Is Lola Dead in Eastenders? When will She Die?

Is Lola Dead in Eastenders? Check here to find out when will this character die in the series and get more information about Lola Pearce from Eastenders.

by Aishwarya R | Updated May 31, 2023

Is Lola Dead in Eastenders? When will She Die?


EastEnders is a long-running British television soap opera that first aired in February 1985. Created by Julia Smith and Tony Holland, the show is set in the fictional borough of Walford in the East End of London. It follows the lives of local residents and their families as they navigate the ups and downs of everyday life.

Since its launch, EastEnders quickly rose to become one of the most popular series in the UK, consistently ranking among the top-rated shows. In fact, it holds several records, with four episodes listed in the all-time top 10 most-watched programmes in the UK, including the 1986 Christmas Day episode, which drew over 30 million viewers.

EastEnders has played a significant role in British television drama by tackling controversial and taboo subjects and portraying a social life that had not been previously seen on mainstream TV in the UK. One of the show's prominent themes is strong family dynamics, reflecting co-creator Tony Holland's own experiences growing up in a large family in the East End. Families like the Beales, Brannings, Mitchells, Slaters, and Watts have been central to the soap's memorable and dramatic storylines.

Since its inception, EastEnders has been filmed at the BBC Elstree Centre, featuring an outdoor set that is exposed to the elements. In 2014, the BBC announced plans to completely rebuild the set. Filming on the new set began in January 2022, and it made its on-screen debut in March of the same year. The demolition of the old set commenced in November 2022, marking a significant change in the show's visual backdrop.

Is Lola Dead in EastEnders?

In October 2022, it was announced that Lola Pearce, portrayed by Danielle Harold, would face a heartbreaking battle with a brain tumor in the popular soap opera EastEnders. As the storyline progressed, Lola tried to fight her diagnosis, but ultimately, it became too much for her, and doctors revealed she had limited time left. Danielle Harold, the actress behind Lola's character, recently spoke about her emotional journey and described her final script as both challenging and beautiful. Let's delve into the details of Lola's fate and the reasons behind Danielle Harold's departure from EastEnders.

Lola's Struggle and Acceptance

Lola faced her diagnosis in episodes aired in 2022, leaving her and Jay devastated by the doctor's words. While initially optimistic about her recovery, Lola gradually came to terms with the reality that she wouldn't survive her condition. During this period, she made plans for her remaining time, including preparing for her wedding to Jay.

Lola's Demise

It has now been confirmed that Lola Pearce will pass away on Wednesday, May 31, 2023. The episode featuring her tragic death is scheduled to air at 7:30 pm, bringing an emotional conclusion to Lola's storyline in EastEnders.

Danielle Harold's Perspective

Danielle Harold recently shared her thoughts on the storyline, expressing her gratitude for being entrusted with such a poignant plotline that resonates with many viewers. She acknowledged the heartbreaking experiences of families affected by brain tumors, which helped her in preparing for the role. Their support has been invaluable to her during this journey.


Regarding her future plans, Danielle Harold spoke about her love for EastEnders while also expressing her eagerness to explore new opportunities. She expressed a desire to work on other projects, playing different characters, and venturing into dramas or films that provide a complete story arc from beginning to end. She emphasized how working in a soap opera like EastEnders has honed her skills as an actor due to its fast-paced nature and the immense dedication required from the cast.

Final Credits

Lola Pearce's impending demise from a brain tumor marks a significant turning point in EastEnders. Actress Danielle Harold has taken this challenging storyline to heart, appreciating the trust placed in her to portray it authentically. As Lola's journey comes to a close, viewers will undoubtedly be moved by the emotional impact of her character's fate. While Harold's departure from EastEnders signifies a new chapter in her career, she cherishes the invaluable experience gained from working in such a demanding environment and looks forward to exploring different avenues in the acting industry.

Who Plays Lola in East Enders?

Danielle Amy Louise Harold, a talented English actress, has captivated audiences with her unforgettable portrayal of Lola Pearce-Brown in the beloved BBC soap opera, EastEnders. From 2011 to 2015, and once again from 2019 to 2023, Harold breathed life into the resilient and complex character of Lola.

Before embarking on her acting journey, Harold made her mark in the television series Jamie's Dream School. Despite facing challenges in her education due to illness, she showcased her brilliance as one of the standout students on the show. Jane Poynter and Robert Winston recognized her exceptional potential, granting her the incredible opportunity to stay in Poynter's own biosphere for two years. Additionally, renowned historian David Starkey, impressed by Harold's intellect, personally guided her on a tour of Cambridge University. Although she was hailed as a promising candidate for higher education, Harold ultimately chose to pursue her passion for acting, setting her on a path to audition for various roles.

In a momentous announcement in June 2011, EastEnders producers unveiled Harold as the newest addition to the cast, playing the role of Lola Pearce, granddaughter of the established characters Billy Mitchell and Julie Perkins. On 12 July 2011, she made her highly anticipated debut on the iconic soap opera, instantly captivating viewers with her talent and on-screen presence.

Harold's journey on EastEnders featured numerous compelling storylines, none more significant than her character's gripping teenage pregnancy. In a groundbreaking television event in July 2012, Lola gave birth during a live broadcast, coinciding with her on-screen grandfather's memorable moment carrying the Olympic Torch through the streets of Walford. Harold's performance made her the first actress on EastEnders to depict childbirth live on air, and she joined the esteemed ranks of British soap actresses who have embarked on this challenging endeavor.

After captivating audiences for years, it was with a mix of sadness and anticipation that fans learned of Harold's departure from EastEnders in June 2015. However, the flame of her talent was reignited when it was announced in December 2018 that she would reprise her role as Lola Pearce. In a heartwarming return, Harold graced the screen once again in April 2019, bringing the beloved character back to life alongside her on-screen daughter, Lexi Pearce.

The year 2022 brought another extraordinary storyline for Harold's character, Lola. It was announced that Lola would face the devastating battle of brain cancer, ultimately leading to her untimely death in May 2023. With this poignant storyline, Harold showcased her incredible acting prowess, delving deep into the emotional depths of Lola's journey.

Danielle Harold's portrayal of Lola Pearce in EastEnders has touched the hearts of millions of viewers, and her talent and dedication have left an indelible mark on the show's rich history. As she embarks on new endeavors beyond Walford, fans eagerly await the next chapter in Harold's career, knowing that she will continue to shine brightly and mesmerize audiences with her undeniable passion for the craft.

Lola Role in East Enders

Lola Pearce-Brown, portrayed by the talented Danielle Harold, is a fictional character in the beloved BBC soap opera EastEnders. Introduced as the granddaughter of Billy Mitchell and Julie Perkins, Lola quickly became an integral part of the Mitchell family. Her first appearance on 12 July 2011 marked the beginning of a captivating storyline that would unfold over the years.

Throughout her time on EastEnders, Lola's journey has revolved around her relationships with her family members, particularly her struggle with a teenage pregnancy after a one-night stand with her cousin, Ben Mitchell. Determined to keep her newborn daughter, Lexi, out of care, Lola faced numerous challenges and fought tirelessly for her child. Along the way, she formed close friendships with Abi Branning, Dexter Hartman, and later, Frankie Lewis. Lola also experienced romantic entanglements with Peter Beale and Jay Brown, each bringing their own share of joy and heartbreak.

As her character developed, Lola pursued her dreams and became a skilled hairdresser, striving to improve her circumstances. She faced difficult decisions, including undergoing an abortion when she became pregnant by Jay. However, the most devastating turn of events came when Lola was diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumour, a battle she would tragically lose.

Lola's introduction received positive feedback from critics, who praised Danielle Harold's portrayal of the spirited character. Her live birth scene, which aired on 23 July 2012, was a groundbreaking moment for EastEnders and solidified Lola's place in the show's history.

In June 2015, it was announced that Harold would be leaving her role as Lola, and she made her exit from the show on 28 July 2015. However, the door was left open for a potential return, and fans were thrilled when it was announced on 20 December 2018 that Lola would be making a comeback. Her much-anticipated return to EastEnders occurred on 1 April 2019, bringing a new chapter to Lola's story.

Sadly, in a shocking development, it was revealed on 15 June 2022 that Danielle Harold had been let go from EastEnders once again. This decision coincided with the announcement that Lola's battle with a brain tumour would ultimately lead to her untimely demise on 31 May 2023.

Danielle Harold's portrayal of Lola Pearce-Brown has captured the hearts of viewers, and her character's journey has been filled with both triumphs and heart-wrenching moments. As the countdown to Lola's tragic farewell begins, fans will undoubtedly be moved by the emotional impact of her storyline and will remember Lola as a resilient and unforgettable presence in the world of EastEnders.

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Is Lola Dead in EastEnders - FAQs

1. Who is Danielle Harold and what role did she play in EastEnders?  

Danielle Harold is an English actress known for her role as Lola Pearce-Brown in the BBC soap opera EastEnders. She played the character from 2011 to 2015 and then reprised the role from 2019 to 2023.


2. What were some of Lola Pearce's notable storylines in EastEnders?

Lola Pearce's storylines in EastEnders included her teenage pregnancy at the age of 15, fighting to keep custody of her daughter Lexi, her relationships with characters like Ben Mitchell and Jay Brown, her journey as a hairdresser, and her heartbreaking battle with a glioblastoma brain tumour.

3. When did Lola Pearce give birth in a live broadcast on EastEnders?

Lola Pearce gave birth in a special live broadcast on 23 July 2012. This made her the first character on EastEnders and the second character in soap opera history to give birth live on air.

4. When did Danielle Harold leave EastEnders, and did she return to the show?

Danielle Harold left EastEnders in June 2015 but made a return to the show in April 2019. Her departure from the show in 2023 was announced, as her character Lola Pearce would lose her battle with a brain tumour.


5. What impact did Lola Pearce-Brown have on EastEnders and its viewers?  

Lola Pearce-Brown, portrayed by Danielle Harold, made a significant impact on EastEnders and its viewers. Her character's resilience, complex relationships, and compelling storylines resonated with audiences. Lola's live birth scene and her heartbreaking battle with a brain tumour showcased the depth of Harold's acting skills and left a lasting impression on viewers.

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