How to Start Fontaine Archon Quest? Fontaine Characters and Materials

Embarking on the captivating journey of Fontaine's Archon Quest requires a few prerequisites and steps. Follow this guide to initiate the quest and delve into the immersive storyline.

by Harini

Updated Aug 25, 2023

How to Start Fontaine Archon Quest? Fontaine Characters and Materials

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact, an action role-playing game developed by miHoYo, emerged onto the gaming scene, capturing attention with its captivating gameplay and expansive world. Published by miHoYo in mainland China and by Cognosphere (HoYoverse) worldwide, the game made its debut in 2020 on Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Windows platforms. Following its initial release, the game expanded its reach to include PlayStation 5 in 2021, and plans for a Nintendo Switch release are in the pipeline.

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Set in the fantastical realm of Teyvat, Genshin Impact introduces players to a world brimming with wonder. Teyvat is divided into seven distinct nations, each governed by a deity and aligned with a unique elemental power. The story revolves around The Traveler, the protagonist, and their quest to reunite with their lost twin after arriving in Teyvat. Guided by the endearing companion Paimon, The Traveler navigates diverse nations, forms bonds with a variety of characters, and engages with the intricate political and societal dynamics that shape the world.

How to Start Fontaine Archon Quest?

Initiating the Fontaine Archon Quest

Meta: Embarking on the captivating journey of Fontaine's Archon Quest requires a few prerequisites and steps. Follow this guide to initiate the quest and delve into the immersive storyline:

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Adventure Rank Requirement: Ensure your Adventure Rank is at least 40 or higher. This is crucial as the Archon Quest Chapter IV unfolds in Fontaine and mandates a certain level of progression.

Accessing Archon Quests: Archon Quests are integral to the main storyline and are signified by their prominence in the quest log. To embark on Fontaine's Archon Quest, ensure that you've progressed sufficiently in the main storyline and met the Adventure Rank prerequisite.

Chapter 4, Act 1: "Prelude of Blancheur and Noirceur": Once you meet the Adventure Rank requirement, navigate to your quest log and locate the Archon Quest titled "Prelude of Blancheur and Noirceur." This marks the beginning of your Fontaine adventure.

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Follow the Waypoints: As you initiate the quest, the game will guide you through a series of waypoints, leading you to pivotal locations within Fontaine. Follow the prompts and waypoints to immerse yourself in the unfolding narrative.

Chapter 4, Act 2: "As Light Rain Falls Without Reason": Progress through the first act of the Archon Quest to unlock the subsequent act. Upon completion of "Prelude of Blancheur and Noirceur," the second act titled "As Light Rain Falls Without Reason" will become accessible.

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Continuing the Questline: Continue following waypoints, interacting with NPCs, and engaging in the quest's events as you progress through the Archon Quest storyline. Immerse yourself in the lore, challenges, and mysteries of Fontaine's narrative.

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By adhering to these steps and ensuring you meet the Adventure Rank requirement, you'll be well-equipped to initiate the Fontaine Archon Quest and uncover the intriguing storyline that awaits you in this captivating Genshin Impact region.

Fontaine Materials

Contrary to its watery setting, Fontaine boasts fertile terrain replete with flora and fruit trees. Beyond land-based resources, valuable materials also lie submerged underwater. Our comprehensive Fontaine materials farming guide provides an in-depth overview of prime resource locations. The following is a brief summary:

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  • Rainbow Rose - Local specialty
  • Lumidouce Bell - Local specialty
  • Romaritime Flower - Local specialty
  • Beryl Conch - Local specialty
  • Condessence Crystal - Ore
  • Marcotte - Cooking material
  • Tidalga - Cooking material
  • Pluie Lotus - Material
  • Bulle Fruit - Food

Fontaine Characters

Fontaine boasts a captivating array of individuals, with many slated to become playable characters. Presenting an overview of Fontaine's characters:

  • Lyney: A 5-star Pyro character wielding a bow, introduced in version 4.0, phase one.
  • Lynette: A 4-star Anemo character adept with a sword, featured in version 4.0, phase one.
  • Freminet: An upcoming 4-star Cryo character skilled in using a Claymore, scheduled for release in version 4.0, phase two.
  • Neuvilette: An upcoming Hydro character.
  • Wriothesley: An upcoming Cryo character. Release dates for Neuvilette and Wriothesley remain pending
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Fontaine, counted among the seven distinctive regions of Teyvat, holds a significant position in the realm. It serves as the homeland of devoted worshippers of Lady Furina, the revered Hydro Archon and embodiment of Justice.

The intrigue of Fontaine comes to the forefront in Archon Quest Chapter IV. This particular chapter unfolds within the borders of this region, offering players a chance to delve into its unique landscape and immerse themselves in the unfolding narrative.

Genshin Impact Gameplay 

Genshin Impact presents an immersive and expansive gameplay environment within a vibrant open world. Functioning as an action role-playing game, players assume control over a party of up to four characters, each interchangeable during combat. This unique feature enables swift character switches, allowing players to tactically combine skills and attacks for strategic advantages.

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Central to the gameplay is the enhancement of character abilities. This involves character leveling and optimization through artifacts and weapons. Teyvat, the game's world, offers a plethora of challenges and rewards, including formidable bosses and specialized trials that yield valuable resources. These resources are obtained using Original Resin, a replenishing resource.

Engaging in challenges contributes to the player's Adventure Rank, an advancing system unlocking quests, challenges, and escalating the World Level. The World Level governs enemy difficulty and reward rarity, adding a dynamic layer to the experience.

Character control encompasses seamless actions like running, climbing, swimming, and gliding, all of which consume stamina. Select characters possess unique abilities capable of altering the environment, enriching exploration with strategic elements.

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Fast travel is facilitated through teleportation nodes and landmarks, while resources like food and ore are collected from the environment. Battle-focused domains grant materials for character and weapon improvement. Crafting meals from gathered ingredients yields advantageous effects, such as health restoration and stat enhancements.

Multiplayer gameplay accommodates up to four players, fostering collaboration both within the open world and Domains. The cross-platform feature ensures players from diverse platforms can unite their efforts.

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Introducing new playable characters unfolds through quests and limited-time events. However, the primary method of obtaining characters is via the "Wishes" system, akin to a gacha mechanic. Premium in-game currencies, attainable through gameplay or in-app purchases, fuel these draws. A "pity" mechanism guarantees players valuable items after a set number of draws.

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In summary, Genshin Impact's gameplay weaves together open-world exploration, dynamic combat, character progression, and cooperative multiplayer gameplay, all set against the captivating backdrop of Teyvat's fantasy realm.

Disclaimer: The above information is for general informational purposes only. All information on the Site is provided in good faith, however we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information on the Site.

How to Start Fontaine Archon Quest: FAQs

1.   How do I start the Fontaine Archon Quest?  

To initiate the Fontaine Archon Quest, ensure your Adventure Rank is 40 or higher, progress in the main storyline, locate the Archon Quest "Prelude of Blancheur and Noirceur" in your quest log, follow waypoints, and proceed through Chapter 4, Act 1 and Act 2.

2. What are some notable materials in Fontaine?

Fontaine offers diverse resources, including Rainbow Rose, Lumidouce Bell, Romaritime Flower, Beryl Conch, Condessence Crystal, Marcotte, Tidalga, Pluie Lotus, and Bulle Fruit.

3. Who are the prominent characters in Fontaine?

Fontaine introduces intriguing characters like Lyney (5-star Pyro character), Lynette (4-star Anemo character), and upcoming characters Freminet (4-star Cryo), Neuvilette (upcoming Hydro), and Wriothesley (upcoming Cryo).

4. What is the significance of Fontaine in Genshin Impact's storyline?  

Fontaine, one of Teyvat's seven regions, reveres Lady Furina, the Hydro Archon embodying Justice. Archon Quest Chapter IV unfolds within this realm, offering players an immersive narrative experience.

5. What is Genshin Impact's gameplay like?  

Genshin Impact's gameplay blends action, open-world exploration, and character progression. Players control up to four characters, utilizing their skills in real-time combat. The game features character enhancement, boss battles, and a cooperative multiplayer mode for up to four players.

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