How to Add Another Face ID on iPhone? A Complete Guide

To add another Face ID on iPhone, go to Settings, tap on Face ID & Passcode, select Set up an Alternate Appearance, and follow the on-screen instructions.

by T Santhosh

Updated Apr 02, 2024

How to Add Another Face ID on iPhone? A Complete Guide

Managing Face ID Settings on iPhone 

Apple allows iPhone users to choose what features they want Face ID to be used for. You can enable or disable Face ID for Password AutoFill, iTunes & App Store Purchases, Wallet & Apple Pay, and iPhone Unlock under 'Use Face ID for'. Additionally, you can use Face ID to unlock specific apps, such as banking and messaging apps like WhatsApp. As a safety concern, you need to disable Face ID access for purchases, passwords, and private apps if you're sharing your iPhone with someone else.

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Removing the other person from Face ID makes sense if you decide to stop sharing your iPhone with them. To do this, go to Settings, open the "Face ID & Passcode" menu, and select "Reset Face ID." You will need to select "Set Up Face ID" to scan your face again, as it will instantly delete all saved Face IDs. On an iPhone, you can't delete individual Face IDs; however, since the setup process takes less than a minute. 

How to Add Another Face ID on iPhone? 

If you share an iPhone with another person, Apple's Face ID is an easy way to unlock your phone quickly and for multiple users. The Face ID feature is useful for multiple users. Adding a second user to an iPhone's Face ID is simple. Apple referred to it as an "alternate appearance."

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It can be used to add a completely different person, even though it's meant for one person who might have different looks. Apple limits the number of alternate appearances or people to one, but it doesn't stop the owner from adding a completely different face. Follow the steps below to add another Face ID to your iPhone.

  • Open the iPhone's Settings app.
  • Press on the Face ID and Passcode. This section needs you to enter the iPhone’s passcode. 
  • Click the Get Started button after selecting Set up an Alternate Appearance.
  • Set your face position inside the frame now, and follow the on-screen instructions. Give your iPhone to the person you are adding Face ID to, and instruct them to follow the on-screen steps.
  • When configuring Face ID, make use of the accessibility options if you or another person has a physical disability. This allows you to maintain the security of facial recognition without requiring you to move your head in full range. Keep in mind that you need to look at the iPhone more consistently.
  • To add a second Face ID to your iPhone for someone who is blind or has low vision, go to Settings -> Accessibility and turn off Require Attention for Face ID. They won't have to keep their eyes open for this.
  • After doing this, you can use Face ID to unlock your iPhone. 
  • You may already have used the Set Up an Alternate Appearance option if you don't see it. If so, in order to delete both facial profiles, you must first reset the face ID. For this, go to Settings -> Face ID & Passcode -> Reset Face ID. 
  • After that, you can create a new Face ID for yourself and add another Face ID that you want to use with your iPhone.

How to Use Face ID with a Face Mask?

When wearing a face mask or any other thing that covers your mouth and nose, you can use Face ID to unlock your iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14, and iPhone 15 models. Face ID analyzes the particular characteristics surrounding your eyes when you activate Face ID with a mask. Face ID is compatible with all the Face ID settings you enable under Settings > Face ID & Passcode.

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  • Visit Settings > Face ID & Passcode, and then try one of the following actions.
  • Turn on Face ID with a mask, then proceed to the steps. When you activate Face ID with a mask, note that you should wear transparent glasses to increase the accuracy of Face ID if you typically wear glasses.
  • Enhance your look with a pair of transparent glasses, then click Add Glasses and follow the further steps. 
  • When wearing a face mask, avoid allowing Face ID to function so that you can disable Face ID while wearing a mask. 
  • As an alternative, you can unlock your iPhone while wearing a face mask by using the Apple Watch with any iPhone model that supports Face ID. 

How to Use Face ID for Apple Pay Purchases? 

You must first ensure that Apple Pay is enabled on your iPhone. Then, proceed with the steps below. 

  • Just double-click the side button to use your default card 
  • Use Face ID to unlock your iPhone. If you are unable to remove your mask, select Pay with Passcode and type your passcode.
  • Holding the top of your device nearer to the card reader in the store allows you to complete the purchase. 
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For Safari or in an app Purchase

  • When you're ready to check out, click the Buy with Apple Pay button or choose Apple Pay as your payment option. Confirm the details of your payment. Tap > next to your card to pay with a different card.
  • To use Face ID, double-click the side button and then look at your iPhone.
  • You're done when you see Done with a checkmark.

For iTunes & App Store Purchase

  • To make sure that iTunes and the App Store are turned on, go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode.
  • Launch the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBook Store, select the item you wish to purchase, and tap it.
  • When asked to pay, double-click the side button and look at your iPhone to use Face ID. If your mask covers your mouth and nose, you will need to enter your passcode by tapping Pay with Passcode.
  • Finally, wait for "done" to appear, along with a checkmark.

Is Face ID Safe to Use?

Face ID only allows five unsuccessful match attempts before prompting you to enter your passcode, adding an extra layer of security. Your entire Face ID data is safeguarded and encrypted. You have control over its usage and even the ability to disable it, and it's never backed up to iCloud or any other location.

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On the other hand, you can add closed ones to Face ID, and they will have the same unlocking and authentication rights as you. This means that they can use Face ID to pay with Apple Pay and make purchases as well. Thus, be sure to only add people you can really trust.


If you and your partner or sibling share an iPhone, you need to add multiple faces to Face ID so that unlocking the device can be done easily. The TrueDepth camera, located on top of your iPhone, maps your face's geometry precisely by projecting and analyzing thousands of invisible dots.

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Additionally, it takes an infrared image of your face to generate a kind of "key" that verifies your identity and allows you to unlock your phone, authorize purchases, make payments, log into apps, and more. When you wear accessories like hats, scarves, contacts, or glasses, even Face ID works. But in some instances, if you have a mask covering your mouth and nose, you will need to use your passcode to verify your identity. 

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