March 27, 2024 The Metro Quick Crossword Solution Revealed

The Metro Quick Crosswords Answer is a daily brain-boosting crossword that’s packed with fast paced clues and fast paced solutions. Get into a frenzy of wordplay and beat every grid with ease.

by J Nandhini

Updated Mar 27, 2024

March 27, 2024 The Metro Quick Crossword Solution Revealed

Run to the end of the day and beat the Metro Quick crossword answer. The Metro Quick crossword is your brain’s best friend every day. It’s packed with fast-paced clues and fast-paced solutions. You’ll be immersed in a never-ending stream of wordplay, and you’ll be able to beat each grid with ease.

Facial hair (5)

Answer: BEARD

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The phrase "Facial hair" suggests hair that grows on the face, typically on the chin and cheeks of men. A "Beard" is a collection of hair that grows on the lower portion of a man's face, including the chin and jawline. It is a common feature in many adult males and can vary in length and thickness.

Large sea mammal (6)

Answer: WALRUS

The phrase "Large sea mammal" suggests an aquatic animal that is sizable in nature and resides in the ocean. A "Walrus" is a large marine mammal with prominent tusks and thick, wrinkled skin. They are typically found in the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions and are known for their distinctive appearance and behavior.

Antenna (6)

Answer: AERIAL

The term "Antenna" suggests a structure used for transmitting or receiving electromagnetic waves, typically for communication purposes. An "Aerial" is a type of antenna that is typically installed outdoors and used to receive radio or television signals. It is often mounted high above the ground for optimal reception.

Without money (5)

Answer: SKINT

The phrase "Without money" suggests a state of financial insufficiency or poverty. "Skint" is a colloquial term used to describe someone who has little or no money, often implying a temporary lack of funds or financial difficulty. It is commonly used in informal language to refer to being broke or penniless.

Loose flowing garment (4)

Answer: ROBE

The phrase "Loose flowing garment" suggests an item of clothing that is worn loosely and flows freely around the body. A "Robe" fits this description perfectly. A robe is a loose-fitting garment, typically worn for lounging, sleeping, or ceremonial purposes. It often has wide sleeves and extends down to the ankles.

Has faith in (6)

Answer: TRUSTS

The phrase "Has faith in" suggests believing in or relying on someone or something. "Trusts" is the verb form of trust, indicating the act of placing confidence or belief in someone or something. It implies reliance and confidence in the integrity, ability, or truthfulness of another person.

Embodiment (7)


The term "Embodiment" suggests a perfect example or representation of a particular quality or characteristic. "Epitome" refers to the ideal or highest standard of something, embodying the essential characteristics or features of a concept or category. It represents the quintessence or essence of a particular idea or notion

Golf peg (3)

Answer: TEE

The phrase "Golf peg" suggests an object used in golf to elevate the ball for an initial stroke. A "Tee" is a small peg or spike, typically made of wood or plastic, placed into the ground to support the golf ball before it is struck. It allows for a clean and easy shot, especially for drives from the tee box.

Planet's path (5)

Answer: ORBIT

"Planet's path" refers to the curved path or trajectory followed by a planet as it revolves around a star, such as the sun. An "Orbit" specifically describes the path followed by a celestial body under the influence of gravitational forces, typically around a larger body. It can also refer to the region of space occupied by a celestial object as it travels in its path

Big cat (5)

Answer: TIGER

The term "Big cat" suggests a large predatory feline animal. A "Tiger" is one of the largest and most recognizable big cats, known for its distinctive orange fur with black stripes. Tigers are apex predators native to various parts of Asia and are known for their strength, agility, and hunting prowess.

Canvas shelters (5)

Answer: TENTS

The phrase "Canvas shelters" suggests temporary structures made of canvas fabric used for shelter or protection from the elements. "Tents" are portable shelters typically made of canvas or similar materials, supported by poles and ropes. They are commonly used for camping, outdoor events, or emergency situations.

Helicopter blade (5)

Answer: ROTOR

The phrase "Helicopter blade" suggests a component of a helicopter responsible for generating lift and propulsion. A "Rotor" is a rotating blade or system of blades attached to the main rotor shaft of a helicopter. The rotor blades create lift by spinning rapidly through the air, allowing the helicopter to achieve flight.

Heavy-hearted (3)

Answer: SAD

The term "Heavy-hearted" suggests a state of deep sadness or sorrow. "Sad" is an adjective used to describe feelings of unhappiness, sorrow, or grief. When someone is heavy-hearted, they are burdened by sadness or emotional distress.

German measles (7)


The phrase "German measles" refers to a contagious viral infection also known as rubella. "Rubella" is a disease caused by the rubella virus, characterized by a distinctive rash and mild symptoms such as fever and swollen lymph nodes.

Votes in (6)

Answer: ELECTS

The phrase "Votes in" suggests the process of selecting someone for a position or office through voting. "Elects" is the verb form of elect, indicating the act of choosing or selecting someone for a particular role or position through a voting process. It implies the action of casting votes to determine the outcome of an election. The word "Elects" corresponds directly to the clue

Drawn matches (4)

Answer: TIES

The phrase "Drawn matches" suggests sports competitions or contests that end in a tie or deadlock, where neither side emerges as the winner. "Ties" is a term used to describe matches or games in which the scores or outcomes are equal, resulting in a draw. In various sports, such as soccer or basketball, a tied game may be referred to as a tie.

Speed contests (5)

Answer: RACES

"Speed contests" suggests competitions or events where participants compete to complete a task or course in the shortest amount of time. "Races" are organized events where individuals or teams compete against each other to achieve the fastest time or reach a specific goal. Races can involve running, swimming, cycling, or other forms of locomotion

Average (6)

Answer: MEDIUM

"Average" suggests a middle point or value between extremes, often used to represent typical or normal values within a set of data. "Medium" can refer to an intermediate level or degree, falling between high and low extremes. It can also denote something that is average or typical in size, quality, or intensity.

Baby's toy (6)

Answer: RATTLE

Baby's toy" suggests an object or plaything intended for infants or young children. A "Rattle" is a traditional baby toy consisting of a hollow container filled with small objects like beads or pellets, with a handle attached. When shaken, the rattle produces a sound, providing sensory stimulation for the baby

Untidy (5)

Answer: MESSY

"Untidy" suggests a lack of organization or neatness. "Messy" is an adjective used to describe something that is disorderly, cluttered, or unkempt. It implies a state of disarray or untidiness.

Cognizant (5)

Answer: AWARE

The term "Cognizant" suggests being aware or conscious of something. "Aware" is an adjective that means having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact. It indicates being mindful or alert to one's surroundings or circumstances

Defence plea (5)

Answer: ALIBI

The phrase "Defence plea" suggests a legal defense strategy in which the accused provides evidence or testimony to prove their absence from the scene of a crime. An "Alibi" is a defense plea that asserts the presence of the accused elsewhere at the time the alleged crime was committed, thus proving their innocence.

Public transport vehicle (3)

Answer: BUS

"Public transport vehicle" suggests a mode of transportation used to carry passengers on scheduled routes. A "Bus" is a large motor vehicle designed to transport multiple passengers along predetermined routes

--- roll, kayak manoeuvre (6)

Answer: ESKIMO

The term "--- roll" refers to a specific maneuver used in kayaking called the "Eskimo roll." It is a technique used to recover from a capsized position by rolling the kayak upright without exiting the boat. The "Eskimo roll" is a fundamental skill in kayaking, allowing paddlers to maintain control and safety in rough water conditions

Bombast (4)

Answer: RANT

The term "Bombast" suggests pompous or inflated language, often used to impress or deceive. "Rant" is a verb that means to speak or write in a loud, extravagant, or exaggerated manner, typically expressing strong opinions or grievances. It implies verbose or ranting speech

American city (7)


American city" refers to a city located within the United States. "Detroit" is a major city in the state of Michigan, known for its historical significance in the automotive industry and its cultural contributions, particularly in music. It is one of the largest cities in the United States and is often referred to as the "Motor City" or the "Birthplace of Motown."

Foremost (5)

Answer: FIRST

The term "Foremost" suggests being at the front or leading position in a sequence or hierarchy. "First" is an adjective that means coming before all others in time, order, or importance. It denotes the initial or primary position in a series

Shut (5)

Answer: CLOSE

The term "Shut" suggests closing or blocking access to something. "Close" is a verb that means to shut or obstruct something, preventing entry or passage. It implies bringing something to a state of being closed or sealed.

Visual (7)


The term "Visual" suggests related to sight or vision. "Optical" is an adjective that pertains to optics or the science of light and vision. It describes anything related to the properties of light or vision, such as optical illusions or optical devices.

Anaesthetic (5)

Answer: ETHER

Anaesthetic" suggests a substance used to induce insensitivity to pain or sensation. "Ether" is a volatile liquid compound historically used as an anaesthetic agent in medical procedures. It acts as a numbing agent, causing loss of consciousness and pain relief.

Any fabric or cloth (7)


The phrase "Any fabric or cloth" suggests a broad category of materials used for making fabric or cloth. "Textile" is a term that encompasses any material composed of fibers, including natural fibers like cotton or silk and synthetic fibers like polyester or nylon. It refers to woven or knitted fabrics used for clothing, furnishings, or other purposes.

Mistake (5)

Answer: ERROR

The term "Mistake" suggests an action or judgment that is incorrect or erroneous. "Error" is a noun that denotes a mistake or fault in action, judgment, or calculation. It implies a deviation from accuracy or correctness.

Belief (5)

Answer: TENET

The term "Belief" suggests a principle or doctrine accepted as true or held to be an essential part of a system of beliefs. "Tenet" is a noun that refers to a principle or belief, especially one of the main principles of a religion, philosophy, or ideology. It implies a fundamental belief or doctrine.

Speaker's platform (7)


The phrase "Speaker's platform" suggests a raised platform or stage from which a speaker addresses an audience. "Rostrum" is a term that refers to such a platform or podium, typically used for public speaking or presentations. It provides an elevated position from which the speaker can address a crowd or audience effectively. The word "Rostrum" corresponds directly to the clue.

Measuring sticks (6)

Answer: RULERS

Measuring sticks" suggests tools used to measure length or distance. "Rulers" are common measuring instruments consisting of straight strips marked with units of length, such as inches or centimeters. They are typically used in schools, offices, and workshops for precise measurement tasks

Appears to be (5)

Answer: SEEMS

Appears to be" suggests an impression or perception of something. "Seems" is a verb that indicates an appearance or impression of a particular state or condition, often based on observation or inference. It implies that something appears to have a certain quality or characteristic

Actions (5)

Answer: DEEDS

Actions" suggests activities or behaviors performed by individuals. "Deeds" are actions or acts, often with significant consequences or implications. They can refer to both physical actions and moral or ethical actions

Raises (5)

Answer: LIFTS

"Raises" suggests lifting or elevating something. "Lifts" is a verb that means to raise or elevate an object or person to a higher position. It can also denote the act of providing assistance or support

Fire remains (5)

Answer: ASHES

"Fire remains" suggests the residue left behind after something has been burned. "Ashes" are the powdery residue remaining after the combustion of organic matter, such as wood or paper. They are commonly associated with the aftermath of a fire.

Identical (4)

Answer: SAME

The term "Identical" suggests having the same characteristics or qualities. "Same" is an adjective that means being exactly alike or similar in every way. It implies no difference or variation between two or more things

Speak (3)

Answer: SAY

The term "Speak" suggests the act of verbal communication or expressing thoughts or words aloud. "Say" is a verb that means to articulate words or utterances, conveying meaning or information through speech. It implies verbal expression or communication.

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