Irish Smallest Hardest Solution for the Crossword based Puzzle for April 4th, 2024

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by Thamizhalagi B

Updated Apr 04, 2024

Irish Smallest Hardest Solution for the Crossword based Puzzle for April 4th, 2024

Crossword is one of the games, where you don't need many sets of rules or will get out on giving wrong answers. In this you can find many sets of answers , even if it is wrong you don't need to worry. Only if you're a person with an interest in crosswords, and have some english knowledge then you can proceed to play the game. Get ready to have fun and spend your time relaxing from stressful life.

Sudden forcible breath (4)


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Sudden forcible breath (PUFF) This clue suggests a quick exhale, often associated with a burst of air. The answer is likely a short, single-syllable word that describes this action, such as "Puff." It fits the context of the crossword puzzle and the definition provided.

Negative link (3)


Negative link (NOR) In this context, "negative link" implies a logical operator used in Boolean algebra or computer programming to express the logical NOR operation. The answer is a two-letter word, "NOR," which signifies the logical operation where both inputs are false, resulting in a true output.

An impediment (3)


An impediment (BAR) This clue hints at something that obstructs or hinders progress or movement. The word "Bar" fits perfectly, as it can refer to a physical obstacle or a figurative hindrance, such as a legal or social barrier.

Judo score (4)


Judo score (KOKA) In the context of judo, scoring systems are used to determine the effectiveness of techniques. "Koka" is a term in judo scoring, representing a minor score awarded for techniques that almost meet the criteria for a higher score.

Sloth (4)


Sloth (UNAU) Referring to a species of sloth, the answer likely consists of four letters. "Unau" fits this criterion and is a term used to describe a specific type of sloth found in South America.

Pronged tool (4)


Pronged tool (FORK) This clue indicates a utensil or implement with multiple tines or prongs used for various purposes, such as eating or cooking. "Fork" is the fitting answer, commonly known for its prongs used to spear and lift food.

Religious brother (abbr) (2)


Religious brother (abbr) (FR) Abbreviations are common in crossword puzzles, and often used to represent titles or designations. In this case, "FR" likely stands for "Friar," a religious brother in certain Christian traditions, such as the Franciscans.

Next (2)


Next (ON) This clue suggests proximity or immediacy, indicating that the answer is a short word that signifies being immediately after or following something else. "On" fits this description, conveying the idea of continuity or progression.

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