Last Epoch Falconer Reveal, Who is Falconer in Last Epoch?

The Last Epoch Falconer Reveal introduces a new character class, the Falconer, in the game, featuring a skilled strategist who relies on a loyal Falcon and clever traps to outsmart enemies.

by T Santhosh

Updated Feb 12, 2024

Last Epoch Falconer Reveal, Who is Falconer in Last Epoch?

Last Epoch Falconer Reveal

The Last Epoch Falconer Reveal introduces a new character class called the Falconer, the third Rogue Mastery in the game. This character is a skilled strategist who relies on clever traps and a loyal Falcon to outsmart enemies. Unlike typical summoned minions in action role-playing games (ARPGs), the Falcon is invulnerable, eliminating concerns about its survivability.

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The Falcon attacks nearby enemies and comes with an active skill called Falcon Strikes, providing additional burst damage. Players can customize the Falcon's skills to match their preferred playstyle or adapt to different situations. A key ability of the Falconer is Falconry, the primary skill that allows summoning the Falcon to automatically attack nearby enemies, catching foes by surprise from above.

Falcon Strikes, the Falcon's active skill, has a cooldown, but players can reduce it through various means for more frequent use. Another unique mobility skill, Aerial Assault, enables the Falcon to grab and move the player forward before attacking. In addition to commanding the powerful Falcon, the Falconer can deploy traps to deal significant damage.

One such skill, Explosive Trap, allows the placement of ground traps that explode when enemies walk over them. The skill tree offers customization options for the traps, allowing players to choose between fire, cold, or lightning damage. Another intriguing skill, Dive Bomb, transforms the Falcon into a living meteor, diving into the ground to damage multiple enemies on impact.

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Who is Falconer in Last Epoch?

The Falconer is the third mastery for the Rogue in Last Epoch, and it introduces a unique playstyle to the game. This skilled character relies on cunning tactics, using deceptive traps and a powerful pet bird of prey, the Falcon, to gain the upper hand against enemies. One of the key skills of the Falconer is "Falconry," allowing players to summon their loyal Falcon and unleash devastating attacks. This mastery skill can serve as the main source of damage or complement other abilities in the character's toolkit.

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When leveling the Falconer, players often choose a Falcon build that combines the use of "Explosive Trap" and "Falconry." The strategy involves buffing the Falcon with skills like "Sky Signal" from Explosive Trap. The Falconer's passive and skill trees provide considerable support for Falcon melee damage, with nodes such as "Avian Arsenal," "Trained to Hunt," "Ranger's Mark," "Raptor's Wings," and "Tactician."

In terms of scaling and mechanics, stacking Dexterity is highly valuable for the Falconer build, thanks to bonuses like "Falconer's Journey," "Relentless Talons," and "Stymphalian Feathers." The Explosive Trap tree offers passives like "Blast Rain" for improved attack speed scaling with bows. 

The build incorporates skills like "Smoke Bomb," which significantly boosts damage through "Smoke Blades." Passives from the Passive Tree, such as "Coordinated Fade," "Outlander's Tenacity," "Stymphalian Feathers," and "Tailwind," contribute to increased survivability.

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Last Epoch

Last Epoch is an action role-playing game in the hack and slash genre that's currently in early access. It's being developed by Eleventh Hour Games (EHG). The game first caught attention in April 2018 when a free playable demo was released during the Last Epoch Kickstarter campaign, showcasing some of the game's features.

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Moving forward, in April 2019, Last Epoch entered its beta phase, becoming available to players through Steam Early Access. However, the full release, originally planned for April 2020, was rescheduled to the fourth quarter of 2020, extending the development timeline.

During the game's development journey, there were some changes and challenges. In October 2020, the developers decided to cancel the Mac client for Last Epoch, citing potential difficulties due to Apple's shift to ARM-based processors. In December 2020, Eleventh Hour Games announced another delay, pushing the game's release to 2021.

In March 2023, Last Epoch took a significant step by launching a multiplayer beta, introducing a cooperative gaming experience. Finally, in October 2023, the developers revealed that the full game would be officially launched on February 21, 2024, providing an eagerly awaited release date for players looking forward to the completed Last Epoch experience.

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Last Epoch Gameplay

Last Epoch is an Action RPG game that takes players on a thrilling journey through time. In the game, players explore the world of Eterra's past, encountering challenges such as dark empires, vengeful gods, and unexplored lands. Their mission is to prevent The Void from consuming time itself.

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Players begin their adventure by choosing from one of five powerful classes. As they progress, they have the opportunity to ascend into unique Mastery Classes, unlocking specialized abilities and build-options tailored to their preferred playstyle. One of the game's standout features is its extensive skill system, boasting over 120 skill trees. Each skill comes with its own augment tree, providing players with the ability to customize and enhance their abilities.

For example, players can modify their skeletons to become archers, transform their lightning attacks into chain lightning, or summon snakes to aid them in battle with their serpent strike ability. With its combination of time travel, dungeon crawling, character customization, and endless replayability, Last Epoch offers an immersive experience suitable for both seasoned veterans of Action RPGs and newcomers to the genre.

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Last Epoch Overview


Eleventh Hour Games




Windows, Linux

Release Date

February 21, 2024


Action role-playing, hack and slash


Single-player, multiplayer

Last Epoch Trailer

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Last Epoch Falconer Reveal - FAQs

1. Who is the Falconer in Last Epoch?

The Falconer is the third Rogue Mastery, a strategist using traps and a Falcon for combat.

2. What is Falconry in Last Epoch?

Falconry is the key skill, summoning the invulnerable Falcon to attack enemies automatically.

3. What unique mobility skill does the Falcon have?

Aerial Assault allows the Falcon to grab and move the player forward.

4. How does Explosive Trap work in Last Epoch?

Explosive Trap is a ground trap skill customizable for fire, cold, or lightning damage.

5. What is the release date for Last Epoch?

Last Epoch is set to be fully released on February 21, 2024, offering an action role-playing experience.

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