Know Otago Daily Times Quick Crossword Answers Here (April 4, 2024)

Today’s clues for this crossword can be tricky and if you need any help, check our guide below where we provided the answers and explanations.

by J Nandhini

Updated Apr 04, 2024

Know Otago Daily Times Quick Crossword Answers Here (April 4, 2024)

Solving crosswords is not always like walking in the garden. Not all clues are easy to crack. Today, we have Otago Daily Times Quick crossword clues. Try this crossword. You just have to find an answer which is related to the clue. You can also check the answers below.

Bent when camping? (6)

Answer: INTENT

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The question hints at a situation when someone is camping and needs something bent. The answer could be related to a tent, as tents are commonly used during camping and often have poles that need to be bent to set up the structure.

Let the game continue: drama is being enacted! (4,2)

Answer: PLAY ON

This question suggests that something is happening in a dramatic context, and despite this drama, the game should continue. The answer refers to the continuation of play despite dramatic events unfolding.

Satisfied with what is inside (7)


This question implies contentment with what's contained within something. It could refer to being satisfied with the contents of a container or a situation.

Strengthen a pair (5)

Answer: BRACE

The word "brace" can mean to strengthen or support, often used in the context of providing support to something in pairs, such as braces supporting a structure.

Is training done by it? (4)

Answer: RAIL

Rail can refer to a track, typically used for trains. Training is done by traveling on rails, hence the connection between "training" and "rail"

No irregular command (5)

Answer: ORDER

"Order" refers to a command or instruction. When saying "no irregular command," it suggests there is no disorder or randomness, reinforcing the idea of orderliness.

As won by the deceitful player? (5)

Answer: TRICK

A trick can be won by a deceitful player because tricks are often associated with cunning or deceptive actions, especially in games or competitions where deceit might be used to gain an advantage. Hence, the connection between "deceitful player" and "trick"

500 are unwell in the Irish parliament (4)

Answer: DAIL

The Irish parliament is called the Dáil Éireann. "500" refers to the number of representatives or members in the Dáil. "Unwell" could imply that something is wrong or not functioning properly within the parliament, which hints at the need for a word related to the Dáil. Therefore, "500 are unwell" cryptically suggests "DAIL" (Dáil), which is the name of the Irish parliament.

Furnish out of pique (5)

Answer: EQUIP

"Out of pique" suggests doing something out of annoyance or resentment. To "furnish" can mean to provide or supply. Putting these together, "furnish out of pique" cryptically hints at the word EQUIP, which means to provide or supply with necessary items, often in response to a need or annoyance.

With outrageous glee, worker becomes refined (7)


"Outrageous glee" indicates extreme joy or happiness. A "worker" can be referred to as an ANT (commonly used in crosswords). When an ANT becomes "refined" or sophisticated, it transforms into the word ELEGANT. So, "with outrageous glee, worker becomes refined" cryptically suggests the word ELEGANT.

Substance that will count (6)

Answer: MATTER

"Substance" often refers to the material or physical matter. "That will count" suggests something significant or important. "Matter" can also mean something of significance or importance, and in a different context, it refers to material substance. Hence, "substance that will count" cryptically hints at the word MATTER.

Stick firm in this spot (6)

Answer: COHERE

"Stick firm" suggests something sticking together or adhering. "In this spot" indicates a specific location. When something sticks firmly together in a particular place, it is said to COHERE, meaning to be united or connected. Hence, "stick firm in this spot" cryptically hints at the word COHERE.

Rod broken by record conflict (7)


"Rod broken" suggests a disruption or disintegration, which is followed by "record conflict." A synonym for conflict or disagreement is DISCORD. So, "rod broken by record conflict" cryptically suggests the word DISCORD, which means a lack of harmony or agreement.

Sly client's duplicating master (7)


"Sly client" hints at the duplicity or cunning nature of the client. "Duplicating master" suggests something used for copying or reproducing. A STENCIL is a tool used for duplicating images or designs. Hence, "sly client's duplicating master" cryptically hints at the word STENCIL.

Danes set out for the mountains (5)

Answer: ANDES

"Danes" here is a misdirection, intending to lead the solver to think of Denmark. However, "set out for the mountains" hints at a mountain range. The Andes is a well-known mountain range in South America. Hence, "Danes set out for the mountains" cryptically hints at the word ANDES.

Beaten with stick because in association? (7)


"Beaten with stick" suggests physical assault using a stick or a club. "Because in association" hints at being in a group or club. Therefore, "beaten with stick because in association" cryptically hints at the word CLUBBED, which means being struck with a club or stick.

How local legislation is enforced? (2-3)

Answer: BY LAW

How local legislation is enforced" is asking about the method or means by which laws are upheld. "BY LAW" is a phrase that indicates something is done according to the law. Hence, "how local legislation is enforced" cryptically suggests the phrase BY LAW

Attack with broken stone (5)

Answer: ONSET

"Attack" suggests initiating an action, and "broken stone" could refer to fragments or pieces of stone. When you initiate an action or assault, it's referred to as an ONSET. Hence, "attack with broken stone" cryptically hints at the word ONSET.

At return of cart, Edward became fascinated (9)


"At return of cart" suggests a reversal or flipping of the word "cart," resulting in "trac." "Edward" is often abbreviated as "Ed." When we combine "trac" (return of cart) and "Ed" (Edward), we get the word "attracted," which means to become fascinated or drawn to something. Hence, "at return of cart, Edward became fascinated" cryptically hints at the word ATTRACTED.

Stumbled on an outing? (7)


"Stumbled" implies tripping or losing balance. "On an outing" suggests being outside or on a trip. When someone stumbles while out on an outing, they have TRIPPED. Hence, "stumbled on an outing" cryptically hints at the word TRIPPED.

Coped as the fellow grew older (7)


"Coped" means dealt with or handled difficulties. "As the fellow grew older" indicates the progression of time. As the fellow aged, he MANAGED to handle situations or cope with challenges. Hence, "coped as the fellow grew older" cryptically suggests the word MANAGED.

Knock down 10 under the tenement (7)


Knock down" indicates demolition or destruction. "10 under the tenement" suggests the number 10 beneath or below the word "tenement." Putting these together, "knock down 10 under the tenement" cryptically hints at the word FLATTEN, meaning to level or destroy completely.

Furiously smear lots of paper (5)

Answer: REAMS

Furiously smear" suggests applying a lot of ink or substance vigorously. "Lots of paper" refers to a large quantity of paper. When you furiously smear lots of paper, you're using many REAMS of paper. Hence, "furiously smear lots of paper" cryptically hints at the word REAMS.

Leave the East completely (5)

Answer: QUITE

"Leave the East" suggests departing from the eastern direction. "Completely" indicates entirely or fully. When you leave the East entirely, you are left with the word QUITE. Hence, "leave the East completely" cryptically hints at the word QUITE.

A pose assumed by a story- teller? (5)

Answer: AESOP

The clue is hinting at a specific storyteller, known for his fables and moral tales. "A pose assumed" suggests taking on a particular persona or role. "Storyteller" indicates someone who tells stories. AESOP is a famous ancient Greek fabulist and storyteller known for his fables, such as "The Tortoise and the Hare" and "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." Hence, "a pose assumed by a story-teller" cryptically hints at the name AESOP.

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