How to Get The John Wick Achievement in Escape From Tarkov? Find Out Here

Learn how to earn the prestigious John Wick Achievement in Escape From Tarkov. Follow our simple guide to eliminate four PMC operators with headshots using a pistol in a single raid!

by Tamilarasi S

Updated Feb 12, 2024

How to Get The John Wick Achievement in Escape From Tarkov? Find Out Here

Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov, created by Battlestate Games, plunges players into a gripping simulation of survival and warfare within the fictional Norvinsk region of Russia. Amidst the turmoil of a clash between private military factions, players assume the roles of mercenaries, aligning either with USEC or BEAR operatives, navigating perilous landscapes teeming with hostile adversaries and AI-controlled scavengers.

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At the core of Escape From Tarkov lies its gripping, lifelike gunplay and strategic gameplay mechanics. Each incursion into the war-ravaged urban terrain represents a high-stakes endeavor where players gamble with their hard-won equipment and spoils, fostering an environment of perpetual tension and anticipation.

Whether scrounging for resources, engaging in intense firefights with rival players, or meticulously plotting escape routes, every choice carries weight in Tarkov.The game's meticulous attention to detail is palpable in its intricately designed environments, extensive weapon customization possibilities, and complex economic framework.

From the unsettlingly quiet streets to the decrepit structures harboring hidden threats, every corner of Tarkov pulses with danger and potential.Escape From Tarkov delivers a distinct and immersive multiplayer encounter, melding elements of first-person shooters, survival simulations, and role-playing adventures into a demanding and gratifying amalgamation.

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With its uncompromising gameplay and fluid, player-driven storylines, Tarkov exemplifies the evolving landscape of online gaming and the limitless possibilities of virtual realms.

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How to Get the John Wick Achievement in Escape From Tarkov?

Here are the steps on how to get the John Wick Achievement in Escape From Tarkov :

  1. Understand the Goal: The John Wick Achievement in Escape From Tarkov is a challenging feat that you can earn while playing as a PMC (Private Military Company) operator.

  2. Requirement: You need to eliminate four other PMC operators using headshots with a pistol in a single raid.

  3. Choose Your PMC: Before starting your raid, select your PMC character. Make sure you're ready to enter the dangerous world of Tarkov.

  4. Equip Your Pistol: Make sure you have a pistol equipped and enough ammunition to take down your enemies.

  5. Focus on Headshots: During the raid, aim carefully and try to shoot other PMC operators in the head to take them down with a single shot.

  6. Stay Alert: Keep your eyes open and stay vigilant as you navigate the raid. Other players may pose a threat, so be ready to defend yourself.

  7. Be Patient and Persistent: Earning the John Wick Achievement may take some time and practice. Stay determined and keep trying until you succeed.

  8. Celebrate Your Success: Once you successfully eliminate four PMC operators with headshots using a pistol in a single raid, you'll unlock the John Wick Achievement.

  9. Enjoy Your Victory: Take pride in your accomplishment and enjoy the rewards of your hard-earned achievement in Escape From Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov Gameplay

Escape From Tarkov is a tough and exciting game where players have to stay alive in a dangerous, war-ravaged city named Tarkov. There are three main ways to play: PMC raids, Scav raids, and offline mode. In PMC raids, players can work together or go solo, starting on one side of different maps and needing to reach an extraction point on the other side while dealing with other players and computer enemies.

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In Scav raids, players act as scavengers and join ongoing raids with random gear, which makes for a different kind of gameplay. Each raid lasts between 15 to 45 minutes, with up to 14 players, and players need to manage their resources and health carefully.

One cool thing about Escape From Tarkov is its minimal HUD, which means there's not much on-screen info, making the game feel more real and intense. If players die in a raid, they lose everything they brought in, including loot and gear. But they can insure their stuff to have a better chance of getting it back.

Between raids, players can sell loot, buy new gear, and do quests from traders to unlock more items and level up loyalty. The game also has a Hideout that players can upgrade with found or bought materials to get in-game bonuses, like shorter cooldown times and crafting abilities.

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Combat in Escape From Tarkov is super realistic, with lots of options to customize weapons and a health system where players have to use specific medical supplies for wounds. The game also models realistic bullet physics, like ricochets and bullet penetration, which adds depth to the strategy.

Overall, Escape From Tarkov gives players a tough and immersive experience in a grim, war-torn setting, where staying alive and thinking smart are the keys to winning.

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Escape From Tarkov Development

Escape From Tarkov began development in 2012 by Battlestate Games. Lead developer Nikita Buyanov and his team took inspiration from their previous work on Contract Wars, a game set in the Russia-2028 universe. Some team members, including a former Spetsnaz operator, bring real military knowledge, making the game more realistic.

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To get authentic weapon sounds, developers recorded real guns in old warehouses. During the beta phase, the game regularly got updates with new features, maps, and characters. Sometimes, players' progress would reset, known as "wipes."

But the game had problems with cheaters and people trading real money for in-game currency. Battlestate Games took steps to stop this by making it harder to trade expensive items for in-game money. This caused confusion among players about what was allowed and not allowed in the game.

Despite these challenges, Escape From Tarkov keeps getting better. The developers are dedicated to making it an immersive and tough game. They pay close attention to detail to make the war-torn world of Tarkov feel real, giving players an authentic and exciting gaming experience.

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Escape From Tarkov Trailer

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How To Get The John Wick Achievement in Escape From Tarkov- FAQs

1. What is Escape From Tarkov?            

Escape From Tarkov is a challenging first-person shooter game set in a fictional Russian city. Players must survive and navigate through hostile environments filled with other players and AI-controlled enemies while completing objectives and gathering loot.

2. How To Get The John Wick Achievement in Escape From Tarkov?            

To get the John Wick Achievement, eliminate four PMC operators with headshots using a pistol in a single raid while playing as a PMC character.

3. Is Escape From Tarkov free to play?            

No, Escape From Tarkov is not free to play. Players need to purchase the game to access its content and features.

4. Can I play Escape From Tarkov solo?          

Yes, players can choose to play Escape From Tarkov solo, but they can also team up with other players in multiplayer modes.

5. What platforms is Escape From Tarkov available on?      

Escape From Tarkov is available on PC. Currently, there are no versions for consoles such as Xbox or PlayStation.

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