Here we have the Solution for Guardian Quick Crossword Puzzle : April 4th, 2024

Let us help you with the steps you need to to solve the crossword puzzle named Guardian Quick puzzle and through that get the solution for it.

by Ramya R

Updated Apr 04, 2024

Here we have the Solution for Guardian Quick Crossword Puzzle : April 4th, 2024

Playing crossword games usually makes you think of the possible answers you can get , come up with many clues from the hints given and then finally get the answer for it. Crosswords may seem lengthy, may look like you need more time to spend on the crossword but also get benefitted by gaining more knowledge as you play it.

Question: 1936 du Maurier novel (7,3)


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In Daphne du Maurier's 1936 novel, readers are transported to the eerie atmosphere of the Jamaica Inn, a mysterious and foreboding setting where secrets abound. With its seven-letter title, Jamaica Inn captivates audiences with its suspenseful narrative.

Question: Visual material in a publication (7)


Artwork serves as a pivotal component in any publication, enriching the reader's experience with visual representations. Whether it's illustrations, photographs, or diagrams, the seven-letter term enhances comprehension and engagement.

Question: Cocktail with mint (5)

Answer: JULEP

Julep cocktail tantalizes the taste buds with its refreshing blend of mint and other ingredients. With its five-letter name, the Julep is a beloved choice for those seeking a cool and invigorating libation.

Question: One of Charon’s rivers (4)

Answer: STYX

In Greek mythology, the Styx river holds significance as one of the rivers of the underworld, ferrying souls to the realm of the dead. With its four letters, Styx symbolizes the boundary between the mortal world and the afterlife.

Question: Elementary particle (8)


The Neutrino, an elementary particle with eight letters, occupies a central role in the field of particle physics. Despite its tiny size, the neutrino plays a crucial role in fundamental interactions, contributing to our understanding of the universe's inner workings.

Question: Sphere (6)

Answer: SECTOR

Sphere is provided, it hints at a word related to a round object. The answer SECTOR fits perfectly, as it refers to a portion of a circle bounded by two radii and the included arc. The word aligns with the clue's theme of spherical shapes and is six letters long.

Question: E.g. amylase or pepsin (6)

Answer: ENZYME

ENZYME is a fitting answer, as it denotes a protein that acts as a catalyst in biochemical reactions. The word amylase and pepsin mentioned in the clue are examples of enzymes, hence fulfilling the criteria of the crossword clue.

Question: Irk (8)


Irk means to annoy or irritate someone, causing mild agitation or frustration. The answer, IRRITATE, aligns perfectly with the clue, denoting the action of provoking annoyance or exasperation in someone.

Question: Tiff (4)

Answer: SPAT

A tiff is a minor quarrel or disagreement between two people, often characterized by petty arguments or disputes. The answer, SPAT, refers to a brief, relatively inconsequential altercation or exchange of words between individuals.

Question: Lordly (5)

Answer: NOBLE

The term lordly suggests an attitude or demeanor characterized by nobility, grandeur, or superiority. The answer, NOBLE, embodies this concept, representing someone or something possessing qualities of high moral principles, dignity, or elevated status.

Question: Fast in music (7)


Fast in music refers to a tempo marking indicating a brisk and lively pace. In musical notation, this tempo is often indicated by the Italian term ALLEGRO, which translates to fast or lively in English.

Question: Act overhastily (4,3,3)


To JUMPTHEGUN means to act prematurely or hastily without considering all the necessary factors. This phrase suggests an impulsive action taken without proper deliberation or caution.

Question: Pier (5)

Answer: JETTY

A Pier typically refers to a structure built over water, extending from the shore for docking boats or ships. In crossword puzzles, the word JETTY fits the description, as it denotes a similar type of structure extending into a body of water.

Question: Mental state (4)

Answer: MOOD

Describing one's emotional or psychological condition, a Mental state is often summarized by a four-letter word. In this context, MOOD serves as an apt answer, representing a person's prevailing emotional disposition.

Question: Type of printer (3-3)

Answer: INKJET

In the realm of technology and printing, a Type of printer often refers to the method by which the printer operates. The answer INKJET indicates a printing technology that propels droplets of ink onto paper to create images or text.

Question: Military assistant – kind of stork (8)


Military assistant hints at a role within the armed forces, while kind of stork suggests a bird species. The answer, ADJUTANT, fits as it refers to both a military rank and a type of stork bird.

Question: Make invalid (7)


Make invalid implies rendering something void or ineffective. The answer, NULLIFY, succinctly captures this concept, meaning to invalidate or cancel out.

Question: Improvised musical gathering (3,7)


Describing a spontaneous gathering centered around music, the term Improvised musical gathering points to a common term for such events. JAM SESSION perfectly encapsulates this idea, denoting a collaborative, improvisational music performance.

Question: Forecast (10)


The word Forecast typically refers to predicting future events or conditions, often in meteorology or economics. PROJECTION aligns with this, signifying the act of estimating or predicting future trends or outcomes.

Question: Keep inside (e.g. emotions) (6,2)


Keep inside (e.g. emotions) suggests suppressing or restraining something internally, such as feelings or reactions. BOTTLE UP aptly describes this action of holding emotions within, implying a need for self-control or containment.

Question: American term for Arctic deer (7)


American term for Arctic deer hints at an animal commonly found in the northern regions of North America. By using seven letters, the answer fits perfectly: CARIBOU. These majestic creatures are well-adapted to the harsh Arctic climate and are known for their large, branching antlers.

Question: Affix (6)

Answer: ATTACH

Affix directs attention to a term associated with attaching or adding something to an object or surface. With six letters, the solution is succinct: ATTACH. This word encapsulates the action of joining or fastening one item to another, often through adhesive or mechanical means.

Question: Heathen (5)

Answer: PAGAN

Heathen in the crossword puzzle refers to an individual who follows a non-mainstream or polytheistic religious belief system. With five letters, the answer is clear: PAGAN. Paganism encompasses a wide range of spiritual practices that often revolve around nature, multiple deities, and ancient rituals.

Question: Whip (4)

Answer: FLOG

Whip indicates an action commonly associated with punishment or coercion. In four letters, the answer is revealed: FLOG. This term denotes the act of striking or beating someone, usually with a whip or similar implement, as a form of discipline or control.

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