How to Steal Beehives in Lethal Company? How much Worth is the Apparatus in Lethal Company

To steal beehives in Lethal Company, players can either use a distraction tactic with a teammate drawing the bees away while they grab the hive, or they can patiently wait for the bees to leave the hive and seize the opportunity to take it without confrontation

by Nithya A

Updated Nov 18, 2023

How to Steal Beehives in Lethal Company? How much Worth is the Apparatus in Lethal Company


A beehive is a shelter where certain honey bee species, particularly the western honey bee (Apis mellifera) and the eastern honey bee (Apis cerana), live and nurture their offspring for honey production. It consists of densely packed hexagonal prismatic cells made of beeswax, forming a structure known as a honeycomb. These cells serve the purpose of storing food (honey and pollen) and providing a home for the brood (eggs, larvae, and pupae).

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While the term "nest" is used for bee colonies in natural or artificial cavities, a "hive" specifically refers to an artificial structure created to house a honey bee nest. Beehives play various roles, such as producing honey, aiding in crop pollination, housing bees for apitherapy, and addressing issues like colony collapse disorder. In some cases, hives are transported to different locations in America to facilitate crop pollination by bees. Multiple patents have been issued for different designs of beehives.

How to Steal Beehives in Lethal Company?

Yoinking a beehive from some bees may seem like a fundamentally easy task. It’s something you may have done in other games that usually can be done without being a legitimate threat to your character’s life. In Lethal Company, however, it’s actually one of the most daunting tasks you can attempt that will see you die at least a few times before you get the hang of it. The literal payoff is great though, so that’s what matters, right? Right?

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Beehives in the game (as seen in the screenshot above) are circular in shape and typically found on the ground. As you slowly approach it, however, you’ll notice that it’s absolutely swarming with bees, and they pack a very angry punch. The closer you get to them, they’ll soon notice and immediately charge your way, stingers ready.

Attempting this by yourself is generally not recommended, and that’s because you absolutely cannot outrun the bees. No matter how much you try to kite them, or bob and weave, they’re faster than your character, period. If you try to, they’ll swarm and quickly kill you, and generally you don’t want to be wasting time and unnecessary deaths (especially with no save feature available) when you’ve got a quota to meet.

The safest, established method for pulling this off is with at least one in-game partner. One person will be the bait for the bees, while the other person will stay out of sight then run in, grab the hive and take off before the bees notice. Whomever is the bait is likely destined to die during the chase, unless you get very lucky and they lose interest at a certain point since you don’t have the hive.

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Either way, with two people, this is doable with practice, and when you manage to pull it off, you’ll be able to offload it for a rather nice 100 credits for your death-defying efforts.

That concludes our guide for how to steal a beehive in Lethal Company. We hope you found this helpful, and let us know if this strategy worked for you.

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Lethal Company

Lethal Company, an early access horror game by Zeekerss, challenges players to hunt for scraps to sell to 'The Company' while avoiding death. Despite being in early access, the game has received positive reviews on Steam (97% positive at the time of writing). This guide focuses on a specific challenge: stealing a beehive in the game, a task that players often find difficult without facing death.

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If you're looking to make some quick in-game currency by selling beehives for 100 credits each, you've likely encountered the aggressive circuit bees guarding these hives. Whether you're playing solo or with a friend, this guide will help you successfully steal a beehive without meeting a stinging demise.

Lethal Company Guide

In Lethal Company, your task is to explore distant moons and gather scrap for sale. Here's a simple guide:

  1. Scavenging on Moons: When you land on a moon with your crew, explore abandoned buildings for scrap. Use in-game voice chat, stick together, and avoid provoking monsters. Watch out for hazards like traps, turrets, and hostile creatures. Nighttime is more dangerous, so return to the ship before midnight and collect as much scrap as possible.

  2. Console Terminal and Equipment: Use the console terminal to choose landing spots, buy equipment, and manage hazards. The scanner helps locate scrap, wildlife, and key locations. Selling scrap at the Company Building on 71-Gordion involves placing it in an alcove and ringing a bell, but be cautious; excessive ringing might have consequences.

  3. Crew Safety and Penalties: Deaths among your crew can occur due to hazards, leading to penalty fees from the Company. Reduce penalties by bringing back crewmate bodies. Losing all crew members means losing all accumulated scrap. Communication and teamwork are crucial for a successful mission.

How do I obtain beehives and avoid bees in Lethal Company?

In Lethal Company, you can obtain a beehive either by having a team member distract the bees while you grab it or by waiting for the bees to leave the hive before taking it. Both methods come with risks and may result in casualties, but successfully pulling them off can be rewarding.

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Distraction Tactic:

  1. Have at least two players, with one luring the bees away and the other grabbing the hive.
  2. The bait player activates the bees' aggression and quickly runs away, while the second player takes the hive and escapes.
  3. Timing is crucial; taking the hive too soon or too late can lead to attacks.

Waiting Game Tactic:

  1. Wait for nearby clouds of bees to fly away from the hive.
  2. Maintain a safe distance (about two to three player bodies) from the hive.
  3. When the bees are at a safe distance, pick up the hive and run away quickly.
  4. Luck plays a role, as bees may return and notice the theft, but keeping a significant distance improves the chances of success.

How Much is the Apparatus Worth in Lethal Company?

In Lethal Company, taking the Apparatus from an abandoned facility can be scary when the lights go out, but the scrap you get from it is valuable. Each Apparatus is worth 80 scrap, and you can find them in various Moons' facilities. When you first pick it up, its price appears as "???", but selling it at your company's moon will get you the usual scrap value. Despite its mysterious price, it's a regular item that helps you meet your profit goal.

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In Lethal Company, each Apparatus is worth 80 scrap, and you can discover them in various Moons' facilities. When you first obtain it, its price shows as "???", but when you sell it at your company's moon, you'll receive the regular 80 scrap value. Despite its initial mystery price, it's a standard item that helps you meet your profit target.

Where Can we Find the Apparatus in Lethal Company?

The Apparatus is a battery that powers a moon’s facility, and you'll find it in a room, sometimes surrounded by smoke.

To steal it, you need to turn off the power. Taking the Apparatus will cause the lights to go out, making everything dark. However, carrying it won't harm you, except making you heavier. It's safer to grab it towards the end of your run, so you won't have to rely solely on your flashlight.

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Look for a fire exit for a quick escape, but be cautious of any monsters in the vicinity.

Lethal Company Gameplay 

In "Lethal Company," players engage in scavenging on abandoned moons to collect scrap for the Company, navigating risky environments to meet profit quotas and explore hazardous landscapes. The game emphasizes exploration, with features like creature scanning and uncovering derelict terrains.

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Protection against dangers is essential, and players can use tools from the Company store, such as lights and stun grenades. Teamwork is crucial for survival, especially at night, requiring coordinated efforts to ensure the safety of the crew and the successful completion of missions. Explore our game articles on Fresherslive for valuable insights and expert tips to enhance your gaming experience. Join us to stay ahead in the world of gaming.

How to sell the Apparatus in Lethal Company?

Once you bring the Apparatus back to your ship, you can return it to your company’s moon alongside the rest of your goods and sell it for 80 credits, bringing you one step closer to meeting your profit quota. While it’s not enough to fulfill the entire quota alone, it can be a significant difference between a successful and failed run.

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To reach your company moon, head into your ship’s terminal and type “moons” before entering “company.” This sets your destination to your company, where you can exit your ship with your goods, drop everything off at the table, and receive your money. Don’t stand near the counter, or you’ll have a startling and unpleasant experience.

With all that said, if you want some ideas for spending your precious scrap, check out how the inverse teleporter works in Lethal Company, or click the tag below to browse our growing article list

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How to Steal Beehives in Lethal Company - FAQs

1. Why steal beehives in Lethal Company?

Beehives can be sold for valuable credits in the game, making them a lucrative item to obtain.

2. What is the Apparatus in Lethal Company?

The Apparatus is a valuable item in Lethal Company that powers a moon's facility.

3. Are there other valuable items in Lethal Company besides beehives?

Yes, players can hunt for scraps and other items to sell to 'The Company' in Lethal Company, contributing to their in-game profit.

4. How much is the Apparatus worth?

The Apparatus is valued at 80 scrap in the game.

5. How can players access Lethal Company in early access?

Players can access Lethal Company in early access on platforms like Steam, where the game has received positive reviews.

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