Is Taron Egerton Dating? Relationship Status Revealed

If you are curious to know is Taron Egerton is dating, read the article below, which will tell you all about his current status in a relationship and more about Taron Egerton’s personal life.

by Hemalatha R | Updated Mar 31, 2023

Is Taron Egerton Dating? Relationship Status Revealed

Is Taron Egerton dating?

Taron Egerton, the British actor known for his impressive performances in movies like Rocketman and Kingsman: The Secret Service, has been making headlines lately due to his on-and-off relationship with his girlfriend Emily Thomas. The couple started dating in 2016, but the exact date and month are not clear, as they were both at the peak of their careers at that time. Taron's portrayal of Elton John in Rocketman garnered critical acclaim, and many speculated that his performance was so authentic and sensitive that he might be gay himself.

However, he has been in a long-term relationship with Emily Thomas, an assistant director who has worked on several major movies. In 2018, Taron and Emily briefly broke up, but they got back together soon after. The reason for their brief separation was that they were both very focused on their careers, which put a strain on their relationship. Taron even shaved his head after the breakup, as he felt it was a form of reinvention. Emily Thomas is a talented film set assistant who has worked on major superhero films like Wonder Woman, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Justice League. She comes from a wealthy family but has excelled in her academic and sports activities. She has proved herself in the film industry by being uncredited for her work on Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Is Taron Egerton gay?

Taron has never publicly spoken about his sexual orientation, rumors of him being gay have persisted. One reason for this is his role in the movie Rocketman, where he played the iconic musician Elton John, who is openly gay. Taron's portrayal of Elton John was praised for its authenticity and sensitivity, leading some to speculate that he might be gay himself. However, Taron has been in a long-term relationship with Emily Thomas, an assistant director who has worked on several major movies. The couple started dating in 2016 and has been together since, except for a brief breakup in 2018. Taron has spoken publicly about his relationship with Emily and has described her as the love of his life.

This would seem to suggest that he is not gay, but rather, he is in a committed relationship with a woman. It's worth noting that sexual orientation is a deeply personal aspect of one's identity, and everyone should have the freedom to express themselves and live their lives in a way that feels authentic and true to them. As fans and members of the public, it's not our place to speculate or make assumptions about someone's sexuality based on rumors or hearsay. In conclusion, while there have been rumors and speculations about Taron Egerton's sexual orientation, the actor has not publicly addressed the issue. However, his long-term relationship with Emily Thomas would suggest that he is not gay. Regardless of his sexual orientation, Taron Egerton is a talented actor who has won over audiences with his charisma, talent, and authenticity, both on and off-screen.

Who is Taron Egerton dating? 

Recently, news broke that Taron and Emily have officially broken up after six years of dating. Sources close to the actor say that he has signed up to the celebrity dating app Raya in preparation for a new relationship. According to an insider, the couple had been very busy over the past year, and it put a lot of pressure on their relationship, leading to the split. Taron has since deleted all traces of Emily from his Instagram account, but he has not publicly commented on the breakup. It is unclear whether the couple will remain friends or whether they will continue to work together in the film industry. In conclusion, Taron Egerton and Emily Thomas had a long and complicated relationship that was often affected by their busy careers. The couple has officially broken up, and Taron has signed up for a celebrity dating app in preparation for a new relationship. Despite the breakup, both Taron and Emily are talented individuals who have made significant contributions to the film industry.

Taron Egerton partner

Emily Thomas is a highly accomplished academic who currently works as an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Durham University. She earned her PhD at the University of Cambridge and spent three years working in the Netherlands before joining the faculty at Durham. Dr. Thomas has established herself as an expert in several areas of philosophy, including the philosophy of space and time, and has published numerous papers on the subject. She has also explored philosophical issues related to travel and has published work on this topic as well. Despite her academic achievements, Dr. Thomas also has a passion for adventure and has spent a significant amount of time traveling the world on her own. This love for exploration has led her to get lost in many places and has likely informed her philosophical work on travel. Overall, Dr. Emily Thomas is an accomplished academic with a diverse range of interests and expertise. Her contributions to the field of philosophy have been significant and her passion for travel and adventure is equally impressive.

Is Taron Egerton related to Joel Edgerton?

There is no familial relation between Taron Egerton and Joel Edgerton. While the two actors may share a physical resemblance and have similarly sounding last names, they are not related in any way. Taron Egerton is a Welsh actor known for his roles in films such as Kingsman: The Secret Service, Rocketman, and Eddie the Eagle. He has received critical acclaim for his performances and has been nominated for several awards. Joel Edgerton, on the other hand, is an Australian actor and filmmaker who has appeared in films such as The Great Gatsby, Black Mass, and Loving. He has also directed and written several films. While Taron Egerton and Joel Edgerton may have both found success in the entertainment industry, there is no blood relation between the two.

How old is Taron Egerton?

Taron Egerton, the Welsh actor known for his roles in films such as Kingsman: The Secret Service and Rocketman, is currently 33 years old. Egerton was born on November 10, 1989, in Birkenhead, England. Egerton first gained widespread recognition for his lead role in Kingsman: The Secret Service, a 2014 action-comedy film. Since then, he has appeared in a number of high-profile films and television series, including the biographical musical Rocketman, the crime drama Legend, and the television series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Despite his relatively young age, Egerton has already amassed an impressive body of work and has been nominated for several awards, including a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Elton John in Rocketman. He has also been praised for his singing abilities, which he showcased in his role as John and in the animated musical film Sing, in which he played a voice role and performed several songs. While Egerton's career is still in its early stages, he has already made a significant impact in the entertainment industry and is considered to be one of the most promising young actors of his generation. With several upcoming projects in the works, including a television series adaptation of the novel Inheritance, it is clear that Egerton's star will continue to rise in the coming years.

Taron Egerton dating history

Taron Egerton, the star of "Black Bird," is currently single in 2022. He confirmed this during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in July 2022. Emily Thomas, one of his most well-known girlfriends, was in a relationship with him until their breakup in April 2022. We have some information about Taron Egerton's past relationships, but not all the details are known. It is difficult to keep track of all the hookups and breakups he has had over the years because celebrities tend to be private. Taron's on-and-off relationship with Emily Thomas has created controversy, and the media has reported on their unstable relationship. It seems that his love life has not been as smooth as his successful acting career. Despite Taron's attempts to keep his personal life under wraps, information about his relationships has spread quickly. His current single status and past relationships have been of interest to many, but not all the details are known.


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Is Taron Egerton Dating? - FAQs

1. Who is Taron Egerton?  

Taron Egerton , the British actor known for his impressive performances in movies like Rocketman and Kingsman:

2. Who is Emily Thomas?  

Emily Thomas is Taron Egerton's ex-girlfriend, who he split up with in April 2022.

3. Did Taron Egerton have any relationships before Emily Thomas?  

Yes, it is believed that Taron Egerton had at least one relationship before he started dating Emily Thomas, although details about his past relationships are not all known.

4. Why is it difficult to keep track of Taron Egerton's dating history?  

Taron Egerton is a private person, and as a celebrity, he tends to keep his personal life away from the public eye.

5. Has Taron Egerton been in any controversy regarding his relationship with Emily Thomas?  

Taron Egerton's on-and-off relationship with Emily Thomas has created some controversy, and there was some information about their unstable relationship in the media as well.


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