Learn the Answer for Metro Quick Crossword Puzzle dated April 1st, 2024

This article is about Metro Quick Crossword Puzzle, where you get to understand the clue and then find the answer to the clue given.

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Updated Apr 01, 2024

Learn the Answer for Metro Quick Crossword Puzzle dated April 1st, 2024

Are you a person who is a lover of puzzles, crosswords, and activities that include a clue and deriving an answer to the question given, then you are at the right place. We will help you understand what are crosswords, and the ways to solve a crossword and then land at the solution for it. Crossword is a kind of training your brain and developing thinking skills.

Return to custody (6)

Answer: REMAND

"Remand" refers to the legal process of returning a person accused or convicted of a crime to custody, typically while awaiting further legal proceedings or trial. It involves sending someone back to jail or detention temporarily until their case is resolved.

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Evident (8)


"Apparent" is an adjective used to describe something that is clearly visible, obvious, or easily perceived. It denotes a situation or fact that is readily apparent or evident without the need for further explanation or investigation.

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Flash of lightning (4)

Answer: BOLT

"Bolt" refers to a sudden and intense flash of lightning, typically accompanied by a loud thunderclap. It describes a rapid and powerful discharge of electricity between clouds or between a cloud and the ground during a thunderstorm.

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Private evening party (6)

Answer: SOIREE

A "soiree" is a French term for a formal or elegant evening party or social gathering, typically held in a private residence or exclusive venue. It is characterized by sophisticated ambiance, conversation, and often includes music, dancing, and refreshments

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Car shed (6)

Answer: GARAGE

A "garage" is a building or structure designed to store and protect vehicles, especially cars. It provides shelter from the elements and serves as a secure location for parking, maintenance, and storage of automobiles.

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Insulate (3)

Answer: LAG

"Lag" is a verb that can mean to insulate or slow down the transfer of heat, sound, or other forms of energy. In this context, "lag" can refer to the act of adding insulation or a barrier to prevent the loss of heat or the passage of sound

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Of the sun (5)

Answer: SOLAR

"Solar" is an adjective that pertains to or is related to the sun. It is commonly used to describe things that involve or utilize the energy of the sun, such as solar panels, solar energy, or solar radiation.

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Conversation (4)

Answer: TALK

"Talk" is a noun that refers to a verbal exchange or dialogue between two or more people. It involves the sharing of ideas, information, or thoughts through spoken words, and it can range from casual chitchat to more formal discussions

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Under (5)

Answer: BELOW

"Below" is a preposition used to indicate a position or location that is lower than or beneath something else. It signifies being situated at a lower level or in a lower position relative to a reference point.

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Student (5)

Answer: PUPIL

"Pupil" is a noun that refers to a student, especially a young student attending school. It is often used to describe someone who is receiving formal education under the guidance of a teacher or instructor.

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Inspection of accounts (5)

Answer: AUDIT

An "audit" is a thorough examination or inspection of financial records, accounts, or statements to verify their accuracy, completeness, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Audits are often conducted by independent auditors or government agencies to ensure transparency and accountability in financial reporting

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Person from Denmark (4)

Answer: DANE

A "Dane" is a noun used to describe a person who is a native or inhabitant of Denmark. It refers to someone who is of Danish nationality or descent, hailing from the Scandinavian country of Denmark.

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Polite, courteous (5)

Answer: CIVIL

"Civil" is an adjective that describes someone who is polite, courteous, or well-mannered in their behavior and interactions with others. It implies treating others with respect, kindness, and consideration, often in a formal or socially acceptable manner.

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Food fish (3)

Answer: BIB

A "bib" is a colloquial term used to refer to a small edible fish, typically of the family Clupeidae, such as the herring or sardine. It is commonly consumed as a source of protein and nutrients in various cuisines around the world

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Funeral car (6)

Answer: HEARSE

A "hearse" is a vehicle used to transport the deceased in a coffin or casket during funeral processions. It is typically a long, black car with a compartment for carrying the casket and is a symbol of solemnity and respect for the deceased

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Concealed or secret (6)

Answer: COVERT

"Covert" is an adjective that describes something hidden, disguised, or concealed from view. It can refer to secret or clandestine activities, operations, or locations that are not easily detected or observed.

Complain bitterly (4)

Answer: RAIL

"Rail" is a verb that means to complain or criticize vehemently and bitterly about something. It implies expressing strong discontent or frustration with a particular situation, often with passionate or forceful language.

State of being alone (8)


"Solitude" is a noun that refers to the state of being alone or isolated from others. It denotes a peaceful or reflective state of seclusion where one is free from distractions and interruptions, often sought for introspection or contemplation

Snout beetle (6)

Answer: WEEVIL

A "weevil" is a type of small beetle belonging to the superfamily Curculionoidea, characterized by an elongated snout or proboscis. Weevils are known for their destructive habits as pests of stored grains, seeds, and other agricultural products

Apple type (6)

Answer: RUSSET

"Russet" is a type of apple characterized by its rough, brownish skin and firm flesh. It is often used for cooking and baking due to its slightly tart flavor and ability to hold its shape when cooked.

Waterproof jacket (6)

Answer: ANORAK

An "anorak" is a type of waterproof jacket or coat designed to protect the wearer from rain, wind, and cold weather. It typically features a hood, adjustable cuffs, and waterproof materials such as nylon or Gore-Tex.

Romantic appointment (4)

Answer: DATE

A "date" is a social or romantic appointment between two people, often involving activities such as dinner, movies, or outings. It typically signifies a planned meeting or engagement between individuals interested in exploring a romantic relationship

Sunshade (7)


A "parasol" is a lightweight umbrella-like device used to provide shade from the sun. It is typically designed with a canopy made of fabric or other materials that block sunlight, while also allowing air to pass through. Parasols are commonly used in outdoor settings to protect against sunburn and overheating

Wild (5)

Answer: FERAL

"Feral" is an adjective used to describe animals that have reverted to a wild state after being domesticated. It signifies creatures that live and thrive in the wild without human intervention or care, often exhibiting behaviors associated with their natural instincts.

Complete, total (5)

Answer: UTTER

"Utter" is an adjective that means complete, total, or absolute. It denotes something that is done or carried out to the fullest extent, leaving nothing unfinished or partial.

Bird's beak (4)

Answer: BILL

A "bill" is a noun that refers to the beak or mouth of a bird, especially one that is pointed or elongated. It is used by birds for activities such as eating, drinking, and gathering materials for nesting

Limb (3)

Answer: LEG

A "leg" is a noun that refers to one of the appendages of the body that is used for support and locomotion. In humans and many animals, legs are typically used for walking, running, jumping, and other forms of movement.

Noisy quarrel (3)

Answer: ROW

A "row" is a noun that refers to a noisy or heated argument or quarrel between individuals. It implies a loud and contentious exchange of words, often involving anger, frustration, or disagreement.

Street urchin (5)

Answer: GAMIN

"Gamin" is a noun that refers to a young boy who is streetwise and often mischievous, especially one who lives on the streets or in poverty. It is typically used to describe a child who is homeless or who spends much of their time wandering the streets.

Lukewarm (5)

Answer: TEPID

"Tepid" is an adjective that describes something that is moderately warm or only slightly warm, neither hot nor cold. It signifies a temperature that is mildly warm to the touch.

--- Lennox, singer (5)

Answer: ANNIE

"Annie" Lennox is a Scottish singer-songwriter known for her distinctive voice and contributions to the music industry as part of the duo Eurythmics, as well as her solo career. The clue "--- Lennox" suggests filling in the missing first name, which is "Annie."

Unopened flower (3)

Answer: BUD

A "bud" is a noun that refers to a compact, undeveloped or unopened flower or plant structure. It represents a stage in the growth and development of a plant before the flower fully blooms.

Illuminated (3)

Answer: LIT

"Lit" is a past tense verb that means to illuminate or light up. It denotes the act of providing light or brightness to an area, object, or space.

Throb (7)


"Pulsate" is a verb that means to throb, beat, or rhythmically expand and contract, especially in a regular or rhythmic manner. It describes the action of pulsing or throbbing with a steady rhythm, often associated with heartbeat or other biological processes.

Broadcast (3)

Answer: AIR

"Air" is a verb that means to transmit or broadcast something, such as a radio or television program, to a wide audience. It signifies the act of sending out audio or visual content for public consumption.

Godlike (6)

Answer: DIVINE

"Divine" is an adjective that describes something possessing qualities or attributes associated with a deity or god. It suggests greatness, holiness, or perfection beyond human understanding or comprehension.

Biblical murder victim (4)

Answer: ABEL

"Abel" was a biblical figure from the Old Testament, known as the son of Adam and Eve. According to the Bible, he was murdered by his brother Cain out of jealousy, making him one of the earliest victims of murder in biblical history.

Necessitate (6)

Answer: ENTAIL

Entail" is a verb that means to involve as a necessary part or consequence, requiring or necessitating a particular action or condition. It implies that a certain situation or action brings about or requires specific consequences or obligations.

A pursuit (5)

Answer: CHASE

"Chase" is a noun that refers to a pursuit or a hunt, typically involving the pursuit of someone or something in order to catch or capture it. It suggests the act of following or chasing after a target with the intention of overtaking or capturing it.

Crypt (5)

Answer: VAULT

A "vault" is a noun that refers to a large room or chamber used for burial or for storing valuable items, such as money, documents, or precious artifacts. It is often designed to be secure and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals, serving as a protective enclosure for its contents.

Long scarf (3)

Answer: BOA

A "boa" is a type of long scarf or neckpiece that is typically made of fur, feathers, or fabric. It is worn around the neck as an accessory for warmth or fashion, often draped loosely over the shoulders or wrapped around the neck multiple times.

Ship's company (4)

Answer: CREW

A "crew" refers to the group of people who work together on a ship or other vessel to operate, navigate, and maintain it. It includes various individuals with different roles and responsibilities, such as sailors, officers, engineers, and deckhands, who collaborate to ensure the smooth functioning and safety of the ship.

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