Irish Times Simplex Crossword Answer Revealed Here

Use our Irish Times Simplex Crossword Answer to sharpen your mind. Dive into a world of trivia and enlightenment, where every clue leads to a satisfying solution.

by J Nandhini

Updated Mar 27, 2024

Irish Times Simplex Crossword Answer Revealed Here

If you’re stuck in The Irish Times Simplex Crossword, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can discover the secrets of history, science and pop culture with a simple click with our easy guide. Don’t worry about forgotten facts, this guide will make you shout and complete the crossword in flying tartan colors.

Successfully completed a degree course


When someone has finished their academic studies and obtained a degree, they are said to have completed their education at that level. The word used to describe this accomplishment is synonymous with "finished" or "completed."

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Well-mannered, courteous


This describes someone who behaves in a respectful and considerate manner towards others. They are known for their politeness and good manners.

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately ...-dome decree (Coleridge)


This is a reference to the famous poem "Kubla Khan" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. In the poem, Xanadu is described as a magnificent place where Kubla Khan orders the construction of an impressive architectural structure

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Beware the legendary ones bearing gifts


This phrase is a cautionary warning derived from the story of the Trojan Horse in Greek mythology. It suggests that one should be wary of seemingly generous gestures from individuals or entities that may conceal hidden agendas or ulterior motives

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Extreme and difficult to endure


This describes a situation or condition that is very intense, serious, or harsh, making it hard to tolerate or withstand.

Story, anecdote


Both terms refer to a narrative or account of events, often intended to entertain or convey a message.

Raised strip of ground either side of a ploughed furrow


In agriculture, after plowing a field, the soil is often arranged into parallel ridges with furrows in between. These raised strips of ground are called ridges.

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Suit of mail


This refers to a protective garment made of interlocking metal rings or plates worn by soldiers in medieval times. It is commonly known as armor or armour.

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Believe to be guilty, but without proof


When someone is suspected of a crime, it means they are believed to be guilty, but there is insufficient proof to confirm their guilt.

Main pack of cyclists in a race


In a cycling race, the peloton refers to the main group or pack of riders who are closely grouped together, often forming a large mass moving down the course

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Tell, communicate


To relate is to convey or communicate information, experiences, or feelings to someone else, often by sharing personal stories or connections.

Edible kidney-shaped seeds


Beans are edible seeds that are typically kidney-shaped and are commonly used in cooking due to their versatility and nutritional value.

Extreme loathing


Revulsion refers to a strong feeling of disgust or repulsion towards something, often to the point of extreme aversion or dislike

Parts of a flower


The pistil is the female reproductive part of a flower, typically located in the center, consisting of the stigma, style, and ovary, where seeds are produced.

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Closer in time or place


Nearer means closer in either time or place, indicating a shorter distance or a smaller time interval between two points or events

Abstaining completely from alcohol


Someone who is teetotal abstains completely from alcohol consumption, indicating a strict adherence to sobriety without any exceptions.

Liquefied by heating


When a substance is liquefied by heating, it undergoes a process where it changes from a solid state to a liquid state due to the application of heat.

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To whom a letter is sent


The addressee is the person or entity to whom a letter or package is addressed and intended to be delivered.

Large sea wave and a hair-curler


A roller can refer to a large sea wave, typically seen in rough waters, or it can also refer to a hair-curler, which is a cylindrical tool used for curling hair.

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Sliding storage box


A drawer is a sliding storage box typically found in desks, dressers, or cabinets, used for organizing and storing various items.

Diverted, entertained


When someone is amused, they are diverted or entertained by something amusing or funny, causing them to find enjoyment or pleasure in the experience.

Threw out, of a meeting say


In the context of a meeting or any gathering, if someone is ejected, it means they are forcibly thrown out or removed from the premises, often due to disruptive behavior or non-compliance with rules.

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More impecunious


Needier refers to being in a state of greater financial need or poverty compared to others, indicating a higher degree of lacking monetary resources or being more impoverished.

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Rescue vessel


A lifeboat is a specialized vessel designed for rescuing people at sea. It is equipped to provide shelter, flotation, and safety for individuals in distress on the water.

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Determining dimensions


Measuring involves the process of determining the dimensions or extent of something, often using tools such as rulers, tape measures, or other instruments to quantify size, length, width, etc.

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Stare angrily


To scowl means to look at someone or something with a facial expression of displeasure or anger, often characterized by furrowing the eyebrows and tightening the lips.

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Stand up


"Pass muster" is an idiomatic expression meaning to meet a required standard or level of acceptability. In this context, "stand up" refers to meeting or surpassing expectations or scrutiny.

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The study of the stars and planets


Astronomy is the scientific study of celestial objects such as stars, planets, comets, and galaxies, as well as phenomena that occur outside the Earth's atmosphere. It encompasses observation, theoretical understanding, and exploration of the universe beyond Earth.

Unit of spoken language


A syllable is a unit of spoken language that contains a single uninterrupted sound, typically consisting of a vowel sound or a combination of vowel and consonant sounds.

Free from confusion or doubt


Clear means free from confusion, doubt, or ambiguity. It refers to something that is easily understandable, transparent, or unobstructed.

It's long relative to its width


A line is a geometric figure that extends indefinitely in one dimension, with length significantly greater than its width. In this context, "long relative to its width" describes the characteristic of a line.

Assisted or encouraged in wrongdoing


To abet means to assist, encourage, or support someone in committing a wrongful act or crime. Someone who is abetted is aided or encouraged in wrongdoing

Topics, ideas, motifs


Themes refer to recurrent or prevalent subjects, topics, ideas, or motifs that are present in a piece of literature, art, or discourse. They often convey underlying messages or concepts within the work

Become visible


To form means to come into existence or become visible. In this context, it refers to the process of something becoming perceptible or taking shape, often from a state of invisibility or indistinctness

Leather straps for sharpening blades


Strops are leather straps or strips used for sharpening blades, particularly razors or knives. The blade is rubbed against the strop to remove any burrs or imperfections, resulting in a sharper edge.

To separate and to adhere


  • To separate: Cleave can mean to split or divide something forcefully, such as cleaving a piece of wood with an axe.
  • To adhere: Cleave can also mean to adhere closely to something, as in being strongly attached or loyal to a principle or belief.
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