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How to Use Google Lens on iPhone or iPad? Complete Guide

You can use Google Lens to identify objects and this can be done by downloading the "Google" or "Google Photos" app from your App Store. You can use this feature in real-time as well as from the gallery.

by Preethi

Updated Apr 01, 2024

How to Use Google Lens on iPhone or iPad? Complete Guide

Google Lens on an iPhone or iPad

Google Lens is like a handy tool that helps you find unknown subjects and texts, translate something, or do whatever you want. You can also use it whenever you need it. It is available for Android, iOS, MS Windows, and macOS.

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In macOS, this feature is available only for searching pictures. On the iPhone or iPad, you can enjoy its awesome features. Just download the Google app or Google Photos from the App Store, and within it, you'll find Google Lens.

How to Use Google Lens on iPhone or iPad?

Google Lens is a tool to search for images to learn about an object. It is trying to identify the object and give more information related to it. It is available on Android, iPhone, and iPad. Here, we are discussing how to use Google Lens on an iPhone or iPad.

Here are some steps to follow to use the Google Lens app on Apple gadgets.

1. "Google App": 

  • You have to download the "Google App" from your App Store by searching "Google."

2. Open "Google."

  • Tap the app to open it.

3. Allow access:

  • Allow the access option to "Google Lens" to your camera and photos.

4. Open "Google Lens."

  • Give a tap on the camera icon, which is in the search bar.

5. Scan the object:

  • Point your device and focus on the object.

  • Scan the object properly, which is what you want to know.

  • It is not only used for objects; texts can also be used to search.

6. Get information:

  • After scanning, it will show the relevant information and videos of the object or text.

How to Use Google Lens Within Google Photos?

Below is the guide on how to use lens in Google photos.

1. "Google Photos" App:

  • Search and download "Google Photos" from your app store.

2. Choose a photo:

  • Select your photo, whichever you want to know some information about.

3. Access to "Google Lens":

  • Allow your "Google Lens" app to access your photos from your gallery.

4. Upload your photo.

  • Tap the image screen.

  • It will show the menu.

  • Click the "Lens" icon.

  • Try to put your selected image into the frame.

5. Know your information:

  • Know the information that is related to your object.

How to Get Google Lens on iPhone or iPad?

You can get Google Lens on your iPhone or iPad through various apps from your app store. Here, we give some tips to follow to get the app.

There are two main apps to get "Google Lens."

1. The first one is "Google App." Downloading "Google" from your app store will give you access to "Google Lens."

2. One more method is getting access through the "Google Photos" app. Download this from your store and get "Google Lens."

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