Married at First Sight Season 9 Who is Still Together?

Married at First Sight Season 9 Who is still together? We dive into the relationships formed during Season 9 of Married at First Sight and provide updates on which couples are still together.

by Ushapriyanga | Updated May 31, 2023

Married at First Sight Season 9 Who is Still Together?

Married at First Sight 

Married at First Sight is an American reality television series that follows singles who agree to marry partners chosen for them by a team of relationship experts. The couples meet for the first time on their wedding day and spend their wedding night in a hotel before leaving for a honeymoon. Upon returning home, they live together as a married couple for the remainder of the eight weeks.

Thereafter they must choose to divorce or stay married. The series first aired on July 8, 2014, on FYI and has since been renewed for 16 seasons. It is based on a Danish series titled Gift Ved Første Blik that first aired in 2013.

Married at First Sight Season 9 Who is Still Together?

Iris Cadwell & Keith Manley: Divorced

Iris and Keith were not compatible. Iris was a virgin who was reluctant to be intimate with Keith, and while Keith was patient and understanding, he felt frustrated with Iris' overall immaturity. On Decision Day, Iris wanted to remain married, but Keith admitted that he wanted a divorce. As of 2022, Iris and Keith remain cordially divorced.

Elizabeth Bice & Jamie Thompson: Married

Elizabeth and Jamie were considered an odd match by MAFS fans, but they agreed to stay married at the end of season 9. The two have remained together ever since and now live in Denver, Colorado.

Deonna McNeill & Gregory Okotie: Married

Deonna and Gregory were considered a successful match by MAFS viewers and became the fan favorites of season 9. They said "Yes" on Decision Day and have been happily married ever since. They have a son named Declan.

Amber Bowles & Matthew Gwynne: Divorced

 Amber and Matthew were considered the worst couple of season 9. Matthew exacerbated Amber's concerns by treating her feelings and opinions with nonchalance. He was even accused of infidelity. Amber and Matthew separated on Decision Day and have no plans to get back together.

Married at First Sight Season 9 Casts





Iris Caldwell

27 Non-profit Program Coordinator Married

Keith Manley

27 Mortgage Consultant Married

Deonna McNeill

30 Operations Manager Married

Gregory Okotie

32 Math Learning Center Owner Married

Elizabeth Bice

29 Account Executive Divorced

Jamie Thompson

35 Technical Consultant Divorced

Amber Bowles

27 Middle School Teacher Divorced

Matthew Gwynne

32 Professional Basketball Player Divorced

Married At First Sight Season 9 

Married at First Sight Season 9 aired on the Nine Network from January 31 to May 23, 2022. The season featured eight couples who were matched by relationship experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling, and Alessandra Rampolla. The couples met for the first time at their weddings and then had to decide whether to stay together or divorce at the end of the experiment.

The season was full of drama, with couples breaking up, cheating, and even getting physical. In the end, only two couples, Domenica and Jack and Ella and Mitch, decided to stay together.

Married at First Sight is a popular reality show that has been on the air for nine seasons. The show has been praised for its realistic portrayal of marriage and relationships, but it has also been criticized for its focus on drama and conflict. Despite the criticism, Married at First Sight remains a popular show that attracts millions of viewers each week.

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Married at First Sight Season 9 Who is Still Together-FAQs

1. What is Married at First Sight?

"Married at First Sight" is a reality TV show where individuals agree to marry a complete stranger selected for them by a team of relationship experts. The couples meet for the first time at the altar and then spend several weeks living together as they navigate their new married life.

2. How does the selection process work?

The selection process involves extensive interviews, psychological evaluations, and compatibility assessments conducted by the show's experts. They consider factors such as personality traits, values, and lifestyle preferences to match individuals they believe have a high chance of a successful marriage.

3. Are the marriages legally binding?

Yes, the marriages on "Married at First Sight" are legally binding. The couples sign marriage licenses and have a legally recognized marriage. However, the show covers the costs of the marriage and assists with the paperwork.

4. What happens after the wedding?

After the wedding, the couples go on a honeymoon and then move in together to start their married life. They receive guidance and support from the show's experts throughout the experiment. They also participate in weekly counseling sessions and various activities to help foster their relationship.

5. Is there any compensation for appearing on the show?

No, participants on "Married at First Sight" do not receive compensation for their participation. The show covers the costs of the wedding and provides support services, but the individuals themselves do not receive payment.

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