Kaitlan Collins Height How Tall is Kaitlan Collins ?

Kaitlan Collins Height: What is Kaitlan Collins Height is the recent search that we could see among the fans. So here in this article, we have updated Kaitlan Collins Height and much more details.

by Gayathri | Updated Oct 03, 2023

Kaitlan Collins  Height How Tall is Kaitlan Collins ?

Kaitlan Collins Height How Tall is KaitlanCollins?

Want to know Kaitlan Collins Height? Then read this article and get the exact info on Kaitlan Collins Height. Kaitlan Collins is an American journalist born on 7 April 1992. Recently we could see fans searching for Kaitlan Collins Height; we have the answer for the same.

Kaitlan Collins Height and biography details are the most searched term by the users. People who have been wondering to know Kaitlan Collins height can refer to the below information. 

  • Kaitlan Collins Height in Centimeters - 158 cm
  • Kaitlan Collins in Meters - 1.58 m
  • Kaitlan Collins in Feet - 5 feet 2 inches

Now it would be apparent to the fans how tall Kaitlan Collins is. To know more about Kaitlan Collins biography, refer to the table below.


Kaitlan Collins


American journalist

Date of Birth

7 April 1992

Birth Place

Alabama, United States

Age (as of 2023)

31 years old


158 cm


49 kg




Who is Kaitlan Collins?

Kaitlan Collins is a prominent American journalist known for her significant contributions in the field of political reporting and as a White House correspondent. Born on April 7, 1992, in Prattville, Alabama, she has risen to prominence as a dynamic and influential figure in the world of journalism.Collins graduated from the University of Alabama, where she honed her journalistic skills.

She began her career in journalism with various internships, including one at 'The Daily Caller.' Her early experiences provided her with valuable insights into the world of political reporting.However, it was her tenure at CNN that catapulted her to national recognition. Joining the network in 2017, Collins quickly became a standout correspondent. Her coverage of the Trump administration and her fearless questioning of political figures earned her a reputation for tenacity and impartiality.

One of Kaitlan Collins' most significant roles has been as a White House correspondent. As a member of the White House press corps, she has had the responsibility of holding the President of the United States and his administration accountable by asking tough and probing questions. Her professionalism and dedication to her craft have earned her the respect of her peers and the trust of her audience.

Kaitlan Collins' reporting style is characterized by its straightforwardness and a commitment to uncovering the truth. Her reporting is marked by its integrity, and she has covered crucial events such as presidential press briefings, major policy announcements, and significant political developments.


Real Name

Kaitlan Collins


American journalist

Date of Birth

7 April 1992


$5 Million





Kaitlan Collins Age

As of now, Kaitlan Collins is 31 years old (born April 7, 1992), in the charming town of Prattville, Alabama, her youthful energy and unwavering dedication continue to shine brightly in the world of journalism.Kaitlan Collins embodies the spirit of a new generation of journalists, poised to shape the future of media. Her youthful exuberance has been a driving force behind her success, making her a dynamic and influential figure in the field.

Growing up in Alabama, Collins' roots have undoubtedly influenced her approach to journalism, with the warm Southern hospitality and values reflecting in her reporting style. Her age, now in her early thirties, gives her a unique perspective on the rapidly changing landscape of news and politics, allowing her to connect with younger audiences while also earning the respect of seasoned professionals.

In 2023, Kaitlan Collins's age is a testament to her journey and accomplishments, and it serves as a reminder that the world of journalism continues to evolve, with bright and talented individuals like her leading the way towards a more informed and optimistic future.
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Kaitlan Collins Nationality

Kaitlan Collins, the accomplished journalist, and White House correspondent, is a proud American by nationality. As of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, she is a citizen of the United States.Born on April 7, 1992, in Prattville, Alabama, Kaitlan Collins has spent the entirety of her life in the United States, growing up and receiving her education in American institutions. This background has undoubtedly shaped her perspective as a journalist covering American politics and events.

Nationality is not just a legal status for Kaitlan Collins; it's also a significant aspect of her identity as a journalist. Her reporting often centers on the intricacies of American politics, policies, and governance, and her deep understanding of the nation's political landscape is rooted in her American heritage.

As a White House correspondent for CNN, Kaitlan Collins' work involves closely following the activities and decisions of the U.S. government, including those of the President and his administration. Her American nationality positions her as a key contributor to the national discourse, ensuring that the American public stays well-informed about the latest developments in the country's political arena.

Kaitlan Collins Career

  • Birth and Early Life (April 7, 1992):

    • Kaitlan Collins was born on April 7, 1992, in Prattville, Alabama, setting the stage for her future career in journalism.
  • Work at The Daily Caller and The Daily Caller Contributor:

    • Collins initially began her journalism career at The Daily Caller, where she served as a White House correspondent. Her work there allowed her to gain experience in political reporting and gain insights into conservative viewpoints.
  • Transition to CNN (2017):

    • In 2017, Kaitlan Collins made a significant move to CNN, joining the network as a White House reporter. This transition marked a pivotal moment in her career, as she entered the mainstream media landscape.
  • CNN White House Correspondent (2017-2022):

    • Kaitlan Collins played a vital role as a CNN White House correspondent, covering the Trump administration and later the Biden administration. Her reporting from the White House earned her recognition and respect in the field of political journalism.
  • Co-Anchor of CNN This Morning:

    • Collins took on the role of co-anchor for "CNN This Morning," showcasing her versatility in delivering news to a broad audience.
  • Anchor for Live TV, CNN Max, HLN:

    • Beyond her role as a correspondent and co-anchor, Kaitlan Collins expanded her presence within the CNN network by anchoring various programs, including Live TV, CNN Max, and HLN. These roles allowed her to engage with viewers on multiple platforms.
  • The Source on CNN:

    • Currently, Kaitlan Collins serves as an anchor for "The Source" on CNN, where she continues to provide viewers with up-to-date news and analysis on significant national and international events.


Kaitlan Collins Achievement and Awards

Here are some of Kaitlan Collins notable awards and achievements:

  • Youngest Chief White House Correspondent for CNN:

    • Kaitlan Collins achieved the distinction of becoming the youngest Chief White House Correspondent for CNN. This recognition underscores her exceptional skills and expertise in political journalism.
  • One of the Youngest Chief Correspondents for a Major Media Network:

    • Collins' rise in the field of journalism is remarkable, as she is recognized as one of the youngest chief correspondents for a major media network. Her rapid ascent to such a significant role speaks to her talent and dedication.
  • White House Correspondents' Association's Merriman Smith Award:

    • Kaitlan Collins received the prestigious Merriman Smith Award from the White House Correspondents' Association. This award is a testament to her outstanding reporting and dedication to ethical journalism. It is given to journalists who excel in the area of presidential news coverage, further highlighting her contributions to the field.
  • Youngest Woman to Receive a White House Press Pass:

    • Collins holds the distinction of being the youngest woman to receive a White House press pass, an achievement that reflects her early entry into the world of political reporting and her ability to gain access to one of the most important seats of power in the United States.

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Kaitlan Collins Height - FAQs

1. Who is Kaitlan Collins ?

Kaitlan Collins is an American journalist.

2. How tall is Kaitlan Collins in centimeters?

Kaitlan Collins 's height in Centimeters is 158 cm.

3. What is Kaitlan Collins's age?

Kaitlan Collins's age as of 2023 is 31 years old.

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