Lana Del Rey Say Yes to Heaven Lyrics: The Mesmerizing Lines

Looking for Lana Del Rey Say Yes to Heaven lyrics? Among her vast repertoire of enchanting songs is " Say Yes to Heaven," a track that resonates with Lana Del Rey's emotive melody.

by Aishwarya R | Updated Jun 14, 2023

Lana Del Rey Say Yes to Heaven Lyrics: The Mesmerizing Lines

Lana Del Rey Say Yes To Heaven Song

"Say Yes to Heaven" is an enchanting musical gem by Lana Del Rey, which finally saw its official release as a single on May 19, 2023. This captivating song had quite a journey, originating as an outtake from Lana's albums Ultraviolence, Honeymoon, and Lust for Life. Its presence on PPL Repertoire confirms its rightful place in the music industry.

Back in November 2013, during the same recording sessions as "I Can Fly," "Fine China," "Shades of Cool," "Sad Girl," "Is This Happiness," and "Your Girl," "Say Yes to Heaven" was originally intended for inclusion on Ultraviolence. However, it was ultimately left off the album. The version produced by Rick Nowels remained unheard until its long-awaited release in 2023.

In April 2014, the song underwent reworking by James Ford, alongside "Fine China," with hopes of being included on Ultraviolence once again. Unfortunately, this version leaked on February 12, 2018, courtesy of MusicMafia. Another rendition of the song, produced by STINT in the latter half of 2014, surfaced after the release of Ultraviolence and fully leaked on May 4, 2021.

Following its initial creation, the song journeyed through various producers in 2015 and 2016, vying for a spot on Honeymoon and Lust for Life, respectively. Rumors suggest that there are over 100 mixes of this magnificent track. An interesting twist in the story emerged on January 4, 2023, revealing that what were believed to be the first and second versions of the song were actually edits made by instrumentalist Patrick Warren in 2016.

He unknowingly created these versions while being deceived by someone impersonating Lana Del Rey. By utilizing stems from the original Nowels version and adding his own instrumentation, Warren crafted these two edits. Snippets of Warren's first and second stem edits were leaked on August 15, 2016, followed by a full but edited file of the second stem edit on December 24, 2016.

The unedited version of the second stem edit leaked on January 28, 2017. Another snippet of the first stem edit surfaced on October 2, 2020, with a full but edited version appearing the following day. Excitingly, on April 4, 2023, the song's original version was discovered registered in PPL's music database. This version, tagged with the year 2023, boasted a unique runtime not found in any other known version at the time. Fans eagerly anticipated its release, expected before the summer of 2023.

To everyone's delight, a surprise release of the song occurred on May 19, 2023, with Dean Reid, the song's mixer, confirming via Instagram that it was indeed the original Nowels version produced in 2013. This celestial masterpiece has finally graced our ears and hearts, marking yet another glorious addition to Lana Del Rey's repertoire.

Lana Del Rey Say Yes To Heaven Lyrics

If you dance, I'll dance
And if you don't, I'll dance anyway
Give peace a chance
Let the fear you have fall away

I've got my eye on you
I've got my eye on you

Say yes to Heaven
Say yes to me
Say yes to Heaven
Say yes to me

If you go, I'll stay
You come back, I'll be right here
Like a barge at sea
In the storm, I stay clear

'Cause I've got my mind on you
I've got my mind on you

Say yes to Heaven
Say yes to me
Say yes to Heaven
Say yes to me

If you dance, I'll dance
I'll put my red dress on, get it on
And if you fight, I'll fight
It doesn't matter now, it's all gone

I've got my mind on you
I got my mind on you

Say yes to Heaven
Say yes to me
Say yes to Heaven
Say yes to me

I've got my eye on you
I've got my eye on you, mm
I've got my eye on you
I've got my eye on you

Fill Your Heart by Emotions with Say Yes to Heaven Song

The song "Say Yes to Heaven" by Lana Del Rey is a heartfelt and hopeful expression of love and devotion. The lyrics convey a willingness to embrace love and peace, regardless of the circumstances. It speaks of dancing, letting go of fear, and giving peace a chance. The song suggests a deep connection between two individuals, with the singer declaring that they have their eye on the other person, indicating a strong focus and attentiveness.

It emphasizes the importance of staying committed and steadfast, even in the face of challenges or separation. Lana Del Rey urges the listener to say yes to Heaven and to her, symbolizing an acceptance of love and a shared spiritual connection. The repetition of this phrase throughout the song reinforces the desire for mutual acceptance and a deep emotional bond.

The lyrics also touch upon the idea of resilience and determination. The singer promises to dance and fight alongside the other person, regardless of the situation. This signifies a commitment to support one another and remain steadfast in their love, despite any obstacles they may encounter. "Say Yes to Heaven" carries a message of love, devotion, and the willingness to embrace the beauty and peace that love can bring. It encourages listeners to be open to love, let go of fear, and stay committed to their loved ones.

Say Yes to Heaven Song Details




Lana Del Rey, Rick Nowels


Rick Nowels

Alternate producer(s)

James Ford, STINT, Dean Reid


November 2013


May 19, 2023



About Lana Del Rey 

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, known to the world as Lana Del Rey, is an extraordinary American singer-songwriter who weaves tales of love, tragedy, and melancholic beauty through her music. With a voice that exudes passion and a unique ability to capture the essence of both glamorous and sorrowful moments, Lana Del Rey's artistry creates a cinematic experience like no other.

Her songs resonate with a deep exploration of romance, drawing inspiration from both contemporary pop culture and the nostalgia of 1950s-1970s Americana. Through her evocative lyrics and soul-stirring melodies, Lana Del Rey transports listeners to a world of heartache, longing, and captivating allure. Recognized for her immense talent, Lana Del Rey has been honored with multiple prestigious awards, including two Brit Awards, two Billboard Women in Music awards, two MTV Europe Music Awards, and even a Satellite Award. Additionally, she has garnered six Grammy Award nominations and a Golden Globe nomination, solidifying her status as an artist of remarkable prowess.

The influence of Lana Del Rey's music cannot be overstated. Variety, in their esteemed Hitmakers Awards, hailed her as one of the most influential singer-songwriters of the 21st century—a testament to her lasting impact on the music industry. Rolling Stone, recognizing her exceptional vocal abilities, ranked her among the 200 Greatest Singers of All Time in 2023, while Rolling Stone UK bestowed upon her the esteemed title of The Greatest American Songwriter of the 21st century.

In 2012, Time magazine acknowledged Lana Del Rey's significant impact by including her in their esteemed list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Her artistry knows no bounds, touching the hearts and souls of fans around the globe, who find solace and inspiration in her captivating melodies and introspective lyrics. Lana Del Rey's passion for her craft shines through every note she sings, captivating audiences and solidifying her rightful place among the most revered musicians of our time.

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Lana Del Rey Say Yes To Heaven Lyrics - FAQs

1. Who is the artist behind the song "Say Yes to Heaven"?

The song "Say Yes to Heaven" is performed by Lana Del Rey.

2. When was the song "Say Yes to Heaven" released?

The song was officially released on May 19, 2023.

3. Who are the writers and producers of "Say Yes to Heaven"?

The song was written by Lana Del Rey and Rick Nowels. Rick Nowels also served as the producer of the song.

4. What is the length of "Say Yes to Heaven"?

The song has a duration of 3 minutes and 29 seconds.

5. What is the meaning behind the lyrics of "Say Yes to Heaven"?  

"Say Yes to Heaven" is a song that expresses a willingness to embrace love, peace, and devotion. It encourages listeners to let go of fear, dance, and fight for love, highlighting the importance of staying committed to a deep emotional bond.

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