Lewis Capaldi Illness: Does Lewis Capaldi Have a Twitch?

Lewis Capaldi illness details are provided here, discover whether he got Twitch and Tourette Syndrome, and read about the health condition of the singer Lewis Capaldi.

by Aishwarya R

Updated May 29, 2023

Lewis Capaldi Illness: Does Lewis Capaldi Have a Twitch?

Who is Lewis Capaldi?

Lewis Marc Capaldi, a Scottish singer-songwriter and musician, has captured the hearts of millions with his soul-stirring music. His talent and dedication have earned him recognition and accolades in the music industry. In 2019, Capaldi's star shone brightly as he was nominated for the esteemed Critics' Choice Award at the Brit Awards. His single "Someone You Loved" soared to the top of the UK Singles Chart, holding its reign for an impressive seven weeks.

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The heartfelt ballad also conquered the US Billboard Hot 100, reaching the coveted number one spot. Its poignant lyrics touched the hearts of listeners worldwide, earning Capaldi a nomination for Song of the Year at the Grammys and securing him the prestigious Brit Award for Song of the Year in 2020. With his undeniable talent, Capaldi also claimed the title of Best New Artist at the 2020 Brit Awards.

His debut album, aptly titled "Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent," captivated audiences, dominating the UK Albums Chart for an incredible six weeks. The album's profound impact extended beyond its initial release, as it became the best-selling album not only in 2019 but also in 2020 across the UK. To add to his triumphs, "Someone You Loved" emerged as the best-selling single of 2019 in the UK, cementing Capaldi's place in music history.

In May 2020, the world stood in awe as Capaldi's "Someone You Loved" made its mark as the longest-running top 10 UK single of all time by a British artist. This remarkable achievement showcased his unwavering popularity and the profound connection he has established with his audience.

Lewis Capaldi's passion for music shines through in every note he sings, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and the hearts of his fans. With his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics, he has carved a place for himself as one of the most beloved and celebrated artists of our time.

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Lewis Capaldi Illness

Fans of Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi have rallied behind him after he displayed symptoms of Tourette's syndrome during a concert. Video clips from his Tuesday night performance in Frankfurt captured Capaldi turning away from the microphone while experiencing head and shoulder twitches while singing his popular song "Someone You Loved." Despite the involuntary tics, Capaldi's audience continued singing along, and he resumed singing once the twitching subsided.

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Capaldi had publicly discussed his diagnosis with Tourette's syndrome last year. Tourette's is a condition characterized by involuntary repetitive movements or sounds, known as tics. In response to the video clips, fans took to social media, praising Capaldi for his resilience in continuing to perform despite his symptoms. They found his openness about his condition inspiring, with some expressing comfort in knowing that they too could pursue their dreams despite living with Tourette's.

One TikTok video of Capaldi's performance garnered nearly 32 million views, and the comments overflowed with admiration and respect for the singer. Users shared their own experiences with Tourette's, commending Capaldi for shedding light on the condition. Prior to his recent concert, Capaldi had addressed fans' concerns in a January TikTok video, where he explained that his tics become more pronounced when he feels tired, nervous, or excited. He assured fans that his symptoms were not a cause for alarm and attributed their intensity to the demanding nature of his performances.

Capaldi had previously disclosed his Tourette's diagnosis in September 2022, stating that it provided clarity and explained his jittery demeanor. He noted that people often mistakenly assumed he was under the influence of drugs when they met him. In an effort to manage his symptoms, he had received Botox injections in his shoulder. Singer Billie Eilish, who also has Tourette's syndrome, revealed her own diagnosis as a child in 2018. Capaldi's openness about his condition has not only endeared him to fans but also increased awareness and understanding of Tourette's syndrome.

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Does Lewis Capaldi Have a Twitch?

Lewis Capaldi Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles and Twitches in New Netflix Documentary In an upcoming Netflix documentary, singer Lewis Capaldi has revealed his fears of never being able to perform again due to his mental health struggles and uncontrollable twitches. The documentary, titled "How I'm Feeling Now," explores Capaldi's journey, including his battle with severe back pain that left him unable to write new music.

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In preview scenes from the documentary obtained by The Daily Star, Capaldi admits that he has difficulty remembering his 2020 tour because he was consumed by fear and began experiencing severe panic attacks. The singer describes how his twitches became increasingly intense, causing him physical and emotional distress. The pressure to meet the expectations of others added to his anxiety, making it challenging for him to perform his songs.

Capaldi further reveals that his twitching worsens when he sits down to play the piano, leading to physical pain and shortness of breath. Panic attacks became a regular occurrence, causing him to feel disconnected from reality, struggle to breathe, experience dizziness, and convulse uncontrollably. He recalls feeling trapped, believing he would be stuck with these symptoms forever or that he might die.

Seeking help, Capaldi consulted a therapist who suggested that his anxiety could be linked to the loss of his grandmother and his aunt's suicide. After undergoing further tests, Capaldi received a diagnosis of Tourette's syndrome, which offered him some relief and allowed him to better manage his anxiety and symptoms. "How I'm Feeling Now," directed by BAFTA winner Joe Pearlman, is a raw and honest music documentary that delves into Capaldi's mental health struggles, Tourette's diagnosis, and life in the spotlight.

The trailer provides a glimpse into Capaldi's challenges with fame and his journey towards finding balance. The film aims to shed light on his experiences and inspire others who may be facing similar struggles. Capaldi, known for his candid and self-deprecating humor, jokingly responded to his mother recounting an awkward incident involving a panic attack during a one-night stand, expressing that he didn't think it needed to be shared. The documentary will be released on Netflix on April 5th, giving fans a deeper understanding of Capaldi's personal journey and the impact it has had on his music and career.

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Does Lewis Capaldi Have Tourettes?

Yes, Lewis Capaldi Has Tourettes. Tourette syndrome, also known as Tourette's, is a neurological or neurodevelopmental disorder named after Gilles de la Tourette, a 19th-century researcher. It is characterized by uncontrollable and abrupt movements or noises called tics. Tics are involuntary behaviors that cannot be stopped or controlled. Motor tics, such as shoulder shrugs, and vocal tics, such as throat clearing, are examples of tics associated with Tourette syndrome.

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Vocal tics often appear before motor tics. Tourette syndrome typically develops in early childhood and often improves as individuals grow older. Although the exact cause of Tourette syndrome is unknown, research suggests a genetic component as it tends to run in families. It is likely that genes play a role in this condition. Additionally, neurotransmitters, which are chemicals responsible for controlling behavior and movement, may also be involved if there are abnormalities in how the brain metabolizes these substances.

Diagnosing Tourette involves medical professionals evaluating the individual's medical history and symptoms. To meet the criteria for a tic disorder, the tics must have started before the age of 18 and involve both motor and vocal tics for more than a year. Blood tests or imaging examinations are not typically necessary for diagnosis. Instead, healthcare professionals conduct thorough interviews to assess the presence and characteristics of tics.

Lewis Capaldi Health Problems

Lewis Capaldi has been open about his health problems, including mental health struggles and a diagnosis of Tourette's syndrome. He has spoken about the challenges he has faced and how they have impacted his life and career.

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Capaldi revealed that he experienced uncontrollable twitches as a result of his Tourette's syndrome. These tics, which are involuntary movements or noises, became out of control and caused him significant distress. He described the experience as awful and horrific, noting that the twitches intensified when he played the piano, leading to physical pain and difficulty breathing.

In addition to his Tourette's symptoms, Capaldi has also been candid about his mental health struggles. He has spoken about severe panic attacks that left him feeling disconnected from reality and experiencing physical symptoms such as dizziness and convulsions. These panic attacks often made him feel like he was going insane. Capaldi sought help from a therapist, who suggested that his anxiety could be linked to personal losses, including the death of his grandmother and his aunt's suicide.

Despite these challenges, Capaldi has continued to pursue his music career and has used his platform to raise awareness about Tourette's syndrome and mental health issues. He has been praised by fans for his openness and honesty, and his willingness to share his experiences has inspired others who may be facing similar difficulties.

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Lewis Capaldi Early Life

Born amidst the vibrant streets of Glasgow, Scotland, Lewis Capaldi's journey to musical greatness was destined from the start. At the tender age of four, fate led his family to the town of Bathgate in West Lothian, where young Lewis would discover his extraordinary talent. With a rich heritage blending Scottish, Irish, and Italian roots, Capaldi's diverse background adds depth and nuance to his artistic expression.

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As the youngest of four siblings, he brought an unexpected spark of joy to his family, even after his father's vasectomy. It was a twist of fate that heralded the arrival of a true music maestro. A moment of destiny awaited Capaldi on a family trip to France, where, at the age of four, he stood on stage and let his voice soar. The exhilaration of that performance ignited a fire within him, propelling him towards a future filled with endless possibilities.

By the tender age of nine, he had picked up a guitar, and the world of melodies opened up before him. Undeterred by his youth, Capaldi fearlessly delved into songwriting, pouring his heart and soul into every lyric. Determined to share his passion with the world, he embarked on a journey that led him to clandestine gigs, sneaking into pubs with the unwavering support of his eldest brother. Through those humble beginnings, the seeds of greatness were sown, and a star was born.

Lewis Capaldi's story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the courage to follow one's dreams. From the streets of Glasgow to the global stage, he has inspired countless aspiring musicians to embrace their talents and embrace the magic of music. With each note he strums and every lyric he sings, he continues to ignite the fire within us all, reminding us that greatness knows no boundaries.

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Lewis Capaldi Girlfriend

Ellie MacDowell is an enchanting actor and dancer hailing from the captivating city of Edinburgh. As fate would have it, her path intertwined with the extraordinary Lewis Capaldi, igniting a love story that warms the hearts of fans worldwide. With a passion for dance deeply ingrained within her, Ellie pursued her dreams, dedicating three years to the study of dance for commercial performance during her university days.

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But her talents don't stop there, as she has also honed her skills in acting and singing, showcasing her versatility and captivating presence. Now, residing in the vibrant city of London, Ellie's love story with Lewis Capaldi blossomed. Though the details of their first encounter remain a mystery, their journey as a couple became public when they were spotted on a romantic date in November 2022.

The sparks between them were undeniable, and their connection grew stronger as they graced the Brit Awards after party together in early 2023. Lewis himself couldn't contain his happiness when he spoke about Ellie during an interview. He gushed, "I have a girlfriend, and that's going really well. I am a happy chappy, and she's a lovely lady. I feel good about everything." Their love radiates, filling their lives with joy and laughter.

In the realm of music, Lewis poured his emotions into his latest song, "Wish You The Best." Inspired by the bittersweet feeling of letting someone go, the track encapsulates the struggle of wanting to express all the reasons why they should stay, while simultaneously wishing them happiness and success. It's a heartwarming tune that embodies the essence of a blissful summer.

While Lewis had previously captured hearts alongside Scottish singer Paige Turley, who won the 2020 season of Love Island, it is his affection for Ellie that now takes center stage. Their love story enchants us all, reminding us that true connections can blossom in unexpected ways.

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Lewis Capaldi Net Worth

Lewis Capaldi's primary source of income is his successful music career. As a singer, songwriter, and musician, he earns revenue through various channels related to his music. Capaldi generates income from the sale and streaming of his music. His hit songs, albums, and collaborations contribute to his earnings through digital downloads, physical album sales, and streaming platforms.

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One significant source of income for Capaldi is his live performances. He earns revenue from ticket sales for his concerts and tours. As a highly sought-after artist, his shows attract large audiences, allowing him to command higher ticket prices. Like many artists, Capaldi offers merchandise related to his brand. This includes items such as t-shirts, hoodies, posters, and accessories featuring his name, logo, or album artwork. Merchandise sales contribute to his overall income.

Lewis Capaldi Net Worth


Lewis Capaldi Net Worth

Net Worth 2023

$10 Million


Singer - Songwriter



Source of Income

Through his music Career

As a songwriter, Capaldi earns royalties from the use of his music. These royalties come from various sources, including radio play, television and film placements, and streaming platforms. Whenever his songs are played or used in any commercial capacity, he receives a portion of the royalties generated. As his popularity has grown, Capaldi has also secured endorsement deals and sponsorships with brands. These partnerships involve promoting products or services, and he receives compensation in return.

Capaldi may also earn income from the publishing rights to his music. This involves licensing his songs for use by other artists, in films, commercials, or television shows, and collecting royalties from those uses.

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Lewis Capaldi Illness - FAQs

1. What is Lewis Capaldi's illness?  

Lewis Capaldi has been open about his diagnosis with Tourette syndrome, a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary repetitive movements and sounds known as tics.


2. When did Lewis Capaldi reveal his diagnosis?

Capaldi publicly spoke about his experience with Tourette syndrome in September, but he had previously mentioned his condition in interviews throughout 2022.

3. How does Lewis Capaldi's Tourette syndrome affect him during performances?

Capaldi's Tourette syndrome can manifest as tics, which are uncontrollable movements or noises. During performances, he may experience head and shoulder twitches or vocal tics. However, he continues to perform and has received support from fans for his resilience.

4. How has Lewis Capaldi managed his Tourette syndrome symptoms?

Capaldi has sought various methods to manage his Tourette syndrome symptoms. He mentioned receiving Botox injections in his shoulder to help reduce twitching. Additionally, he has sought help from therapists to address anxiety and reduce the intensity of his tics.


5. Has Lewis Capaldi's openness about his Tourette syndrome inspired others?  

Yes, Capaldi's openness about his Tourette syndrome has inspired and comforted many fans who also live with the condition. His ability to pursue his passion for music despite his challenges serves as an inspiration to others who may face similar struggles.

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