Irish Daily Mail Quick Crossword Puzzle with Answers (2th April 2024)

Here we have covered the answers for today’s clues which will help the users to solve the puzzle quickly. You can solve this puzzle if you have a high IQ and patience.

by Gayathri

Updated Apr 02, 2024

Irish Daily Mail Quick Crossword Puzzle with Answers (2th April 2024)

Solving crosswords will increase your IQ level and solving abilities. Yes, you can try to solve if you have found the answers otherwise just check below for the exact answers. Stay connected with us for a lot more updates and recent updates.

Monotonous (7)


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"Monotonous" hints at something repetitive or dull, which perfectly describes the sound of a continuous drone. In a crossword context, "droning" is a word that fits the clue for a monotonous sound, often used to describe a prolonged or tedious noise.

Man-eating giant (4)


"Man-eating giant," the image of a fearsome creature from folklore likely comes to mind. In crossword puzzles, "ogre" is a common answer for this clue, representing a mythical being often depicted as large, brutish, and sometimes cannibalistic.

Concealed microphone (3)


A "Concealed microphone" suggests something hidden for eavesdropping or surveillance. In the world of espionage or covert operations, a "bug" is a term commonly used to refer to a hidden listening device, making it the fitting answer for this clue in a crossword puzzle.

Fix or establish firmly (8)


"Fix or establish firmly" implies the action of securing or fortifying something in place. In crossword puzzles, "entrench" is the answer that aligns with this definition, indicating the act of firmly establishing or fortifying a position or belief.

To putrefy (2,3)


"To putrefy" means to decay or spoil, often referring to food or organic matter that has gone off. In a crossword puzzle, the answer "go bad" fits this clue, representing the process of something becoming unfit for consumption or use due to spoilage or decay.

Encircle (4)


"Encircle" is a clue for a four-letter word that means to surround or form a ring around something. The answer is "LOCK", as when you lock something, you encircle it with a mechanism to secure it.

Neither good nor bad (2,2)


"Neither good nor bad" suggests a two-word phrase where each word is repeated. The answer is "SO SO", indicating a state of being average or indifferent, neither particularly good nor bad.

Assistant (4)


"Assistant" is the clue for a four-letter word that denotes someone who helps or supports another person in their work or tasks. The answer is "MATE", which can refer to a companion or colleague who assists in various activities.

Show signs of tiredness (4)


"Show signs of tiredness," they typically exhibit a specific action or behavior. The clue hints at a four-letter word associated with displaying fatigue. The answer is "YAWN", as yawning is often a visible sign of feeling tired or sleepy.

Become eventually (3,2)


"Become eventually" implies a process of reaching a certain state or outcome over time. The clue consists of three letters followed by two letters, hinting at a word with such a structure. The answer is "END UP", indicating the eventual result or conclusion of a situation or action.

Surprise greatly (4,4)


"BOWL OVER" describes the action of surprising someone greatly. When something unexpected or astonishing happens, it can figuratively "bowl over" a person, leaving them astonished or overwhelmed.

__ Stubbs, actress (3)


"UNA" is a three-letter name often associated with the actress Una Stubbs. Known for her roles in both television and film, Stubbs has left a memorable mark on the entertainment industry with her versatile performances.

Taverns (4)


"PUBS" are establishments commonly known as taverns or bars. These places serve alcoholic beverages and often provide a social environment for patrons to gather, relax, and socialize over drinks.

Make less heavy or burdensome (7)


"LIGHTEN" refers to the act of making something less heavy or burdensome. This can apply to physical weight, such as lifting a heavy object, or metaphorical weight, such as reducing someone's emotional burden or workload.

Sleigh (8)


A "TOBOGGAN" is a type of sled or sleigh typically used for sliding down snow-covered hills. With its long, narrow design, a toboggan allows for smooth gliding over snowy terrain, providing hours of winter fun for those who enjoy outdoor activities.

Drudge (8)


 "Drudge" is synonymous with "Scullion", which typically refers to a kitchen servant or someone who performs menial tasks. Therefore, the answer to the clue "Drudge is "SCULLION".

Exaggerate (6)


"Exaggerate"s, they "Beef Up" their story or description, amplifying its significance or impact. Hence, the solution to the clue "Exaggerate is "BEEF UP".

Planet (6)


"Planet" is directly related to "Nature", reflecting the vast natural environments and ecosystems present on Earth. Thus, the answer to the clue "Planet is "NATURE".

Vast stretches of sea (6)


The expansive bodies of water covering the Earth are referred to as "Oceans", which indeed represent vast stretches of sea. Consequently, the solution to the clue "Vast stretches of sea is "OCEANS".

Food grain (4)


As a staple food in many cultures, "Rice" is a significant food grain, widely consumed worldwide. Therefore, the answer to the clue "Food grain is "RICE".

Valuable or rare thing (4,4)


Gold dust is highly sought after and prized for its rarity and value, making it a valuable or rare thing. Its shimmering particles have captivated civilizations throughout history, symbolizing wealth and luxury.

Grumble (8)


When individuals feel dissatisfied or aggrieved, they often express their discontent through grumbling or complaining. Whether it's about trivial annoyances or significant issues, the act of complaining allows people to voice their grievances and seek resolution.

Birds of prey (6)


Eagles, with their keen eyesight, powerful talons, and majestic flight, are apex predators known as birds of prey. These magnificent creatures hunt and soar through the skies with remarkable grace and agility, embodying strength and prowess in the animal kingdom.

Utter tearfully (6)


Sniveling is the act of speaking or crying in a whining, tearful manner, often accompanied by sniffles. It reflects a state of emotional vulnerability or distress, with tears flowing as individuals express their sadness or frustration through trembling voices and moistened eyes.

Provocation (3,3)


A red rag is a symbol of provocation, often used to incite a reaction or stir up anger. Similar to waving a red flag in front of a bull, this action deliberately challenges or antagonizes someone, leading to heightened emotions and potential conflict.

Cereal crop (4)


Corn, a staple cereal crop, has been cultivated for centuries and plays a crucial role in global agriculture and food production. Its versatile uses range from human consumption in various forms to serving as feed for livestock, highlighting its importance in sustaining both people and animals worldwide.

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