Is Quavo Dead? What Happened to Quavo? Where is Quavo?

Is Quavo Dead? Despite rumors, Quavo, a popular American rapper, co-founder and frontman of hip hop group Migos, is not dead.

by Jayasree D | Updated Sep 16, 2023

Is Quavo Dead? What Happened to Quavo? Where is Quavo?

Is Quavo Dead?

No, Quavo is not dead. In recent days, rumors have been circulating, suggesting that Quavo, from the famous hip-hop group Migos, has passed away. However, these rumors are entirely false. Quavo is alive and well, and there is no credible information or news reports to support any claims of his demise. It's crucial to exercise caution and verify information from reliable sources before spreading or believing such rumors, as false reports can cause unnecessary panic and confusion among fans and the public. As of the most recent information available, Quavo continues to pursue his successful music career and is very much alive.

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Who is Quavo?

Quavo is a famous rapper and musician from the United States. He's known for being a part of the music group called Migos. Quavo is also sometimes called "Huncho," which is like a nickname for him.

Apart from his music, Quavo has been in movies and TV shows, and he's even played in basketball games for celebrities. He's also been involved in other activities like owning a team in a special football league. So, Quavo is not only a talented rapper but also someone who does many exciting things in the world of entertainment and sports.

Full Name

Quavious Keyate Marshall

Other Name


Date of Birth

April 2, 1991


32 years old (as of 2023)


Lawrenceville, Atlanta, Georgia, United States


Rapper and Songwriter


TV series: Atlanta (2016)


Music Video: Quavo Huncho (2018)

Years Active

2008 – Present




Afro-American Descent

Zodiac Sign


School/High School

Berkmar High School, Georgia, United States

Quavo Song to Takeoff

Quavo's album, "Rocket Power" dedicated to Takeoff is a heartfelt tribute to his fellow Migos member. Takeoff, a talented rapper and Quavo's nephew, tragically lost his life due to a gunshot wound in November of the previous year. In response to this devastating loss, Quavo decided to pay homage to Takeoff through his music, using his lyrics to express the deep bond they shared and the impact Takeoff had on his life and career.

Through his music, Quavo keeps the memory of Takeoff alive, ensuring that his legacy continues to resonate with fans and the hip-hop community.

Quavo Age

Quavo is 32 years old. He was born on April 2, 1991, in Athens, Georgia, United States. Quavo has been making music and achieving success in the music industry since he was a teenager. He started his career in 2008 when he formed the group Migos with his friends. Over the years, he has become a famous rapper and has worked on many hit songs. Despite being in his 30s now, he continues to make music and is still a popular artist.

Age is just a number, and Quavo's talent and passion for music have kept him going strong in the music world. He has accomplished a lot in his career, and his age hasn't stopped him from creating great music for his fans.

Quavo Career

Quavo's career in the music industry has been filled with success and exciting moments. He started his journey as a rapper in a group called Migos, where he rapped alongside his friends Takeoff and Offset. Together, they created many popular songs and albums that people all around the world loved to listen to. Their music is known for its catchy beats and clever lyrics.

In addition to his work with Migos, Quavo also decided to try making music on his own. He released a solo album called "Quavo Huncho," which showed off his unique style and talent. Some of his songs as a solo artist became big hits, and fans enjoyed hearing his music whether he was performing with Migos or on his own.

But Quavo's career isn't just about music. He's also been in movies and TV shows, which allowed him to show off his acting skills. Plus, he's been part of special basketball games for celebrities and even became a team owner in a football league. So, whether it's in the world of music, acting, or sports, Quavo has had a diverse and exciting career that has made him a well-known figure in entertainment.

Quavo Early Life

Before becoming a famous rapper, Quavo had a regular life as a young person. He grew up in a place called Gwinnett County, which is not far from Atlanta, Georgia. Quavo and his friends, Takeoff and Offset, who would later become his music group mates, all lived in the same area and were very close.

When Quavo was in high school at Berkmar High School, he had a different dream than becoming a musician. He was quite good at playing football and even became the starting quarterback for his school's football team during his senior year. He had some impressive moments on the football field, like throwing passes and making touchdowns, but eventually, he decided to leave school before he finished to pursue a career in music.

What Happened to Quavo?

Quavo, a well-known rapper, found himself in the spotlight after an incident on July 23, 2023, involving a robbery on a yacht near Miami. During this incident, two people threatened the yacht's captain with guns, demanding a refund and taking his phone and wallet. Quavo was on the yacht when this happened, and a video of him in handcuffs went viral. However, it's important to note that he was not arrested by the police in connection with this case.

Where is Quavo?

Fans and followers of Quavo have been wondering about his whereabouts. Quavo, the well-known rapper and member of Migos, has been active on social media, sharing updates and messages with his fans. He has been interacting with his fans and promoting his music.

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Is Quavo Dead- FAQs

1. Is Quavo Dead?

No, Quavo is not dead.

2. What is Quavo's latest album?

Quavo's latest album is Rocket Power.

3. Who is Takeoff?

Takeoff is Quavo's nephew.

4. Who is Quavo?

Quavo is a famous rapper from the group Migos. He's also into acting, sports, and owns a football team.

5. How old is Quavo?

Quavo is 32 years old, and he's been making music since he was a teenager.

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