Is Taylor Kinney Returning to Chicago Fire? Truth Revealed

Is Taylor Kinney returning to Chicago Fire? Discover the latest news on his potential return to Chicago Fire and find out if fans can expect to see Taylor Kinney back in action.

by P Nandhini

Updated Jun 04, 2023

Is Taylor Kinney Returning to Chicago Fire? Truth Revealed

Who is Taylor Kinney?

Taylor Kinney, an accomplished American actor, and model, has garnered recognition for his captivating performances in a variety of television shows and movies. One of his notable portrayals includes the character Mason Lockwood in the popular TV series The Vampire Diaries, where he delivered a memorable performance. Additionally, Kinney showcased his acting prowess as Jared in the critically acclaimed film Zero Dark Thirty and as Phil in The Other Woman.

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However, Kinney's talent extends beyond the silver screen. He has left a lasting impression with his portrayal of Kelly Severide, a dedicated lieutenant in the Chicago Fire Department, in the compelling American drama series Chicago Fire. This role has further solidified his standing as a versatile actor.

Born on July 15, 1981, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Taylor Kinney had a humble upbringing. He completed his education at Lancaster Mennonite School in the year 2000. Displaying his commitment to personal growth, Kinney pursued Business Management at West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia, which further honed his skills and knowledge in a diverse range of fields.

Through his diverse acting roles and dedication to his craft, Taylor Kinney has solidified his place in the entertainment industry. His contributions have entertained and captivated audiences around the world, making him a respected figure in the realm of acting and modeling.

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Is Taylor Kinney Returning To Chicago Fire?

Taylor Kinney, renowned for his role as Lt. Kelly Severide in the NBC drama Chicago Fire, will not be returning in the season 11 finale. Earlier this year, Kinney took a leave of absence from the series to address a personal matter, as confirmed by a source close to the production. While this news may disappoint fans, there is a silver lining: Jesse Spencer, who portrayed Captain Matt Casey for ten seasons, will make a special guest appearance in the finale after returning earlier this season.

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While Chicago Fire has been renewed for a 12th season, the specifics of Taylor's future on the show have yet to be addressed. In May, Deadline reported on upcoming changes in the One Chicago franchise, which includes budget cuts and reduced episode appearances for the main cast. The producers of One Chicago, Universal Television and Wolf Entertainment, reached an agreement with NBC to secure the future of the three series. However, this agreement also means that the main cast members will have fewer episodes than usual.

These alterations could potentially impact storylines and introduce changes to the cast in the upcoming seasons. As a result, if Taylor does make a return to the show, fans should anticipate seeing him in fewer episodes, along with the rest of the cast. The evolving dynamics within the One Chicago universe will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of Taylor's character moving forward.

Is Taylor Kinney Coming Back To Chicago Fire?

According to a report by Variety on May 2, 2023, Taylor Kinney will not be coming back for the remaining episodes of Season 11. With just a few weeks remaining until the Season 11 finale on May 24, 2023, fans eagerly await further updates regarding Taylor's potential return. However, there is reason for optimism, as his exit storyline hints at the possibility of Severide making a comeback in the future.

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In Taylor's final episode, Severide's storyline saw him bidding farewell to the city of Chicago and embarking on a new journey. He left for a prestigious OFI training camp located in Alabama while leaving behind his wife Stella, played by Miranda Rae Mayo, at Firehouse 51. This departure not only sets the stage for potential future developments but also leaves viewers curious about the fate of Severide and his eventual reunion with his wife.

As the Season 11 finale approaches, fans eagerly anticipate the resolution of ongoing storylines and the possibility of Taylor's return in the subsequent seasons. Stay tuned for updates on the future of Severide's character in Chicago Fire.

Why is Taylor Kinney Off the Show?

Taylor Kinney's absence from the television series "Chicago Fire" has been attributed to a personal leave of absence, with the exact reason undisclosed by both the actor and the show's producers. Despite this lack of information, Kinney has been observed traveling with his girlfriend and attending various events, suggesting that his departure may be related to personal or family matters.

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Although fans had hoped for a cameo appearance by Kinney in the season 11 finale, the announcement of Jesse Spencer's return as Casey took precedence, overshadowing Kinney's absence from the episode. At present, it remains uncertain whether Kinney will make a comeback in season 12 or if his departure is permanent. Regardless, devoted viewers of the show eagerly await any updates regarding Kinney's potential future involvement in the series.

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Is Taylor Kinney Returning To Chicago Fire? - FAQs

1. Who is Taylor Kinney?

Taylor Kinney is an accomplished American actor and model known for his roles in various TV shows and movies, including The Vampire Diaries, Zero Dark Thirty, and Chicago Fire.

2. Is Taylor Kinney returning to Chicago Fire?

No, Taylor Kinney will not be returning for the season 11 finale of Chicago Fire. He took a leave of absence earlier this year for personal reasons.

3. Will Taylor Kinney come back to Chicago Fire?

It is uncertain at this time whether Taylor Kinney will return to Chicago Fire. Fans eagerly await updates regarding his potential future involvement in the series.

4. Why is Taylor Kinney off the show?

Taylor Kinney's absence from Chicago Fire has been attributed to a personal leave of absence. The exact reason for his departure has not been disclosed.

5. Will Taylor Kinney's character, Kelly Severide, return in future seasons?

The possibility of Kelly Severide's return in future seasons is hinted at by his exit storyline. However, no official announcements have been made regarding Taylor Kinney's future involvement in the show.

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