How to Get the AI Baby Filter Going Viral on TikTok?

To Get the AI Baby Filter which is going Viral on TikTok, install the CapCut app for free. The Baby AI Filter can be available in this app only. For more information check out the article below.

by Ruksana

Updated Apr 01, 2024

How to Get the AI Baby Filter Going Viral on TikTok?

AI Baby Filter Going Viral on TikTok

The AI Baby Filter is a fun tool on TikTok that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict what your future baby might look like. It's a popular trend where people upload their photos or photos of them with their partners to see the AI-generated baby face.

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The results can be cute, funny, or surprising, making it an entertaining way to imagine what your future family might look like.

To use the AI Baby Filter, you need to have an app called CapCut on your phone. It's free to download. 

How to Get the AI Baby Filter Going Viral on TikTok?

Download CapCut: 

First, download the CapCut app for free on your phone. This app is where the AI Baby Filter is available.

Find the Trending Videos:

Open TikTok and search for videos featuring the AI Baby Filter. Look for videos where people are using the filter and getting funny or cute results.

Use the Template: 

Above the username in the video, there's a button that says "CapCut - Try this template." Tap on it.

Try the Filter: 

Follow the prompts to use the filter in CapCut. You'll need to select your photo or a photo with your partner.

Preview and Share: 

After applying the filter, preview the results. If you're happy with how your AI baby looks, save the video and share it on TikTok.

Add a Creative Caption: 

To make your video stand out, add a creative caption or description explaining what you're doing with the AI Baby Filter.

Share and Engage: 

Share your video on TikTok and engage with other users who are also trying out the AI Baby Filter. Comment on their videos and encourage them to try it too.

Al Filter on TikTok

TikTok has a cool thing called AI filters. These filters use clever computer objects to change how you look in videos. They can make you look like you are in a fantasy world, or even like a cartoon character! Some filters can even mix your face with something else, like an object or another person. These filters make making videos more fun!

How to Get AI Filters on TikTok?

Steps to get AI filters on Tiktok:

  • Open the TikTok app.

  • Tap the plus sign to start making a video.

  • Look for the "Effects" button, it's at the bottom of the screen.

  • Tap on "Effects" to open it.

  • There's a search bar at the top, tap on it.

  • Type "AI" into the search bar and hit Enter.

  • Now you'll see all the AI filters TikTok has.

  • Tap on the AI Filter that you want to use.

  • If there are any instructions, follow them.

  • Now you can record your video with the AI filter!

Other Viral Filters on TikTok

TikTok Anime Filter: 

TikTok's Anime Filter is like a magic mirror that turns you into a cool cartoon character! Imagine looking just like those awesome characters you see in your favorite anime shows.

With this filter, you can make your eyes big and shiny like anime characters, add fun effects to your face, and even turn yourself into a cartoon! It's super easy to use , just open TikTok, pick the Anime Filter and let the fun begin. You'll see yourself transform right before your eyes!

TikTok Green Screen

TikTok Green Screen Filter is like having your magic portal. With the green screen effect, you can transport yourself anywhere you can imagine. Want to be on a beach, in outer space, or even on a roller coaster? Just find a photo of that place, use the green screen effect on TikTok, and enjoy.

Whether you want to make funny skits, share travel adventures, or just have fun with your friends, the TikTok green screen effect lets you unleash your creativity and make videos that stand out. 

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