MasterChef Season 13 Winner Reveals, Who Won MasterChef Season 13?

Discover what MasterChef Season 13 winnerGrant Gillon had to say about his victory, his culinary journey, and what this win means to him.

by Alaguvelan M

Updated Sep 21, 2023

MasterChef Season 13 Winner Reveals, Who Won MasterChef Season 13?

MasterChef Season 13 Winner Reveals

At the conclusion of MasterChef Season 13, Grant Gillon emerged victorious. Grant's journey to the title was marked by his innovative culinary creations that blended Italian and Midwest influences, all while showcasing the underappreciated role of beer in fine dining. This victory was not only a personal triumph for Grant but also a moment of pride for the Midwest, as he represented the region with flair on the show.

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Throughout the competition, Grant aimed to challenge the stereotype of beer as a simple ingredient, proving that it could elevate dishes to new heights. He wowed the judges with his menu and confidently navigated the ups and downs of the finale, securing his well-deserved win.

Looking forward, Grant envisions opening a farm-to-table restaurant in his hometown, where he plans to continue highlighting the rich flavors of the Midwest, incorporating elements of Italian cuisine, and featuring local breweries—a culinary journey that promises to be both delicious and inspiring.

Who Won MasterChef Season 13?

Grant Gillon won MasterChef Season 13. He faced tough rivals Jennifer Maune and Kennedy Grace in the final showdown for the title, a trophy, a hefty $250,000 prize, and a state-of-the-art kitchen from Viking, along with kitchen gadgets and utensils from OXO.

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Despite a neck-and-neck race with Kennedy during the dessert course, a minor mishap by Kennedy allowed Grant to secure the top spot. His consistent performance throughout the competition, coupled with his culinary skills, led him to victory. Grant impressed the judges with his three-course meal, which featured a delightful range of flavors:

  • Appetizer: Ravioli al’ Uovo with morelle cream sauce, truffle butter, and shaved truffles.
  • Entrée: Pork loin medallions with salmoriglio sauce, agrodolce, celery root purée, and beer-braised fennel and onions.
  • Dessert: Torn stout cake with coffee stout mousse, chocolate pizzelle, and coffee ice cream.

Grant's win was not only a personal achievement but also a representation of his dedication to his culinary craft. In an interview, he expressed his profound gratitude for the support of his family and the opportunity to chase his dream. Despite facing formidable opponents in Jennifer and Kennedy, Grant's focus on competing against himself ultimately led him to victory, marking a memorable moment in his culinary journey.

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Grant Gillon's Experience in the MasterChef Season 13 Finale

In the intense finale of MasterChef Season 13, Grant Gillon, a 32-year-old beer salesman from Altoona, Iowa, faced various challenges and triumphs. After completing the dessert course, Grant felt confident, ensuring that every plate looked identical and perfectly presented. Although desserts weren't his specialty, he dedicated every minute of the 60-minute challenge to creating a winning dessert. Reflecting on the competition, Grant acknowledged that while the pasta was his comfort zone and the appetizer round brought mixed feedback, he remained determined to excel in the later courses.

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As the competition progressed, Grant knew his entrée had to shine, especially when competing against diverse proteins like venison and rabbit. With everyday ingredients, he crafted a standout pork dish that he was immensely proud of.

Despite the strong competition, Grant believed he was near the lead as he entered the dessert round. Winning the MasterChef title meant the world to him, representing not only his achievement but also the Midwest, Iowa, and his hometown of Altoona.

Grant's culinary journey aimed to showcase beer's potential in fine dining menus, highlighting its unique flavor profile often overlooked due to misconceptions. His plans include opening a farm-to-table restaurant in Altoona, incorporating Midwest and Italian influences, and featuring local breweries to create a special dining experience sourced from the heart of Iowa.

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Who is Grant Gillon?

Grant Gillon, a 32-year-old brewery sales director hailing from Altoona, Iowa, has emerged as the triumphant winner of MasterChef season 13. Cooking has always been a fervent passion for Grant. His culinary journey began with whipping up delectable dishes for himself and his college buddies.

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In recent years, his commitment to cooking deepened, and he started showcasing his culinary creations on Instagram. It was in 2022 that Grant's wife encouraged him to take a leap and audition for MasterChef, a decision that ultimately led to him clinching the coveted title.

Grant's culinary prowess shines through in his innovative and creative approach to cooking. He's renowned for his use of fresh, seasonal ingredients that elevate his dishes to new heights. His skills extend beyond the kitchen, as he's known for being an excellent team player and an effective communicator.

As he embarks on the next chapter of his culinary journey, Grant envisions opening a farm-to-table restaurant right in his hometown of Altoona, Iowa. His passion for cooking goes beyond personal achievements, as he aspires to inspire others to explore their creativity in the kitchen.

Grant Gillon has become a role model for many, and his dedication and talent are sure to drive him toward continued success in his future culinary endeavors.

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MasterChef Season 13

The thirteenth season of the popular TV show MasterChef, known as MasterChef: United Tastes of America, aired from May 24, 2023, to September 20, 2023. It featured judges Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez, and Joe Bastianich.

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The season's winner was Grant Gillon, who works as a brewery sales director. He outshone the competition, while Jennifer Maune, a lifestyle blogger, and Kennedy U., a festival vendor, finished as co-runners-up.

Fans were delighted when the show's renewal for the thirteenth season was announced on September 14, 2022, with the return of judges Bastianich, Ramsay, and Sánchez. The season had a unique theme, with contestants grouped into regions representing different parts of the United States: West, Northeast, Midwest, and South. The season premiered on May 24, 2023, offering viewers an exciting culinary journey.

MasterChef Season 13 Contestants List




Grant Gillon


Brewery sales director

Jennifer Maune


Lifestyle blogger

Kennedy U.


Festival vendor

Reagan Sidney



Wayne Lewis


Media company owner

Savannah "Sav" Miles


Farm owner

Brynn Weaver



Kolby Chandler



"MD" Madame Donut


Donut shop owner

Lizzie Hartman


Preschool teacher's aid

James Barfield


Mushroom jerky manufacturer

Charles Calvino



Nina Interlandi Bell


Marketing Manager

Kendal Adair


Trucking company owner

Kyle Hopkins



Purvi Dogra


Credit & collection manager

Sarah Fry


Social media manager

Ryan Walker


Construction Superintendent

Richie Jones-Muhammad


Music producer

Amanda Clark Katz


Stay-at-home mom

MasterChef Season 13 Overview

Show Information


Show Name

MasterChef (American season 13)


Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez, Joe Bastianich

Number of Contestants



Grant Gillon


Jennifer Maune, Kennedy U.

Country of Origin

United States

Number of Episodes


Original Network


Original Release Dates

May 24 – September 20, 2023

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MasterChef Season 13 Winner Reveals - FAQs

1. Who won MasterChef Season 13?

Grant Gillon emerged as the winner of MasterChef Season 13.

2. What was Grant Gillon's winning three-course meal?

Grant's winning three-course meal consisted of Ravioli al’ Uovo for the appetizer, Pork loin medallions for the entrée, and Torn stout cake for dessert.

3. How did Grant feel after the dessert course in the finale?

After completing the dessert course, Grant felt confident because each plate looked exactly the same, and he successfully executed it.

4. What was Grant's strategy during the competition?

Grant focused on giving his best, competing against himself, and maintaining his A-game throughout the competition.

5. Why did Grant want to represent the Midwest on MasterChef?

Grant was proud to represent the Midwest and his hometown of Altoona, Iowa. He believes in rooting for contestants from his region and wanted to showcase Midwest cuisine.

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