Is Elizabeth Holmes Pregnant? Know About Her Children

Is Elizabeth Holmes pregnant? Continue reading to find out whether she is currently pregnant and learn more about the personal life of Elizabeth Holmes.

by P Nandhini | Updated May 31, 2023

Is Elizabeth Holmes Pregnant? Know About Her Children

Who is Elizabeth Holmes?

Elizabeth Holmes is an American felon who got herself into quite a bit of trouble with her blood-testing biotech company called Theranos. What's fascinating is how her company's value skyrocketed when they claimed to have revolutionized blood testing with their methods that required only tiny amounts of blood, like from a simple fingerprick.

Back in 2015, Forbes even went as far as naming Holmes the youngest and wealthiest self-made female billionaire in the entire United States! They estimated her company's worth to be a whopping $9 billion. But wait, hold on to your seat because things took a drastic turn the following year. Shocking revelations of potential fraud surrounding Theranos's claims started to emerge, and Forbes quickly changed their tune. They revised their estimate of Holmes's net worth to a grand total of zero. Ouch!

To add insult to injury, Fortune magazine even featured her in an article titled "The World's 19 Most Disappointing Leaders." Quite a fall from grace, wouldn't you say? It's truly amazing how quickly things can change in the world of business and fame. Elizabeth Holmes is definitely a curious character worth diving into for those who enjoy unraveling tales of intrigue and downfall.

Is Elizabeth Holmes Pregnant?

Currently, Elizabeth Holmes is not expecting a baby and has not made any official announcements regarding her pregnancy. However, it's worth noting that earlier this year, she welcomed her second child amidst her ongoing legal case. This new addition, a baby girl, joins her older brother, William, who was born in 2021, as reported by the New York Times. Interestingly, a document that surfaced in late February 2023 requested a postponement of her sentence start date, hinting at the arrival of their new baby, according to Business Insider. The document referred to Elizabeth as a mother of "two young children."

In a captivating New York Times profile, Elizabeth finally confirmed the birth of her baby girl in February. The name they chose for their daughter is Invicta, which holds the intriguing meaning of "invincible" in Latin. It's worth mentioning that Elizabeth's announcement of her pregnancy previously led to a delay in her criminal fraud trial, pushing it to the end of August.

This trial, which had already faced multiple COVID-related delays, raised eyebrows among prosecutors who expressed frustration with the unexpected July due date. Some speculate that Elizabeth may have intentionally gotten pregnant in an attempt to secure a more lenient sentence. As of now, the family of four resides together in California, adding another fascinating layer to Elizabeth's ever-evolving story.

Who is Elizabeth Holmes Husband?

Elizabeth Holmes is married to Billy Evans, a 30-year-old heir from the hospitality industry who has shown unwavering support for her throughout her legal battles. It seems that Billy had been captivated by Holmes for quite some time, as shared by former co-workers. His grand gesture of proposing to her with his cherished MIT signet ring speaks volumes about his deep affection. One of Billy's ex-colleagues at Luminar Technologies revealed to the New York Post, "Billy and the MIT ring, they are inseparable. He always wore it on his pinky finger."

The sparks between Holmes and Billy ignited at a party in 2017, as reported by Elle. Intriguingly, this was approximately a year before Theranos met its demise. Fast forward two years later, they sealed their love in a clandestine ceremony, according to Us Weekly. It's fascinating how Billy has remained by Holmes' side throughout her turbulent legal battles, demonstrating unwavering support and commitment.

Elizabeth Holmes Prison Sentence

Elizabeth Holmes, the former CEO of Theranos, has been apprehended and is now commencing her 11-year sentence in a Texas prison. The charges against her involve defrauding investors of massive sums of money and providing false information about her company's blood-testing technology.

At the age of 39, Holmes will be confined in a minimum-security women's prison camp located in Bryan, Texas, approximately 95 miles northwest of Houston. Interestingly, this is the same area where she grew up, nurturing dreams of becoming a visionary in the technology field, akin to the renowned Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple.

As she embarks on this new chapter, she leaves behind a nearly 2-year-old son, who was born shortly before her trial began, and a 3-month-old daughter, whose arrival came after her conviction in November 2022.

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Is Elizabeth Holmes Pregnant - FAQs

1. Who is Elizabeth Holmes?  

Elizabeth Holmes is an American felon who gained notoriety as the former CEO of Theranos, a blood-testing biotech company.

2. What happened to Elizabeth Holmes's net worth?  

Elizabeth Holmes's net worth dramatically plummeted from being estimated at $9 billion by Forbes in 2015 to zero in subsequent years due to revelations of potential fraud surrounding Theranos's claims.

3. Did Elizabeth Holmes have children?  

Yes, Elizabeth Holmes has two children. Her first child, a son named William, was born in 2021, while her second child, a daughter named Invicta, was born in February of an undisclosed year.

4. Is Elizabeth Holmes currently pregnant?  

No, Elizabeth Holmes is not pregnant at the moment and has not announced any information regarding a pregnancy.

5. Who is Elizabeth Holmes's husband?  

Elizabeth Holmes is married to Billy Evans, a 30-year-old heir from the hospitality industry who has shown unwavering support for her throughout her legal battles.

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