Is Alfred Ntombela Still Alive? Where is He Now?

 Is Alfred Ntombela still alive? Get the latest updates about him and find out the whereabouts of the renowned South African actor and comedian, Alfred Ntombela.

by R Vigneshwaraa | Updated May 26, 2023

Is Alfred Ntombela Still Alive? Where is He Now?
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Who is Alfred Ntombela?

Alfred Ntombela, born on April 3, 1972, is a renowned South African actor. He gained fame for his appearances in South African candid genre films alongside Leon Schuster, known for his infectious and rapid Joker-like laughter, as well as his distinctive small stature as an adult.

Ntombela's notable contributions include memorable roles in movies such as Sweet 'n Short and Mama Jack. While his native language is Zulu, he is also fluent in English and Afrikaans. Apart from his acting career, Ntombela is also involved in philanthropic endeavors, actively supporting charitable causes and initiatives aimed at uplifting disadvantaged communities.

Furthermore, Ntombela's talent extends beyond acting, as he is also skilled in physical comedy, showcasing his versatility as an entertainer.After a remarkable 28-year career in the industry, Ntombela announced his retirement from acting in 2018, leaving behind a lasting legacy and inspiring generations of aspiring actors.

Is Alfred Ntombela Still Alive?

Rumors circulating on social media have falsely claimed that veteran actor Alfred Ntombela has passed away. However, Alfred himself has personally come forward to reassure his fans that he is indeed alive and well. The rumors began with a tweet from a user named Naeem Hossain, stating that Alfred, also known as Shorty, had died in a car accident that morning and would be missed. Additionally, a website called South Africa 24 published an article with a photo of a damaged red Mazda, alleging that Alfred had been driving the vehicle. 

In response to these false reports, Alfred spoke to Daily Sun, expressing his disbelief and stating that it was not the first time such rumors had surfaced, nor did he expect it to be the last. He clarified that he does not own a red Mazda and questioned the motives of those spreading these baseless stories. Determined to address the situation, Alfred expressed his intention to involve his lawyers and pursue legal action.

While Alfred's family found the rumors amusing, he emphasized the importance of his fans disregarding these falsehoods. He expressed his gratitude for their support and hoped that they would remain unaffected by the rumors.

Is Alfred Ntombela Dead?

Contrary to circulating rumors on social media, comedian and actor Alfred Ntombela, renowned for his portrayal of 'Shorty' in Leon Schuster's films, is alive and well. A fabricated news report from a deceptive website has been spreading misinformation, falsely asserting Ntombela's demise in a car accident.

The misinformation spread rapidly on Twitter, with some individuals extending their condolences to Ntombela's family. A tweet surfaced on Twitter, stating, "Alfred Ntombela, also known as 'Shorty,' tragically lost his life in a car accident this morning. May he rest in peace. He will be deeply missed." This tweet caught the attention of many, including Police Minister Fikile Mbalula, who retweeted it.

However, social cohesion activist Yusuf Abramjee took to Twitter to notify Mbalula that the news was fake and urged him to refrain from spreading it further. Additionally, talk show host Faizal Sayed chimed in, substantiating that the rumors were completely unfounded by sharing a photograph of himself alongside Ntombela.

Alfred Ntombela Age

Alfred Ntombela, born on April 3, 1972 (age 51), is a celebrated South African actor who has made a notable impact in the country's candid genre films, often collaborating with Leon Schuster. One of his distinctive features is his energetic and Joker-like laugh, which has become a trademark of his performances. Additionally, Ntombela's diminutive stature as an adult has added a unique aspect to his on-screen presence.

Ntombela gained significant recognition for his roles in popular films such as "Sweet 'n Short" and "Mama Jack." While his native language is Zulu, he is also fluent in English and Afrikaans, showcasing his linguistic versatility.

After an illustrious career spanning 28 years in the industry, Ntombela made the decision to announce his retirement from acting in 2018. This marked the end of a remarkable chapter in his life, during which he left a lasting impression on the South African film industry.

Where is Alfred Ntombela now?

As part of the promotion for the film Mad Buddies, now in its third week of release, The movie is doing great at the box office, and this is one way I am expressing my gratitude to the South African audience," says Ntombela. On Wednesday, July 11, Alfred 'Shorty' Ntombela surprised guests at Sandton City Ster-Kinekor by providing them with refreshments.

The movie is doing great at the box office, and this is one way I am expressing my gratitude to the South African audience," says Ntombela. To date, the film has garnered over R18 million at the local box-office, a figure that, after the same exceeds Schuster's most popular film, Schuks Tshabalala's Survival Guide to South Africa from 2010 in terms of weeks in release.  Currently playing in theatres across the country

What Happened to Alfred Ntombela?

Rumors of comedian and actor Alfred Ntombela's death have been circulating on social media, falsely claiming that he passed away in a car accident. However, these reports are entirely unfounded, originating from a fake news website. Some individuals on Twitter, upon seeing the post, began expressing condolences to Ntombela's family, unaware of the misinformation being spread.

On April 3, 1972, Alfred Ntombela was born. He would have been 51 years old at that point in time. However, please note that I do not have access to real-time information, and his current age may be different. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on Alfred Ntombela's age, it is best to refer to reliable sources or conduct an online search.

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Is Alfred Ntombela Still Alive - FAQs

1. What happened to Alfred Ntombela?

A fake news website has been spreading rumours that Ntombela died in a car accident. Comedian and actor Alfred Ntombela, best known for his character as 'Shorty' in Leon Schuster's movies, is not dead. A fake news website report has been doing the rounds on social media claiming that Ntombela died in a car accident.

2. How old is Alfred Ntombela now?

He is 51 years old born on 3 April 1972.

3. Who is Ntombela husband?

Ntombela is married to ANC Member of Parliament, Madala Ntombela.

4. Does Alfred Ntombela have kids?

Yes. Promise Malatji and Alfred Ntombela are married. Shorty has an older teenage son who lives with his mother, but from Alfred Ntombela Instagram, it is clear that the two have a close father-son relationship. He strives to give his kids the best in life because he feels like he is living his childhood through them.

5. Who is Alfred Ntombela wife?

His wife is Promise Malatji.

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