How to Change Armor Color in Helldivers 2? Customize Your Look!

Change your armor color in Helldivers 2 to stand out on the battlefield! Visit the Armory, select the Armor tab, choose your preferred color, and equip it to customize your character's look.

by Vignesh L

Updated Feb 13, 2024

How to Change Armor Color in Helldivers 2? Customize Your Look!

Customization Features in Helldivers 2

In Helldivers 2, players have the option to customize their characters to make them unique. This means you can change how your character looks to suit your style. You can do this in the armory, which is like a shop on your spaceship.

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Inside the armory, you can change things like your armor, helmet, and cape. You can also pick different weapons and even change your body type. If you're tired of the same old armor color, don't worry! You can switch it up by choosing a new color for your armor.

Just go to the armory, select the armor tab, and pick your favorite color. Your reticle, which helps you aim in the game, can also be customized. You can change its color in the game settings menu. While you can't change your character's overall color yet, there's a chance it might be added in future updates. So, get creative and make your character stand out on the battlefield!

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How to Change Armor Color in Helldivers 2?

Changing armor color in Helldivers 2 is pretty straightforward. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Access the Armory: First, you need to find the Armory. This is where you can make changes to your gear. Look for tabs like Weaponry, Armory, Character, Booster, and Career.
  2. Choose the Gear Piece: Once you're in the Armory, find the gear piece you want to change the color of. You can adjust things like your helmet, armor, and cape.
  3. Pick Your Color: Look through the options available for that gear piece. You'll see different colors and designs. Choose the one that you like best and matches your style.
  4. Equip the New Color: When you've found the perfect color, just hit the equip button. This will save the changes to your armor, helmet, or cape.

That's it! Now you've successfully changed the color of your armor in Helldivers 2. It's a simple way to make your character stand out and feel more like your own.

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Helldivers 2 

Helldivers 2, also known as Helldivers II, is a cool shooting game made by Arrowhead Game Studios and sold by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It's the follow-up to the game Helldivers from 2015, where you looked down on the action.

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But in Helldivers 2, you get to see the action from behind your character, which makes it a third-person shooter. It's available to play on PlayStation 5 and Windows, and it came out on February 8, 2024. In this game, you can play alone or team up with friends to blast your way through enemies.

The developers, Arrowhead Game Studios, created a thrilling experience where you shoot, dodge, and strategize your way to victory. Whether you're playing solo or with buddies, there's plenty of excitement in store.

So, if you're into action-packed games with intense shooting gameplay, Helldivers 2 might be right up your alley. It's easy to get into, but offers lots of challenges to keep you hooked for hours of fun.

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Helldivers 2 Gameplay

Helldivers 2 introduces a shift in gameplay, departing from the top-down view of its predecessor and embracing a third-person shooter style. Players can wield a variety of Strategems, calling in air drops that deliver cluster bombs, sentry guns, shield generators, or special weaponry stored in limited-use supply pods.

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An interesting twist is the persistent threat of friendly fire, keeping players on their toes during intense battles. The game's armor system mimics the impact of real firearms against armored targets, adding a touch of realism to the combat experience.

With a multiplayer mode accommodating up to four players, Helldivers 2 encourages collaborative exploration of distinct planets and the completion of shared objectives. The game's deep progression system allows players to upgrade their equipment as they navigate challenges together. Helldivers 2 promises an engaging blend of strategic decision-making and cooperative action within its dynamic and immersive gaming environment.

Helldivers 2 Development 

The development journey of Helldivers 2 has been an intriguing one. Arrowhead Game Studios first hinted at their new project for PlayStation 5 on December 3, 2020, revealing it as a third-person shooter. A leak in September 2021 on GeForce Now and a teasing TikTok post added to the anticipation, showcasing fan eagerness for the game's release.

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Although a portion of the trailer leaked, the studio maintained an air of secrecy. The official announcement finally arrived on May 24, 2023, during the PlayStation Showcase, promising a 2023 release. Subsequent events included a gameplay trailer on July 6, 2023, with rumors pointing to an October 2023 launch. The game earned an "M" rating for its intense content on July 30, 2023.

A significant moment came on September 14, 2023, during a PlayStation State of Play event, where gameplay was showcased, and the official release date of February 8, 2024, was revealed. Pre-orders became available on September 22, 2023, adding to the excitement surrounding Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 Trailer

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How to Change Armor Color in Helldivers 2 - FAQs

1. What options do players have for customizing their characters in Helldivers 2?  

Players can customize their characters' appearance in the armory, altering aspects like armor, helmet, cape, weapons, and body type.

2. How can players change the color of their armor in Helldivers 2?

Players can change their armor color by accessing the Armory, selecting the Armor tab, choosing their preferred color, and equipping it.

3. What perspective does Helldivers 2 offer in contrast to its predecessor?

Helldivers 2 shifts from a top-down view to a third-person shooter perspective, allowing players to experience the action from behind their character.

4.  What gameplay features distinguish Helldivers 2?  

Helldivers 2 introduces a persistent threat of friendly fire and an armor system that simulates realistic firearm impact on armored targets.

5. What multiplayer capabilities does Helldivers 2 offer?  

Helldivers 2 accommodates up to four players in multiplayer mode, encouraging collaborative exploration of planets and completion of shared objectives.

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