How to Get Pirate Jetsam in FF7 Rebirth

Commence to FF7 Rebirth, where you’ll be racing against time and space to get the most out of your team with the help of the famous Pirate Jetsam. From sunken ships to secluded coves, engage in battles and solve puzzles.

by Hanishagopica

Updated Mar 23, 2024

How to Get Pirate Jetsam in FF7 Rebirth

Pirate Jetsam

The Pirate Jetsam is a floating item that you can find floating in the Meridian Ocean. This is the region in which you can discover Gilgamesh island and other interesting optional content. To get to this region, you must first reach Chapter 12. That's when the region suddenly appears. Then, you can take your Tiny Bronco to this region.

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Once you're in this region, you'll see barrels floating around the ocean. You can ram them with your Tiny Bronco and get whatever's inside.If you get this item, the only thing you'll get is that it's a crafting material.

Pirate Jetsam in FF7 Rebirth Location

The crafting resource, known as Pirate Jetsam, can only be found in the Meridian Ocean, which is a large body of water located in the center of FF7 Rebirth’s map. On the east, you’ll find Midgar and the Grasslands on the unnamed continent, on the west, Nibel and Corel, on Cosmo Canyon and Gongaga, and on the east, the Atlantic Ocean equivalent you’ll sail across on the Shinra-8 in Chapter 5.

Chapter 12 opens up the vast open world, allowing you to explore the entire Meridian Ocean, even piloting the tiny Bronco plane across it.The Pirate Jetsam appear as crates floating in the water, and if you’re lucky enough to find all four of them, you can get the Corsair’s Compass, which will allow you to find Pirate Jetsam.

Location of Corsair's Compass

The crafting resource, known as "pirate jetsam," can only be found in the Meridian Ocean. The Meridian Ocean is a vast body of water located in the center of the map in FF7 Rebirth. Midgar, Grasslands, Junon, and Nibel are located on the east. The other unnamed continent, Nibel, is located on the west. Cosmo Canyon and Gongaga are located in the northwest. In the middle is the equivalent of the Atlantic Ocean, which you can cross in Chapter 5 on the Shinra- 8.

The pirate jetsam appears as crates floating in the ocean. If you find all four pirate relics, you will be able to get the Corsair’s Compass, which will allow you to find Pirate jetsam.Once you make it to Chapter 12, you will find a chest where you park your Tiny Bronco. Inside, you will find the Pirate’s Treasure Map.This map details four locations in which you can fight the four bosses:Brine Born Demon, Hueyacoatl, Huge Raider, Sea Dragon

Each X marked on the map indicates the location of a hidden dock to the pirate king's grottos. After finding each one and defeating the boss fiend that resides there, you will be able to craft a Corsair's Compass. This is an excellent equipable accessory that breaks the ATB gauge down into three parts after an ally uses five different commands, but its main use is as a real compass used to locate Pirate Jetsam.

Uses of Corsair's Compass

Once created, the Corsair’s Compass will create a golden ring around your Tiny Bronco as you traverse the Meridian Ocean (similar to the red circle for First Strike) indicating that there’s Pirate Jetsam in the vicinity, and you’ll follow the red arrow pointing to it.

FF7 Rebirth 

The story of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is set to take place in 2024 and is developed and published  by Square Enix. It is the second part of a planned trilogy to remaster the 1997 PlayStation game. The story picks up after the events of the previous game, Final Fantasy 7 Remake (2020). The main characters are on the planet "The Planet" as they try to stop the power of Shinra Electric Power Company (SEK) from taking over Midgar, the megalopolis, by using the Lifestream as a weapon. They must also defeat Sephiroth, a veteran of Shinra’s elite 

SOLDIER unit, who has been assumed dead and is trying to use the Lifestream to summon Meteor to destroy the planet, allowing him to become a god by uniting with it. 

The game continues the overarching narrative of the original game, reimagining the plot, world and cast of FF7 (1997).The story of Rebirth follows the events that take place after you leave Midgar and make your way to the forgotten capital. However, the order of the locations you visit differs from the first game. For instance, you will not be able to visit Wutai until the third game.

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