the runner-up of the season. Tragically, after the show, he passed away in October 2013 due to mental illness and suicide. Prior to his death, he suffered a car accident and was placed on a psychiatric hold, where he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and experienced psychotic episodes.

Mairym Monti Carlo

Mairym Monti Carlo, a Homemaker from Los Angeles, California, was eliminated from MasterChef Season 3 in Episode 17 due to her White Tuna Sashimi dish failing to impress the judges. However, she went on to become a TV judge on several Food Network shows a radio host, a food blogger, a public speaker, a brand spokesperson, a voice-over artist, and a charity ambassador. Currently, Mairym is the host of Food Network's Help My Yelp, a show that helps restaurants improve their ratings after receiving poor Yelp reviews.

Mike Hill 

Mike Hill, a Contractor from Powder Springs, Georgia, failed to impress the judges with his stone-baked lobster and was eliminated from MasterChef Season 3 in Episode 10. However, he went on to release his own line of spice rubs and launched Game Table TV, a YouTube channel that showcases hunting, food, and his family.

Michael Chen

Michael Chen, a Meteorology student from Austin, Texas, was eliminated from MasterChef Season 3 in Episode 5 due to incorporating cheese into his apple pie crust. However, he didn't let that setback stop him from pursuing his passion for cooking. Michael dropped out of college and traveled extensively, working in kitchens across Canada and the United States. Eventually, he became the head chef at The Kessler. To this day, Michael continues to travel the world and share mouth-watering food pictures on his Instagram. He also tied the knot with his partner Robert in July 2019.

Becky Reams

Becky Reams, a Food Photographer from Stilwell, Kansas, was eliminated from MasterChef Season 3 in Episode 19 due to her frog legs dish failing to impress the judges. However, she didn't let that stop her from pursuing her passion for food. After returning to food photography, Becky started her own catering and Private Chef company called Bang Bang Brunch. However, she later decided to change the company name and now offers personal chef services, cooking classes, and event catering.

Ryan Umane 

Ryan Umane, who hailed from New York City, was without a job when he appeared on MasterChef season 3. He was ousted in episode 7 after Gordon Ramsey gave him and Tali an ultimatum to surrender their aprons, and Ryan chose to sacrifice his. Following his stint on MasterChef, Ryan established Flavor Elevator Inc, a catering company, and concurrently pursued a career as a real estate agent.

Samantha De Silva

Samantha De Silva, a Design Consultant hailing from Miami, Florida, was eliminated in episode 4 of MasterChef season 3 as her duck dish failed to meet the judges' expectations. Post her stint on MasterChef, Samantha pursued a culinary career and now serves as a chef and Director of Kintsugi Culinary Retreat. Additionally, she also works as a hospitality and restaurant consultant.

Scott Little

Scott Little, an Interactive Producer from Annandale, Virginia, was a participant in MasterChef season 3. Unfortunately, he was eliminated in episode 8 due to his underwhelming strawberry shortcake. After his exit from MasterChef, Scott went on to co-own a catering company, The Comfortable Dish, until 2013. Presently, he works as a Production Manager at AKQA. 

Stacey Amagrande

Stacey Amagrande, a Market Manager from Apple Valley, California, was a contestant on MasterChef season 3. Unfortunately, she was eliminated in episode 13 due to her Japanese sampler dish not meeting the judges' expectations. Post MasterChef, Stacey became the Executive Chef at 7th Heaven Cafe, which, unfortunately, closed in October 2015. She worked at a farmers market before taking on the role of Executive Chef at Desert Barn Brewery. Currently, Stacey works as a chef for a private chef company named Rainbow Chef Services.

Tali Clavijo

Tali Clavijo, a musician hailing from Chicago, Illinois, competed on MasterChef season 3 but was eliminated in episode 11 due to a lackluster arctic char dish. Despite his setback, Tali continued to cook as a hobby while pursuing his music career. He worked as a recruiter for tech start-up Wag Labs Inc before assuming the role of Head of Talent at Lucky Day. Currently, Tali is employed as a Recruiter at Edify.

Tanya Noble

Tanya Noble, a student hailing from Austin, Texas, competed on MasterChef season 3 but was eliminated in episode 10 due to raw dough and garlic in her dish. Following her departure from the show, Tanya relocated to Australia where she pursued her passion for cooking and hospitality by studying and working in various restaurant and events positions, including a stint as a restaurant consultant. Additionally, Tanya is an aspiring presenter and maintains a StarNow profile. Presently, she works as a personal chef.

MasterChef Season 3 Judges

MasterChef US is a popular reality television cooking competition that first premiered on Fox in 2010. Season 3, in particular, featured an intense culinary showdown between amateur chefs from across the United States. The three judges, Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot, and Joe Bastianich, put the contestants through a series of challenges, including mystery boxes, pressure tests, and team challenges, to test their skills and creativity in the kitchen.

Gordon Ramsay, a renowned chef and television personality, co-created the series and is known for his tough-love approach to cooking. Graham Elliot, a celebrated chef, and restaurateur brings a wealth of culinary expertise to the judging panel, while Joe Bastianich, an acclaimed restaurateur, and winemaker, offers a discerning palate and critical eye. Following the third season, MasterChef US continued to attract viewers with its exciting challenges and talented contestants. Despite these changes, MasterChef US remains a beloved cooking competition that has inspired home cooks and aspiring chefs across the country to hone their culinary skills and pursue their passion for cooking.

MasterChef Season 3 Winner Now?

Christine Ha, a self-taught chef who won MasterChef's third season in 2012, lost her eyesight due to an autoimmune disease while in her early 20s. Ha did not let her condition stop her from pursuing her passion for cooking and became a judge on the show's Vietnam edition, wrote a popular cookbook, and opened a gastropub called the Blind Goat in Houston. She also opened a Vietnamese eatery called Xin Chao in collaboration with fellow chef Tony J. Nguyen and is active on Instagram, where she shares regular updates with her fans and plans to host cooking demonstrations and interactive sessions.

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MasterChef Season 3 where are they Now - FAQs

1. Who were the judges on MasterChef US season 3?

The judges were Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot, and Joe Bastianich.

2. Who won MasterChef US season 3?

Christine Ha was the winner of season 3.

3. What were some of the challenges in season 3?

The challenges in season 3 included mystery box challenges, pressure tests, and team challenges. Some of the standout challenges included creating a dish using canned foods, making a perfect risotto, and cooking for a wedding reception.

4. Where can I watch MasterChef US season 3?

MasterChef US season 3 is available for streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. It can also be purchased on DVD.

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